How To Avoid Plagerism English Language Essay


With the dining development of cyberspace, people can merely happen information they want. And the electronic file makes the manner easier for copying and pasting, the pupils combined the information they found and do it go their ain study. Therefore, it inflicts the issue that some people used to capture the sentence or paragraph from website alternatively of absorbing or rewriting the information they saw. Some people did this unconsciously ; they have no thought how serious influence it could bring forth, and the irreverence toward writer ‘s attempt and right of first publication. Harmonizing to the Andrew Denholm ‘s study published on Herald Scotland, he indicated there are more and more pupil taking plagiarism as a manner to passing in their studies or assignments. And the instances of plagiarism reached to highest record in 2010[ 1 ]. BBC intelligence reported, even in University of Cambridge, there are about 50 % pupils have had experience of copying other ‘s creative activity. But merely 143 out of 9,200 plagiarism instances will be found and discharged[ 2 ]. We can see from this, plagiarism became a serious job for academe.

There is a study from National University of Singapore which indicated some common grounds that cause pupils to plagiarise. We can see from “ Figure 1. ” Based on this figure, we can see that “ hard ” and “ Time ” are two biggest grounds for unwilled and international pupils. When the pupils feel the topic is rather hard or they have to complete the undertaking within the limited clip, they might pick the “ efficient ” manner to work out the job.

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Figure 1. Reasons pupils committed plagiarism.

Beginning: Choy, Tan Tuck, and Tan Tuck Choy. “ A Survey on Awareness and Attitudes towards Plagiarism among Computer Science Freshmen. ” Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning ( CDTL ) , NUS. hypertext transfer protocol: // ( accessed January 26, 2011 ) .

Because of the plagiarism is acquiring worse. A batch of schools are seeking to develop package to observe if the pupil intends to plagiarise others ‘ work.

In this study, we will discourse the general definition of plagiarism, and compare attitudes sing plagiarism in different civilizations. Besides, we will discourse some celebrated instances about plagiarism and the effect it bought. Last, we will supply some methods sing how to avoid plagiarism.

Definition of plagiarism

Plagiarism means you copy the others ‘ literary work without his/her permission or commendation. And if you do rewrite the others ‘ work but differences merely at altering the work into equivalent word and the chief thought are the same. It could besides be identified as plagiarism.

Laurie Stearns had given plagiarism a definition:

“ Plagiarism means deliberately taking the literary belongings of another without ascription and go throughing it off as one ‘s ain, holding failed to add anything of values to the copied stuff and holding reaped from its usage an unearned benefit.[ 3 ]

We can see from this definition that if you steal the others ‘ thought to be the portion of your creative activity and without seting any attempt, no affair you are deliberately or even accidentally, it could consort as plagiarism. But if you are taking the thought merely for the mention of your production, and utilize it in legal manner. It May hold really different consequences.

Based on the classs from, there are five different types of plagiarism, which are as following[ 4 ]:

Full Plagiarism: to the full copy the others ‘ work without altering any word. Even punctuation is same with the beginning resource.

Partial Plagiarism: The paragraph are Integrated from two or more writers ‘ work. Plagiarist might alter the work to synonyms or paraphrasing the sentence.

Minimalistic Plagiarism: When the plagiarizer borrows the thought or thought from the others, and uses one ‘s ain word to develop their article. Although, the sentence and word are wholly different. But its might see as sort of plagiarism.

Self-plagiarism: This is one of most controversial type of plagiarism. In this state of affairs, the writer will recycle their thought or article, and so rewrite it in the other word. But it really is his/her old work.

Cases of plagiarism and its effects

A Chinese female pupil was found have her doctorial thesis published in suspected plagiarism in March 2007 at Hiroshima University, Japan. She was caught by the original writer, an associate professor at Keio University. Hiroshima University so investigated the instance and lifted her grade[ 5 ].

Taiwan ‘s well-known best-selling writer and speak show hostess Wu Danru, was accused plagiarism in a new book she published in 2007. It is said one article from that book was copied from a book published by a senior media critic. Even after re-writing the text, the cardinal construct of the narrative is really similar, or even there is a wholly the same paragraph. Wu Danru does non squeal at first, but held a imperativeness conference to clear up. However, she still can non defy the force per unit area of public sentiment. She eventually admitted the plagiarism and hold a public apology. Even so, as a representative of new epoch ‘s adult female, Wu Danru ‘s image has been affected. Many people are disappointed about their graven image[ 6 ].

There is a instance in Czech Republic ; The Czech West Bohemian University ( ZCU ) decided to withdrawal 20 jurisprudence maestro degree holders ‘ grade in the earlier of Jan this twelvemonth. In 2009, 40 pupils are identified have intuition affecting with plagiarism, and so ZCU decided to reexamine their creative activities. The concluding consequences of this probe is 20 pupils been withdrawal their sheepskin of jurisprudence maestro grade[ 7 ].

