How The Grinch Stole Christmas English Literature Essay

October 13, 2017 English Literature

How the Grinch stole Christmas is the rhyming narrative, attractively illustrated by Dr. Seuss. This riming narrative non merely sounds pleasant while listening, but it besides gives a good lesson to all of the readers or hearers. This verse form has been written 69 old ages ago, but it still charms the people of every age ( Gikow, ? 2000 ) . Theodor Seuss Geisel, besides known as Dr. Seuss, was a good known poet, author and cartoonist. He is good known for his book on kids. He represents nonsensical poesy, kids ‘s literature, larning how to read and energetic sketchs. Dr. Seuss was a purist in his work and he sometimes, would pass approx. a twelvemonth on a peculiar book ( Stan, ?2006 ) .

Dr. Seuss is likely the most darling writer of kids ‘s Book, of the past century. He used his power of imaginativeness to develop outstanding childs ‘ books. He non merely created the unique and merriment text, but he besides helped kids learn through that text. His books, though written for starting motors, entreaty to people of all ages ( Philip? , 2004 ) .

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is the authoritative kids ‘s narrative of all clip. From learning point of position, this narrative is non merely hone for the kids, who are in their ready-to-read age, but it is besides the perfect verse form for instructor to learn with all the involvements of the Starters. This narrative was foremost published as a book in 1957 by Random House. The book criticizes and is based o the Christmas commercialisation. This book is besides named as the ‘Teachers ‘ Top 100 Books for kids, by an on-line canvass. This book besides contains illustrations by Dr. Seuss, which add to the involvement of the kids.

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On the Top of the Mount Crumpit, which was in the north side of the Whoville, there lived a cat like thing known as the Grinch. The Grinch was green in colour and used to populate in a cave. His lone friend was a bantam Canis familiaris Max. From the saddle horse, the Grinch could see that the people of Whoville, known as Whos, observing Christmas Eve and celebrations. He could besides hear their voices of exhilaration and vocalizing. He watched those interchanging Christmas gifts and their Carol-singing. Peoples of Whoville loved Christmas and they ever wanted to bask this season with gaiety. The Grinch was really much jealous of their felicity. He could no more endure them observing their favourite season. His bosom was excessively sizes excessively little. So he decided to destroy their felicity ( Dr. Seuss? , 2000 ) .

So the Grinch, with his poorly dressed Canis familiaris Max, went down the steep. Grinch had had his sufficiency of Christmas concern He was determined to destruct each and everything related to Christmas one time and for all. So he sneaked into the houses of the Whos and stole their Christmas nowadayss. He besides stole their repasts, ornaments. He so started for his saddle horse to take this booty up. He was determined to throw all these Christmas refuse. But at the really last minute, he heard a sound of Whos. This sound was coming from Whoville. All the Who were singing for the Christmas. Despite the fact that there was nil in their houses to bask, they were singing together. Suddenly the Grinch felt compunction. He came back with all their material and joined the Christmas vocal.

The Grinch ‘s Attitude

If we look into the character of the Grinch, we can see that he is evidently the Antagonist. Grinch was a suffering individual, miserably against the felicity of others. He absolutely represents the Bad Guy of the narrative and typically lonely. He was non merely physically entirely, but more significantly he was a societal castaway. He had no interaction with the people and lives in complete societal isolation. He ne’er felt any attractive force or fondness to the people of Whoville. He merely lived above the mountain.

Watching them, singing happily and interchanging gifts with each other, ever made him covetous. So he plotted against their felicity. He wanted to strip them of the things which make them happy. He did non desire to see anybody happy, every bit long as he is unhappy with his life. He thought when the people of Whoville would non hold anything to observe Christmas with ; they will all became sad and unhappy like him. This was the lone thing that could do him happy. Dr. Seuss made his point really clear that lonely people hatreds confronting heartening crowds

Change in the Grinch ‘s Attitude

After Stealing all the things the Grinch thought that he had made the people of Whoville unhappy. But so he heard them singing like the manner they ever do. Merely after so, a Shocking realisation struck him. He realized that his program wholly failed. He had non managed to halt the jubilations of Christmas. Without any present and ornaments, the people of Whoville were still observing the Christmas Eve with gaiety.

The Grinch realized that Christmas has nil to make with the gifts and ornament. It even comes to those who have nil in their houses. He can ne’er steal Christmas, because Christmas is non a touchable thing. Christmas is something rather different. He can ne’er forestall Christmas from coming. He has ever misunderstood the gaiety of the people of Whoville. He was in the province of utter daze.

Though Grinch was a cruel and a alone individual but he still had a bosom, which was guiltless. He loved people inside and wanted to bask their assemblage. But he ne’er managed to fall in them by himself. He tried to steal their felicity, but he realizes that felicity was non about material thing. It can besides be achieved, even if you have nil. The state of affairs introduced him to this new world. It was flooring, but true. Christmas is non about nowadayss and ornaments, it ‘s all about inside gaiety. The Grinch, with nil in his ownership, can even bask Christmas with the people of the Whoville.

Dr. Seuss wants to state us that Christmas is non about material things and commercialisation. It is non about ornaments and disbursement. Christmas is all about loving each other and spending clip with your loved 1. By this narrative he showed us all that, even the Grinch took all the things of Whos, but they still celebrated Christmas. Love, peace and harmoniousness are the true message of the Christmas. Gifts and trees have nil to make with the Christmas.


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