How to Develop Indonesia Tourism

How to Develop Indonesia Tourism Indonesia is a large country in Asia which is known to have a very abundant natural wealth. This is the great potential to be used as the welfare of Indonesian society like in the tourism sector. Indonesia has the tourism resources that are not less interesting with other countries in the ASEAN region. Indonesia has 5 big islands and more than 17. 000 small islands. The main islands are Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Irian Jaya. Even Papua and Kalimantan rank as the second and third largest island in the world after Greenland.

Indonesia’s archipelago with a tropical climate and very humid, has the richness and diversity of natural resources (beaches, volcanoes, tropical forests, and wildlife) that are unique in the world. As well as the natural beauty of Indonesia, visitors are able to see and appreciate Indonesia’s cultural and social legacies. We know that Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity have all contributed to Indonesia’s to build heritage and culture. In recent years, the number of tourists who came to Indonesia has increased. However, the Indonesian growth in tourist arrivals is lower than, Singapore, Kamboja, Philippine, and Thailand.

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Indonesian’s Tourism is predicted to be able to exceed the target that has been set this year, 7. 7 million visits. It can be done if Indonesia can build a strong structure of tourism planning. However, excess of those resources need to be accompanied by a more focused effort, so that these resources can have highly competitiveness to attract tourists. Actually, with 3 conditions such as Creating human resources that have quality in the tourism field, having good promotion, and improving tourism facilities and infrastructure Indonesia can develop Indonesia tourism.

The main component of tourism product is a service, element of human resources is very dominant, and then the problem of tourism development is the provision, enhancement and improvement of quality human resources that are competent in the tourism field. Human resources that are competent in the tourism field will be needed if many areas wanted to develop his area into a reliable tourist destination. The problem is many areas that today do not yet have qualified workforce in tourism field, especially with the competence and international certification.

It is true that several provinces have Tourism Academy and / or Vocational School in the tourism field like SMIP, SMKP, etc but the numbers of graduates are still not sufficient compared with the number of rooms available, the flow of tourists and / or travel agent number and tourist attraction. Today, work force that is competent in the tourism field is more focused in province, while tourist attraction generally is located in the district and sub-district. Similarly, the Stakeholder Position in Local Government Tourism Agencies, more qualified non-tourism, so as rarely the thinking gap and knowledge in the tourism field did not happen.

Meanwhile, the trend of world tourism today imposes the handling of tourism by professional powers that could be “relied on,” international standard, and certified, to guarantee the demands of “service standards” for tourists “. It is not only required from Indonesia, but it is needed for all the tourism destinations in the world. To get qualified human resources Indonesia must improve education in tourism field. As we know that only a few provinces have academic or vocational school in tourism.

So Indonesia must increase academic and tourism schools with international standard. Give the opportunity for graduate of tourism to work in the tourism institutions is a must. As we know that the stakeholder in tourism institutions more qualified non-tourism, so with the graduates they will be more know how to develop Indonesia tourism. And these human resources not only placed in the center of tourism institution, but also placed in all institution of the regional government’s tourism. The development of human resources is also applied in society.

Human resources development by increasing education and training activities for local communities to develops the community’s competence in the provisions of tourism goods and services and services for foreign tourist and local tourist is necessary. By having international human resources , the management of Indonesian tourism will not be underestimated by the other countries, it is not impossible to our workforce to be accepted worked overseas, that automatically will raise the degree of Indonesian nation, at the same time put Indonesia in the position to make it ready to face the global competition.

Indonesia that has a tropical climate kept the beautiful tourism potential. Each province in Indonesia has the uniqueness of tourism. The forms of our tourism are maritime tourism, museum tourism, coastal tourism, cultural tourism and others. We have Bali Island that is very famous, Toba Lake in Medan, Bunaken Marine Park in Sulawesi, Bogor Botanical Gardens, Borobudur temple, Pangandaran beach and many more. But unfortunately our tourism potential has not been handled carefully, so not all tourists known the tourist attractions. Most foreign tourists only know Bali ISLAND, but they do not know that Bali is in Indonesia.

Therefore we needed the promotion that is effective to introduce Indonesian tourism. Promotion became one of the tourism development strategies where have a big impact. With the good system in tourism marketing will be more effective to introduce the world of Indonesian tourism to Indonesia society and to catch foreign tourists. Moreover the promotion also had a function of attracting attention and the interest of domestic tourists and foreign countries in order to want to come to Indonesia to enjoy tourism in various areas of the tour in Indonesia.

