How naive can a 15 year old gi…

December 1, 2018 Communication

How naive can a 15 year old girl be? In the Text, ” Where are you going, Where have you been?” the author , Oates discusses these tense situations that Connie the main character is trapped in. Oates uses Characterization, Foreshadow and Conflict to build tension in the text, but which also moves the story forward. In the text, Connie expresses herself as a low self esteem she went through a lot of tribulations and trials in her life, here is quote that shows a example of her characterization. “Nervous giggling habit of craning her neck to glance into mirrors or checking other people’s faces to make sure her own was alright” this quote right here in the text explains and shows how Connie is very insecure of herself, and has a very energetic spirit this insecurity lead to things with her family having issues and her not being close with her mother. Because her mom was showing tough love but Connie took it a different way, she even wished her mother was dead and herself as well this is how is how the author uses figurative language to create tension showing Connie character. However she expresses herself in a way that throughout the text she finds herself becoming something she never wanted to become, she makes a transition from girlhood to womanhood once she gets involved with “arnold friend”. She rejects this personality trait by exploiting herself sexually in the way she dresses and the way she acts. The most evident conflict that Oates uses in the text was between Arnold’s friend and Connie. Arnold’s friend intentions when he first met her wasn’t to come off as mean the author describes him as “he had shaggy, shabby black hair that looked crazy as a wig and he was grinning at her” so this shows how emboldened he was towards connie because this is the 1960’s that is every boys player look back then and he had a car. He used certain ways to physically get her to come with him and that is where tension begins to rise after a while Connie now begins to recognize that she shouldn’t come with this man but she becomes afraid because she really doesnt have a choice because Arnold’s friend threatens her family so she really has no choice. “No honey. Pick it up. Put it back right, she picked it up and put it back the dial tone stopped” this quote shows that Arnold’s friend had a strong influence on Connie and that’s how he gets closer to lure teenage girls like Connie. Connie is shown at first to have conflict with her family then says their too traditionally for them to understand her but in the end she is calling for her mom the one that she pushed away the most, now she realizes that she isn’t ready for the outside world. Connie displays two sides of her one wear she would certain clothes when she was at home then two when she wasn’t at home. The situations that Connie put herself in and the wrong decisions that she made may have been because she didn’t have a father figure in her life. Everyone family should have a father that is the most important role in the family, Connie didn’t have a good relationship with her father so it was kind of a loophole for her that she chose the wrong decisions for her own safety. When Connie’s Father would pick up Connie and her friend to go to the mall, he wouldn’t ask her how her day went or how everything is going on at home, that shows the lack of communication the Father had on Connie so each and every day Connie’s relationship with her father would separate farther and farther each time. However, Oates uses that separation between Connie and her Father to then bring in Arnold, the devil, into Connie’s life so throughout every part of the text


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