In 2008, a Chinese senior high school was accused of plagiarising an article from a celebrated Chinese author, Giddens Ko. The pupil used this article to take part in the literature competition and won the first topographic point wages. After reported by the public media, the beginning author found out that the pupil ‘s article bears more than half the same words as his. And so he holds a imperativeness conference to uncover this incident to contend for his right of first publication. After the silence for a few yearss, the pupil confessed that he did copy some paragraphs from that celebrated author and he apologized for all the things had done.

This copyright issue aroused a great public treatment in Taiwan. Peoples started to pay more attending to the right of rational belongingss. A batch of people have more terrible review on their plants.

Besides, Giddens Ko published his work on cyberspace and that is besides where the pupil plagiarized his work. So people urged to hold some more protection over internet rational belongings work. Publishers have their contract-signed cyberspace authors publish their work under the jurisprudence protection[ 8 ].

A female research helper, Lin, at Academia Sinica, Taiwan, is accused of plagiarising a doctorial thesis signifier physician pupil, Chang, at the same organisation. Lin admits that she did copy some paragraphs from the other pupil but she has no purpose to transgress the jurisprudence and plagiarise other ‘s belongings.

After the case procedure, both Lin ‘s maestro and physician grades are cancelled by the Academia Sinica. Besides, she is besides fined NT 22 hundred 1000s. This incident has aroused a batch of pupils to be careful about the academic plants. They should follow the commendation regulations and do non put on the line themselves by cutting corners[ 9 ].

How to avoid plagiarism

Many pupils want to establish a best or shortest manner to complete their assignment or study. Misapplying the others ‘ work becomes a portion of yours, this is incorrect. What if the point of position from other writer is critical for complementing your study? Does there is any manner you can utilize it without doing discourtesy? Some pupils might be bothered how to utilize the others ‘ creative activity in proper manner? In this subdivision, we will discourse what sort of ways which you can use to avoid plagiarism.

The composing centre of the University of Wisconsin gave us an thought to distinguish the day of the month that we want to utilize in our ain work[ 10 ].

Specific word or the same paragraph

Ideas or pieces information

Common cognition

For the first state of affairs, if you are utilizing the specific word or the same paragraph from the other writer, you can besides cite his/her name or resource ( ex. BBC New ) in the beginning of the paragraph to clear up the streamlined sentence is from the others. If there are some parts in the paragraph which are from others, you can besides utilize citation Markss to foreground it.

Second, if you utilized the others ‘ thoughts or pieces information from their production. You can utilize commendation in the terminal of paragraph, or annotate your resource at the same page.

For the 3rd instance, if you are utilizing the information from somewhere else and it is common cognition ( ex. Einstein is the 1 who published the theory of relativity ; U.S. president is Barack Obama… ) , so you do non necessitate to mention or cite. Excluding the state of affairs that you borrowed the exact same sentence from other writer, if you do so, you still have to mention where resource is from.

And the other method which can suppress the plagiarism is propaganda. Consciousness of protection of rational belongings rights are acquiring higher in Asia. But there are still many pupils to do visible radiation of plagiarism. The study stressed the incidence of plagiarism can be reduced through tutorial. The provided some suggestions to pedagogues. They can supply the preparation plan for bettering their written accomplishment or logistic thought. And besides, hold the panel treatment about transcript right sporadically[ 11 ].

Some people believe bar is better than remedy. Increasing the pupil ‘s consciousness toward plagiarism could be the best solution to follow.


I ever knew that we should non plagiarise attempts of others. But really I have ne’er taken this earnestly. Except for the thesis, I will really be careful about this because it is a greatest piece of work I have to make in the whole maestro plan. Hence, I did non anticipate it will go such a sedate issue sing the error that I made in the trial. After travel thought this research about plagiarism, I realized that how this is serious in Academia. I have learned the lesson from this event that I should attach importance to avoid plagiarism anytime anyplace, and being respectful to others ‘ work. If I am seting myself in other ‘s place, I would non wish to be plagiarized by others. Besides, it would besides deter the purpose of people to make or to set attempt on new work. If they find that their plants will be easy stolen by others, I moderately believe there will be less and less people who have still the passion or even willingness to go on making new plants.

And back to the original intent of scrutiny, it is a opportunity to show the things that we found out and learned from the classs that we have taken. Examination itself is a good opportunity for self-proving, though sometimes we may happen it hard. If people merely copy others ‘ work to manage the scrutiny, the intent of taking the scrutiny no longer exists. Schooling would be a waste of clip.

After this serious and educational study about plagiarism, I fell profoundly regretful and repent about what I have done in the test. I realized now that plagiarism is non merely a larceny of others ‘ belongingss, but besides a self-deceiving behaviour. It may look to assist me to complete the scrutiny, but really I learned nil so.



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