Promotion efforts to develop Indonesia tourism can be followed by several methods. Firstly, holding Indonesian tourism exhibitions overseas and domestic. By holding the promotion overseas, they will know that Indonesia have a lot of potential tourist destination if we see from the side of culture and nature attraction. While the promotion in this country will foster the interest of the Indonesian community to visit tourist destination in Indonesia. Second, promoting tourism by using the Internet media.

Internet not only technological findings, but also the teacher to educate people find various information (including tourism information) that they wanted, to make life much easier. Now, tourist can’t wait the information from travel agencies and other organization. They are happier to look personally what is on the mind so it can persuade that the product chosen by them is the best. With the Internet, information needed for a trip is available especially as World Wide Web or Web. Consumers now can directly relate to sources of information without intermediary.

And at this time is know new-truth marketer’s tourism that is: “If you are not online, then you are not on-sale. If your destination is not on the Web then it may well be ignored by the millions of people who now have access to the Internet and who expect that every destination will have a comprehensive presence on the Web. The Web is the new destination marketing battleground and if you are not in there fighting then you cannot expect to win the battle for tourist dollars” It should be believed that the Web is an ideal channel and a powerful tool to promote a tourist destination, with a very low cost.

Moreover, the government should support these methods by increasing budget allocations for marketing and tourism promotion. Because, if we compare with Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, the provisions of budget for marketing and tourism promotion in Indonesia is lowest. For example Singapore government provides the budget for marketing and promotion reached USD100 million every year and Indonesia just USD65 million every year. Therefore, if government wants produce greater income from visiting foreign tourist, I suggest that budget allocations for marketing and promotion of tourism to be improved.

Apart of quality human resources and good promotion, the existence of infrastructure and accessibility by air, land and sea becomes the supporter of area development as tourism destination. Tourism facilities and infrastructure also need increased capacity and service qualities are adequate. Transportation is important factors in tourism. The developments of domestic tourism also demand the development of the trip field. The growth and the development of tourism that continually must be accompanied with increasing the quality of destinations by creating better transportation.

Readiness of supporting infrastructure and regulation sector of safety, comfort, and the ease of passengers in carried out the visit especially the activities related to tourism should be attention. With increasing development efforts in the tourism field, so it will demand improvements in infrastructure such as roads to facilitate the mobility of people, especially tourists, and to facilitate the traffic of passengers from one area to another.

Besides that, land transportation has a significant role because of its contribution to penetrate the isolation to tourist destination. Provide information board to the location of tourist attractions so that tourist who do not know clearly the location they will get the ease to determine direction. Public transportation services also needs improvement in serving the requirement for tourists to the tourist attraction. To facilitate foreign tourists come to Indonesia so Indonesia must develop international flight route. And Indonesia also repairs the port in Indonesia.

Infrastructure development by enlarging the accessibility headed and in tourist destination through the development and expansion of networks road, airports, seaports, telecommunications networks, electricity supply and clean water. Infrastructure sufficient availability will enhance the competitiveness and attractiveness in the provision of tourism facilities in a particular area. The government gives priority to develop infrastructure for support the tourism activity. Infrastructure development, especially airport should be improved, so airport in Indonesia have qualified as an international airport.

To facilitate the foreign tourists come to Indonesia, so Indonesia needs to develop an international flight route. And Indonesia also must improve the existing ports in Indonesia. In conclusion, the key to successful Indonesia tourism lies in the quality of human resources. Because with the good human resources they will know, how to promote Indonesia tourism. Indonesia tourism will be more advanced when in accompanied with the improvement of transportation and infrastructure. Let’s us support the development of Indonesian tourism. Outline

Title : How to Develop Indonesia Tourism Topic: Indonesia Tourism Development Introduction * Thesis Statement With 3 conditions such as Creating human resources that have quality in the tourism field, having good promotion, and improving tourism facilities and infrastructure Indonesia can develop Indonesia tourism. Body Paragraphs * Topic Sentence : Creating human resources that have quality in the tourism field 1. Improving education in tourism field. 2. Giving the opportunity for graduate of tourism to work in the tourism institutions. 3.

Developing qualified human resources in society * Topic Sentence : Having good promotion 1. Holding the exhibition of Indonesia tourism overseas and domestic. 2. Promoting tourism by using the internet media. 3. Increasing budget allocations for marketing and tourism promotion. * Topic Sentence : Improving tourism facilities and infrastructure 1. Transportation. 2. Infrastructure development. Closing How to Develop Indonesia Tourism By Name: Tri Sulistiawati Student card no: PG08040189 Level/class code: HI-4/2 Day/hours/room: Mon-Wed/17. 00-19. 00/206 LBPP LIA PENGADEGAN III/2011



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