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The class of clip has opened many doors in footings of love affair. The present age non merely consists many different signifiers in which love can be expressed, but exhibits the kernel of love affair that dates back to the morning of clip. Love has existed in many signifiers throughout clip. There is no better illustration than in William Shakespeare & # 8217 ; s Romeo and Juliet. In this narrative, when love is most evident, the most important events occur to develop this & # 8220 ; tragedy. & # 8221 ; Firstly, the lubricious love affair of Mercutio and Benvolio, Romeo? s companions have ne’er been in true love, their thoughts of love is based simply on physical properties, whereas? love is skin deep? .Mercutio, in contrast with Romeo knows non of true love, as & # 8220 ; He jests at cicatrixs that ne’er felt a wound. & # 8221 ; ( II.ii.1 ) His thought of love is when he tries to & # 8220 ; conjure & # 8221 ; Romeo to react. His childish, immature attitude towards love is expressed when he describes Rosaline? s characteristics: & # 8221 ; Her high brow & # 8221 ; and & # 8220 ; quaking thigh & # 8221 ; ( II.ii.18-19 ) . This lubricious thought of love affair is merely emphatic when he describes Rosaline as & # 8220 ; An open-arse and thou a poperin pear! & # 8221 ; Rosaline, Romeo? s initial unanswered love seemed irrelevant one time Romeo had set his eyes upon Juliet. This may portray a side of Romeo, which shows that every bit easy as he falls? in? love, he can fall? out? of love. However, Romeo and Juliet? s love was pure and ideal, and because of their out love, it leads them to their Gravess. Upon seeing Juliet all entirely, speaking in monologue, Romeo proclaims, & # 8220 ; It is the E, and Juliet is the Sun, & # 8221 ; this metaphor enhances Juliet? s beauty as it is overdone and pronounced as the beauty of the Sun. The out love of Romeo and Juliet is spawned from the feud between the two families ; Capulet and Montague and throughout Juliet? s? supposed? monologue, she ponders over the chance of the two households? names: & # 8220 ; What? s in a name? & # 8221 ; ( II.ii.43 ) Upon hearing this, Romeo, who reciprocates the love affair, answers hostilely & # 8220 ; Had I it written, I would rupture the word. & # 8221 ; ( II.ii.57 ) Convinced that their love was pure, Juliet has been sold, in an unconventional act for a adult female in those times, she takes the enterprise and plans their hereafter together ; & # 8221 ; If that thy set of love be honorable, Thy intent of matrimony & # 8221 ; ( II.ii.143-144 ) Leading to the going of Romeo and Juliet from the balcony scene, Shakespeare has made usage of apposition when Juliet dourly states, & # 8220 ; Separating is such sweet sorrow & # 8221 ; ( II.ii.184 ) Upon analyzing this transition, Romeo and Juliet must hold fallen profoundly in love for the? adult female? of the relationship to already be be aftering the nuptials. Despite the fact that this was deeply unconventional in the clip, it shows how much society has evolved, as it has been known to go on in more modern times. Similar to Shakespeare? s? Romeo and Juliet? , James Cameron? s blockbuster? Titanic is a true love affair narrative based upon the out love shared between Rose DeWitt Bukater ( Kate Winslet ) and Jack Dawson ( Leonardo DiCaprio ) , which lead to the inevitable terminal of the ship, Titanic.Rose, who was brought up & # 8220 ; the manner all affluent misss should be & # 8221 ; falls in love with Jack who was a lowly 3rd category rider, who won is ticket on a lucky manus of fire hook. However, the state of affairs wasn? T that easy, there were certain obstructions in which the twosome had to get the better of. With Rose being a high-class, affluent girly, she was expected to get married person every bit, and if non more affluent. The complication was that Rose was already engaged to Cal Hockley? a oblique character, yet the inheritor to profound wealth, & # 8220 ; Jack, I? m engaged, I? m get marrieding Cal, I love Cal & # 8221 ; . Rise? s female parent, Ruth besides disapproved of Jack and Rose? s relationship as she reminds Rose each twenty-four hours that their & # 8220 ; Situation is unstable, you know the money? s gone. & # 8221 ; This chef-d’oeuvre, imitates the same problems in Romeo and Juliet that a household and society can give to a relationship. Stated early in the film and repeated for consequence, the quotation mark of Jack, when Rose was close to perpetrating self-destruction was & # 8220 ; You jump, I jump & # 8221 ; which begins the narrative where Rose and Jack autumn in love. It besides is the slogan by which Rose returned with Jack when the Titanic was droping to take the audience to the colossal anti-climax.Based on Robert Frost? s & # 8211 ; ? The Road non Taken? , this humourous lampoon by Blanche Farley? ? The Lover non Taken? is portrays the character of a adult female who chose her adult male on unprompted lecherousness instead than true love. Similarly with Frost? s verse form, the character is presented with two picks to do. With the determination to do over two Although already & # 8220 ; committed to one & # 8221 ; ? Jack, the character ponders over, and accordingly chooses & # 8220 ; the blond & # 8221 ; based entirely on physical sex entreaty instead than the beauty that lies skin deep.Despite non even calling & # 8220 ; This new cat & # 8221 ; the female character says that he & # 8220 ; truly turned her on & # 8221 ; . The character besides based her selfish determination on what others would believe ; & # 8221 ; And IStood dependably byBut by so who would cognize the differ

