How Strong Is Too Strong English Literature Essay

Rostam can non be restrained. His drifting attitude contributes to the tragic stoping of the narrative. However, Rostam ‘s inordinate strength is his major issue. He knows that he can make whatever he wants because he is one of the strongest work forces on the planet. There is no manner to command a adult male like this. Nothing can halt Rostam from kiping with an enemy princess, disobeying the Shah, or killing many people throughout his day-to-day life. Since he is so strong, he disobeys the Shah whenever he pleases. He drinks overly when he knows he should non, because no 1 can halt him. His superior strength allows him to make whatever necessary to carry through his desires. Rostam ‘s assurance, assurance, and unrestrained actions show that his biggest failing is his strength.

Rostam slumbers with Tahmine, an enemy princess, believing that there could be no possible effects. Tahmine sneaks into Rostam ‘s room to praise him and implore him to kip with her: “ ‘As I would listen to these narratives of you, /I ‘d seize with teeth my lip in admiration, and yearn / To look upon those shoulders and that thorax. / aˆ¦I ‘m yours now should you desire me ‘ ” ( 894: lines 39-41 and line 43 ) . Although Rostam basically has her at his disposal, it does non intend that he should take advantage of the chance. A hereafter job or effect is about inevitable in this state of affairs ; he sleeps with an enemy princess with the purpose of reproducing. Rostam appears to believe through his determination about kiping with Tahmine and “ He saw no terminal to this that was non good ” ( 895: 56 ) . Although he considers possible results, his strength and assurance blind him from awful effects. He may non see a job with holding his kid born to his enemies because he is powerful and nil can truly impact him. Rostam ‘s mentality is that if he is unhappy with a state of affairs or if something threatens him, he will merely utilize force to acquire his manner. He exhibits this outlook when he looks for his Equus caballus: “ ‘But if you do n’t, and he remains unfound, / Then many baronial Godheads will lose their caputs ‘ ” ( 893: 21-22 ) . If any jobs arise, Rostam knows that he can work out the job with his strength. He utilizes this idea procedure when sing the effects of kiping with Tahmine. It is barely possible that Rostam predicts he will kill his boy, but he still should anticipate some type of job originating out of the state of affairs.

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Rostam knows that no 1 can order him to make something that he does non desire to make. He is one of the strongest work forces in the universe ; no 1 can coerce him to make anything. When Kay Kavus orders that he come assist the Iranians fight the Turks, Rostam and others delay their return to him. After imbibing and crispening to Kay Kavus on the first twenty-four hours, “ They drank away that 2nd twenty-four hours as good, / Nor did they give thought to their return. / And on the 3rd, when they brought vino at morning, / No idea of Kay Kavus came to his head ” ( 903: 105-108 ) . Kay Kavus requests that Rostam study for responsibility instantly, but Rostam ignores this and decides to imbibe overly alternatively. He knows that disregarding Kay Kavus ‘ demands will non convey him harm because everyone is afraid to dispute him. When Giv suggests that Kay Kavus will be angry, Rostam says, “ ‘Be easy in your head. / There ‘s none who dares to turn his wrath on me ‘ ” ( 904: 116-117 ) . He blatantly states that there is no demand to worry since there is no 1 in the universe that will dispute him. This mentality has the possible to be destructive because there is nil halting Rostam from making whatever it takes to acquire what he wants. When Kay Kavus becomes angry that Rostam did non describe instantly, Rostam is enraged and says, “ ‘Who ‘s at that place to humble me? Who is this Tus? / The Earth ‘s my retainer and my throne is Rakhsh ‘ ” ( 905: 36-37 ) . Again, Rostam exhibits a destructive quality that could take to bad effects because he has no bounds on his strength. Although barely anything can harm him, Rostam does non recognize that his actions harm other people.

Rostam ‘s strength and pride lead him to accept all petitions and challenges to assist his land in war. Since he is so strong, Rostam has fought and won conflicts for old ages. This has resulted in a really disdainful repute that prevents him from worsening any challenges or petitions directed. After Rostam flees the Shah ‘s tribunal in choler, Kay Kavus sends Gudarz to apologise to him. Rostam is originally really obstinate and does non mean on traveling back, but Gudarz informs him that “ the Shah, the Lords, and the ground forces all / Will see [ his ] actions in another visible radiation ” ( 906: 116-117 ) . They will believe that Rostam feared Sohrab and fled in secret. When Rostam hears Gudarz ‘s grounds for traveling back, he “ heard them with amazement and shame ” ( 906:132 ) . He is ashamed when he realizes that other people may believe he left the ground forces because he was afraid of the new brave Turk. He instantly turns back to obey the Shah ‘s wants because he does non desire anyone to believe that he is scared. He goes back to the Iranians even though he does non like the Shah, nor believes in the war ‘s cause. Rostam ‘s dominant strength has besides made him Kay Kavus ‘ chief warrior, which means every clip the land is in a crises Kay Kavus will seek out Rostam for aid. Since he is Kay Kavus ‘ most valuable tool, it is inevitable that Rostam battles Sohrab in the approaching war. Rostam ‘s strength and pride force the battle between him and Sohrab to be ineluctable.

Rostam ‘s strength is so great that it hinders him and becomes one of his greatest failings. His pride and assurance both root from his strength and both contribute to the tragic stoping of the narrative. Rostam makes many speedy determinations and menaces throughout the narrative because he knows that about nil can harm him. He does non worry about any possible effects that could come of his determinations, and as a consequence, he produces a boy that brings him many problems. He knows that he does non hold to follow any orders because there is no 1 in the universe that would make bold to dispute him. His strength makes it impossible for Rostam to put bounds for himself, which means he will halt at nil to acquire what he wants. Strength is non ever a good quality.



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