How the 1920s Affects Nowadays

July 18, 2017 Media

How the 1920s Affects Nowadays

Imagine one twenty-four hours we are prohibited from reading some books which are considered “improper” by the society. As a consequence, we are being pushed off from the truth and cognition we are supposed to cognize. In fact, during the 1920s, there was a struggle between scientific discipline and faith, which was Fundamentalists against Scientists ( Knappman, Christianson, and Paddock 312 ) . The Fundamentalists believed what they were being taught from the Bible that human existences are created by God. On the other manus, the scientists believed Charles Darwin’s research which stated all the species in the universe are evolved from the same descendent ( Fleming 101 ) . In February, 1925, Tennessee passed the Butler Act, which banned the instruction of development in public high school at that place. Therefore, the American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU, which aimed at protecting people’s right, wanted to dispute the Butler Act. They felt the act really took away people’s freedom to larn. Therefore, John Thomas Scopes, a 24-years old biological science instructor at Rea County High School, was sent by the ACLU to dispute the act by learning development. He was so put on tests ( Knappman, Christianson, and Paddock 313 ) . His defence lawyers were Clarence Darrow, Arthur Garfield Hays, and Dudley Field Malone while the bear downing lawyers were William Jennings Bryan, and A.T. Stewart ( Knappman, Christianson, and Paddock 312 ) . There was an intense argument between both sides. Finally, Judge John T. Raulston announced the Butler Act was constitutional and Scopes had against it ( Knappman, Christianson, and Paddock 317 ) . Nowadays, there are still a batch of statements towards the beginnings of human existences. In fact, the Scopes Trial stands for a passage from old fashioned tradition to modern social patterns. Besides, it shows how the power of the mainstream position, media and famous persons can impact the full event.

The Scopes Trial symbolizes humans’ ain ideas and geographic expeditions towards the universe against what they have been taught before. It stands for a transportation from old thoughts to new thoughts. Harmonizing to the sentiments from defence lawyer Dudley Field Malone, “He condemned his oppositions for being afraid of new thoughts and for trying to stamp down them on the land that they entirely could make up one’s mind what was true” ( Fleming 110 ) . The Scopes Trial showed that people tried to reply inquiries based on their ain probes alternatively of following what the Bible said. During the 1920s, most of the people accepted both development and spiritual beliefs ( Fleming 107 ) . The Fundamentalists were excessively concentrating to support themselves and to turn out the words from the Bible. They really ignored the fact that both development and faith were able to be together. They were excessively obstinate to accept the new thoughts due to what they had been taught from the Bible. It is because faith had already owned a singular topographic point in people’s head. This had been shown by some tribunal instances back so. Harmonizing to Salem Witchcraft Trials, there were many guiltless adult females who were executed due to being accused of practising enchantress trade. There weren’t really any groundss to turn out it was true ( Sifakis 638 ) .Truly, it shows how superstitious people were earlier. In the Scopes Trial, the Fundamentalists thought it was improper to dispute the Bible. They worried about being considered as “betrayers” in their faith if they accept the new thoughts. As a consequence, they believed the forbiddance to learn development was the best manner to reassure what they used to cognize. However, human existences are persons and have the ability to make up one’s mind and believe. The cognition we gain is based on the assortment beginnings we are able to make. While we are seeking for replies for some inquiries, we should keep an nonsubjective position towards the job. Different positions will hold different sentiments and replies. We should non be stubborn about our past cognition or experiences. Once in a piece, there will be errors and contradictions from old research and beliefs. We should utilize a just manner to delve into the resources. Ultimately, the promotion and equity of the society depend on the people’s willingness to accept new thoughts. Nowadays, there are many limitations created by blindly keeping on to traditions, for illustration, the functions of adult females appear in the society, the legality of matrimony between homosexual……If we can non interrupt off from the old thoughts, we will merely take to remain in the old way.

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Public sentiments are ever considered as the mainstream position. Harmonizing to sentiments from Alice Fleming towards the Scopes Trial, “Thus, no affair how hard civil libertarians argue for free address and the free circulation of thoughts, unless there is a new opinion, popular sentiment seems likely to prevail” ( Fleming 115 ) . Human existences are populating as a group. Persons have different ideas toward the same event, but most of us are affected by each other. Worlds are sensational and emotional animals, so we care about how others view us. Since faith and the Bible had an of import position for most of the people, there were a batch of force per unit areas from the public towards the test ( Fleming 101 ) . Consequently, both the charging and the supporting sides strongly oppose each other alternatively of analysing the affair calmly. At first, both sides thought the victor in the test stands for the thought they believed was the true one, but subsequently, it has proved that it is non true. Even though the development side lost in the test, there wasn’t any force to censor learning development ( Knappman, Christianson, and Paddock 317 ) . On the other manus, the media besides served as fuel to the test. It is because the media had extensively reported the intelligence about the test. So, it had attracted many people to come to Dayton, Tennessee ( Knappman, Christianson, and Paddock 314 ) . This action has straight shaped the two sides sentiments toward the test. Besides, famous persons as Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan were besides assisting to force the test into a more confrontational place. Both of them seemed as a leader in their ain sides. Peoples would look up to them or back up them and it had caused a bandwagon consequence. It is because some of people might merely desire to look likewise or blandish their famous person because of their celebrity and position. Some of the people might non even see or understand the ground they had to take a side. They merely imitated what others were making to be considered as making the “right thing” . In brief, the Scopes Trial shows how easy people were influenced by the mainstream sentiments.

Many chances toward success are created by accepting new thoughts. Habitually, the society has blotted out peoples’ chances and dreams by banding new thoughts. As modern society, the lone manner to progress bit by bit is making infinites for new thoughts to develop. In other words, the society is able to hold betterments. Now, mass media has a serious consequence on our teens. For this ground, those teens who have low-self-esteem will alter themselves to suit in the manner created by public’s vision. As a adolescent, we should hold our ain judgements towards the outside information and stick to our beliefs. Besides, we should non blindly follow others’ words. We don’t need to alter ourselves to suit in because there must be person who genuinely appreciates the manner you are. The 1920s has shaped nowadays’ society, some of the ideas, thoughts, traditions are still impacting us. At the same clip, the most of import thing is we should larn our errors from the past or history and forestall them from go oning once more. It is because the things we have done now will impact the society where our following coevals will populate in the hereafter. We should be cognizant and careful of we are making right now.


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