Hr Project of Descon Rngineering Company

April 7, 2018 Information Technology

HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT PRACTICES PREVAILING IN DESCON ENGINEERING COMPANY [pic] SUBMITED TO: Ghulam Hussain (LECTURER) SUBMITED BY: Muhammad Sami ciitswlfa09-MBA-017 Iram Sabirciitswlfa09-MBA-039 Shumaila Aslamciitswlfa09-MBA-051 COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, SAHIWAL. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS First of all, we are thankful to GOD WHO makes us capable to gain knowledge and after that we would like to say thanks to parents who brought us up and made us able to face challenges of this dynamic environment.

We also thank to MR. Ghulam Hussain who guides us in developing this project. The main purpose of this project is to enhance our skills. The project was about Human Resource Practices at Descon Engineering Company. We went to the Head Office of Descon Engineering Company at Lahore meet with Irfan Usmani (HRD Executive) and Ammar Khan (HRD Assistant Executive). They have cooperated a lot with us. After that we become capable to present this project in front of you. EXECUTIVE SUMMERY

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Descon is the one of the leading company in project based business to business market in Pakistan. This summery is all about the Human Resource Department of Descon Engineering Company. We will discuss about the introduction of Descon in first chapter. The second chapter will tell us about the structure of HR Department in Descon. The third chapter shows planning and job analyzing steps in the department. The fourth chapter will help us to know about selection and recruitment of procedures.

The fifth chapter is all about training and Development through implementation and Evaluation. Sixth chapter will creates a knowledge how Descon conduct its Performance Appraisal System. The second last chapter defines the compensation management. And the last chapter explains how this department handles the disputes and procurement procedures. DEDICATION: We dedicate this project to our Parents, sweet cousins and friends.


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