How to make a Tuna Fish

January 10, 2017 General Studies

There are very few steps to making a tuna fish sandwich, but if even one of them is skipped, the whole sandwich is a waste. The first thing to do is to make sure you have all the ingredients. These consist of a can of tuna fish, a jar of mayonnaise, a few slices of bread, and one or two spoons, a can opener, either electrical or hand turned, a plate, and a bowl. .

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First, gather all aforementioned ingredients and place them near each other on a level surface. Then, open up the package of bread, retrieving two slices of bread. You should get the bread from somewhere from near the middle of the package, as that is where the best bread is at. Then lay the two pieces of bread on the plate, but not on top of each other. The second thing to do is to take the can of tuna fish and open it with your can opener. However, do not remove the top totally off the can. Hold in on until you are standing over the sink in your kitchen, then holding the can at a ninety degree angle; squeeze the lid into the can, which causes the juice from the tuna to come out. Squeeze until you have gotten all the juice you can out of it, after taking the can back over to where the other ingredients are and setting it back down flat, remove the lid and discard of it somewhere out of the way as it poses a safety risk for cuts. Now you are ready to begin mixing the ingredients.

Take the tuna fish and using one of your spoons, dump it into the bowl. It would be a good idea that after you have dumped the tuna fish out of the bowl, to rinse out the tuna fish can before you throw it away, lest you want a smell comparable to that of a landfill. Next, open the jar of mayonnaise and with the other spoon, if you”re picky about getting tuna fish mixed inside the jar, scoop out two to three things of mayonnaise. After putting the mayo on top of the tuna fish, you can use either spoon you want to mix the ingredients together by breaking the tuna chunks up with your spoon and then by making digging motions to make sure the mayo is thoroughly mixed together.


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