How to Escape a Date

June 19, 2018 General Studies

How to Escape from a Bad Date If you find yourself trapped on a bad date, follow these steps to help you escape. First of all, tell your date that you need to go to the restroom, and excuse yourself. Once in the restroom, call a friend. When the friend gets on the phone, explain to her what is going on, and instruct her to give you a call in ten minutes and then hang up on that friend. After hanging up, you have just a few minutes to think of the pretend conversation you are soon going to be having with that friend.

Next, go back out to the dinner table, couch, Movie Theater, just wherever you were to start. Then the few minute wait is on. When the phone rings, act like you just really don’t want to answer it, but you have to. Right before you think it is almost time you’re your voicemail to pick up, answer it and Listen for a few seconds and then say, “OH MY GOSH! REALLY? Uh huh uh huh. “I WILL BE THERE AS FAST AS I CAN! Once you hang up the phone, explain to the date, the horrible news that is requiring you to end the date. I normally use the excuse that my best friend just caught her husband cheating, but there are several good excuses. I am sure he/she will seem upset, but there is no sense in leading someone on right! Remember, if you didn’t take your own vehicle to the date, you will need him/her to bring you to your vehicle, so try not to be too rude, or the ride will be very uncomfortable.

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Finally, once you make it to your ride, if he insists on a kiss, lean in for that side hug and remove yourself quickly. If you strictly follow these steps, I guarantee that you will be able to escape a bad date. Soon after he/she leaves, plan for the text or call inviting you on another date. The best response to this would be to just say you are not really interested. Saying you aren’t interested sounds harsh, but it will keep you from ending up in the same predicament again.


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