How was the face of god revealed to pi

April 2, 2019 Teaching

How was the face of god revealed to pi? (you must refer to the use of symbolism).

In the film “Life of Pi” Pi was revealed the face of god though many ways like though the use of CGI, religion and symbolically. In the film Pi’s curiosity leads to Pi finding out about god though religious and later in the film he then realises the presence of god though the use symbolic objects during his journey out in the ocean.
Paragraph 1: Religion
The very first-time Pi ever found out about god was though his mother introducing him to Hinduism and the god Vishnu, the very first god Pi ever knew and learnt about. Then due to Pi’s curiosity he found about the religion Christianity and the more he learnt about Christ and the more he fell on love with the religion and the idea behind it. Then again due to his curiosity he again wonders across and sees people praying in an Islamic mosque and falls in love with the religion Islam due to the brotherhood he found in that religion. Though Pi learning about all these religions he found out the meaning behind gods existence to protect and love us, making him end up following three religions Hinduism, Christianity and Islam.

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Paragraph 2: Symbolism
In the film Pi actually finds out about god presence in the journey in the ocean, as he relies on though the struggle to survive the journey. For example, “when Pi is in a storm struck on a boat with Richard parker and loses everything and out of all the darkness a light shine though and Pi realises gods presences and tells him he has given up and can go no longer do this anymore”. This is the very first-time Pi’s is revealed to god in the journey he has gone though of finding himself and surviving. Another way Pi was revealed to the face of god was though Richard Parker giving him a meaning to life and hope too. For example, “when Pi loses all the food in the ocean Richard Parker and Pi had to fish for fish for Richard Parker and later on Pi was also struck eating fish too as he had nothing else to eat”. Richard Parker was trying to survive himself but he was teaching pi a lot to, about survival and bravery. All the different way god was shown to Pi though symbolism was a sign and hope for Pi to fight on for his life and Richard Parkers too.
God was revealed to Pi in many ways though religion and symbolism of his presences to Pi. Which all lead him to keep hope for surviving. Pi also realises that without gods help he wouldn’t have survived the journey with and without Richard Parker.


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