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ence”Similarly in Romeo and Juliet, the persona in ?The lover not taken? resembles qualities of Mercutio, Benvolio and even Romeo. In that, Mercutio and Benvolio had no respect for their counter-gender and that their ideas of mutual attraction and love was based merely on the physical appearance of one another; the persona in the poem “liked his hair”. Like Romeo, who was previously in love with Rosaline, despite it not being reciprocated, as soon as he set his eyes upon Juliet, Rosaline appeared insignificant. This is what happened to Jack in ?The lover not taken?. In an aim to show how men and women alike think, Blanche Farley has successfully displayed a perfect example of human nature. The drive for lust and greed is shown.The love song by Enrique Iglesias – Be with you, is another example of love. It contains a neutral-persona (i.e. not revealed) that is sick with loneliness and misses their lover immensely, “I?m losing my mind”. The lyrics, in conjunction with the rhythm and melody create a sombre atmosphere; listeners can?t help but empathise with the persona. The persona is in love and obsessed with their love, “I can?t sleep and I?m up all night”, apparently the persona can?t live without their lover.All the persona wants in life is to be with the one that they love, “I just wanna be with you” which is repeated several times throughout the song for effect.The two lovers are separated and it appears that the love is pure, poetical and similar to Romeo and Juliet?s:”I know the touch of your hand Can save my soul.”Although exaggerated, the love is expressed all throughout the poem, and would be the way Romeo felt when he heard the news of his love, Juliet having killed herself. He couldn?t live without her and ultimately took his own life.The Trojan War story, which is based upon the events leading up to, and including the fall of the City of Troy. The love for the one woman ? Helen of Troy was so great that it spawned a war that lasted over 9 years. In the initial case, Helen?s love for her husband, Menelaus was ideal; it was reciprocated and only affected by the fact that the Gods had schemed against Helen. The false love of Helen for Paris, although she was directly breaking a sacred vow, she still had a great deal of affection for Paris. The love of Helen?s former suitors was also shown when they continued to keep the vow that they had initially made when they were competing for Helen?s love. The patriotic love of the nation ? men were willing to die for their nations in a war in attempt to restore their dignity. Although it was a relatively civil matter, it was escalated into a full-scaled war, thousands of soldiers fought and died for the glory of their nation.Greeks would do anything to win the person that they loved. Similarly in Romeo and Juliet, Romeo was willing to risk everything he had, just to be with Juliet. It can be said that in the earlier times, honour was a word, which meant a lot to the people, whereas it is now looked upon these days with less gratification.Coonardoo, by Katherine Susanna Prichard replicates the forbidden love, which is portrayed in Romeo and Juliet and Titanic. In that, Hugh?s love, which began from childhood, for Coonardoo, was the direct cause of Hugh?s wife, Mollie to leave and Wytaliba station falling apart. In the time set, it was frowned upon for an Aboriginal woman to be seen with a white-man. Those who defied that rule were often subject to gossip and ridicule. Aboriginals weren?t considered on the same level as the whites and everyone knew that; Mollie: “The Abos are filthy and treacherous” (page 117).When Hugh was confronted by Mollie, he lied to her face; Mollie: “You?d never be a gin?s man Hughie?” Hugh: “No.”This marked a turning point in the story, which ultimately led to the end of Hugh and Wytaliba. Although Hugh loved Mollie, he didn?t want to hurt her feelings. Hugh also loved Coonardoo, and his son, Winni, and singled them out. They were treated better, even though Aboriginals on Wytaliba were treated extremely well considering the situation.Despite the fact that the authenticity of the love expressed is questionable at times, it cannot be denied the fact that the modern times, as well as any other time is where romance is most recognizable, that it is the deepest form of expression of one?s feelings for another. Love will attach couples, families, and friends forever. It may also put people in precarious positions witch will lead them to hurt others. However, everyone is expected to take those chances in life much like the characters in Romeo and Juliet. The love for friends, “love” for enemies and love between lovers may have led to tragedy, but it was all for a greater good. The Capulet family and the Montague family have found the error in there ways and the stupidity in there fighting. It just took two teenagers to show them the light, much like teenagers can change adult’s ways of thinking today.


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