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August 16, 2017 General Studies

1. An introduction-introducing the subject by and large. and so placing your chief or commanding thought ( the point of your essay. your position of the assigned subject statement ) . 2. Middle paragraphs that develop and back up the commanding thought. Each paragraph gives a different point or statement back uping the thesis. One point per paragraph. and one paragraph per chief point. Don’t forget to give good concrete illustrations with descriptive inside informations. facts and statements to back up each of your statements. Develop the paragraph to the full and logically with these inside informations. facts and statements.

3. Conclusion-re-states the commanding thought. summarizes the back uping statements and provides a shutting statement. Entitle Your rubric should associate to your chief subject to set up the focal point of the essay. It should be concise and enlightening. Examples: “Reasons for the Fall of Rome” or “The Emancipation of the Tibetan Nation” The Introduction The introductory paragraph tries to involvement the reader. call the topic of the paper. bespeak what thought will be expressed about it. and possibly demo how it will be handled. There are many ways to get down an expositive essay:

Get down with a citation. It may be straight or indirectly related to the topic. Get down with an interesting fact or statistic. Get down with a short anecdote or narrative. A short narration is peculiarly effectual for adding a touch of assortment to an expositive paper. Get down with a paradox. Get down with relevant background stuff. Background stuff should. nevertheless. be concise and clearly related to your thesis. Get down by saying a long-run consequence or effects without instantly saying the cause. Get down with an analogy. Get down with a definition of a term that is of import to your subject.

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This should non be a simple dictionary definition but an account of the term as it applies to your subject. The thesis statement A thesis statement alerts your reader to the chief statement of the essay and prepares him or her. in a general manner. for the content that is to follow. The statement should be brief ; there is no point in providing an lineation of everything that a short paper is traveling to state. But the thesis statement should non simply denote the author’s general involvements or programs. Examples: Preliminary thesis statement:

I intend to discourse the grounds for the autumn of Rome. Revised thesis statement: The major ground for the autumn of Rome was bad economic policy. Preliminary thesis statement: I think that Tibet should be its ain free state. Revised thesis statement: Thibet should be its ain free state. Development Your development should hold at least three points or statements back uping your thesis. Each point should take up a whole paragraph. Paragraphs are composed of three elements: Topic sentence: This sentence presents in general footings the topic of the paragraph.

The subject sentence may happen anyplace in the paragraph. but is by and large the first sentence of the paragraph. Supporting sentences: These sentences form the organic structure of the paragraph. The content of the back uping sentences comprises specific facts or specific statements which demonstrate the cogency of the generalisations presented in the subject sentence. Reasoning sentence: This sentence concludes treatment of the point which is the subject of the paragraph and frequently makes possible the passage to the subject of the following paragraph.


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