how to improve your wardrobe

December 27, 2016 General Studies

Did you ever look in your closet and wish you owned clothes that were trendy? Did you ever look at someone and wish that you had that shirt, pants, or shoes that they were wearing Then you probably hear yourself comparing your sense of style to someone else’s and saying I wish I look like that. Well, there is a way to be able to change and improve your wardrobe. By doing this it will mostly likely boost your confidence and self-esteem. To be successful in improving ones wardrobe you must follow these steps: observe other peoples outfits and accessories, decide on what kind of style you like, then try on some of the things you like to see if it works for you , lastly you must buy and add these things to your closet then in the end you will have improved your wardrobe. .

To begin you must look around to see what other people are wearing. This will allow you to see what is in style. It also will show you what kind of accessories look good with what they are wearing. Therefore, you must go somewhere populated and observe what people around you are wearing. The key here is to observe. Therefore, you could got o a mall or maybe a school to see what most people are wearing. This allows you to go up and ask people where they got their shirt from. You want to get a feel of some of that stores that get repeated or that seem interesting. When you have a sense of what kind of trends you like and that are in style then you are ready for the next step.

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The next step in this process, is to decide what kind of style you like. Whether it is a more urban or perhaps a more surfer look. There are many different styles. When you observe .

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people, your purpose is to notice the new trends and see how people throw outfits together. Once you do this for awhile, you begin to like some styles more the others. A style includes the clothing, shoes, and the accessories that go along with it. When this is done, go on to the next step.


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