Huckleberry Finns Escape From Oppressive Society English Literature Essay

America is a land of freedom and hope and it is described as Utopian universe which all the Europeans longed for being a portion of in 18th and 19th centuries. America was an ideal topographic point for many new chances and this is confirmed through the illustration of J.D. Rockfeller who succeeded from streets life to the richest adult male in America of that clip. America was full of autonomy and the chase of the felicity and chances. Americans had freedom to adore, talk and behave in any mode that they liked. However, was this freedom applied to everyone in the America? America was undergoing the national job which still has non yet eradicated, racial job. Following racial jobs including bondage created a deep incurable cicatrix in the bosom of America.

The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn, written by Mark Twain is an heroic poem of a typical male child and an at large black slave, in chase of the freedom from the unfavourable lives which they had lived in. Mark Twain was brought up in Hannibal, Missouri where the scene of the novel is established. It seems that the writer ‘s past experience in childhood is reflected to some extent in the novel.

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Puting and pragmatism

The scene of the novel, The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn, is when African bondage was a prevalent civilization of the Southern America ‘s society. In the society of which the bondage was predominating and common, Huckleberry ‘s assisting Jim to be free from the bondage society was against jurisprudence. Wright explains clearly that “ Huck in assisting Jim, was non merely traveling against the moral codifications of the South, but was traveling against rigorous written jurisprudence ”[ 1 ]. From the fact that Huckleberry decided to take the action which was against jurisprudence for Jim and Huckleberry, it can be seen that Huckleberry made a scruples pick to be on the opposite side of the oppressive society. Huckleberry ‘s pick to assist Jim to get away is really extraordinary as slaves did non hold simple right to be helped or to inquire for aid. Until the Huckleberry ‘s determination, there is a moral development in him and the realisation of the position of the society. The society is described as “ In those slave-holding yearss, the whole community was agreed as to one thing – the atrocious sacredness of slave belongings ”[ 2 ]. From this sentence, readers can presume that there was non a individual exclusion for people to see slaves in good manner.

Another scene of the novel is on the river. The scene, ‘on the river ‘ , has established the subject of freedom as Huckleberry is non disturbed by violent Pap and overly caring Miss Watson. Unlike ‘on the river ‘ , off the river, there were so many factor which constraints Huckleberry ‘s action. For case, Huckleberry becomes a member of Grangerford ‘s household and follows their conventions. These imposts were really uncomfortable for Huckleberry, nevertheless, he had to follow them. So, this led Huckleberry to follow different individuality. Huckleberry besides faces the evilness of the society off the river. Witnessing the murdering people without any grounds, Huckleberry realizes that the society is really barbarous. There is a contrast between two scenes, on and off the river.

In 19th century, Slavery was hard for America to eliminate because of the integrity of the Southern society. The sentence, “ To assist steal a Equus caballus or a cow was a low offense, but to assist a hunted slaveaˆ¦.. was a much baser offense ”[ 3 ], shows how slaves were treated in such a impersonal manner. Slavery was so of import for these people that the bondage was a big part of morality in this evil society. It is really interestingly unusual that it is moral to enslave a human nevertheless assisting slaves is a offense in the society at that clip. Peoples had the stereotypes to black people are ever uneducated, worthless and foul nevertheless, Twain breaks this stereotyped positions existed in 19th century society throughout the word picture of Jim in the novel. Slavery is no farther apprehensible in today ‘s society as the job of racial segregation has improved significantly and our bias on black slaves has disappeared easy.

Word picture

Mark Twain uses many literary devices particularly word picture. He uses a overplus of characters in the novel and their relationship and interactions with the supporter, Huckleberry, to portray Huckleberry ‘s personal point of position on the society. In the beginning of the novel, Huckleberry is presented with bad experiences associating to his household, and this encouraged and forced Huckleberry to get away from the oppressive and dangerous environment. Miss Watson is “ one of female parent figures in the novel and she is old, objectionable sister of Huckleberry Finn ‘s chief defender, the Widow. “ , and she is a character of which the reader witnesses Huckleberry interacting with frequently. She represents herself for the ambidextrous society which the Huckleberry is seeking to untangle him-self from. The hypocritical facet of Miss Watson is shown in the incidence of selling Jim. She is ab initio described as a lovingness character nevertheless, when she tried to sell Jim, she becomes the enemy of Huckleberry, and shocks the readers by demoing ambidextrous features.

In the sentence, “ It is she who keeps ‘pecking ‘ at Huck, who tries to learn him to spell and to pray and to maintain his pess off the furniture ”[ 4 ], it is assumed that Huckleberry is annoyed by Miss Watson ‘s ‘pecking ‘ on him and he feels that he is really confined. This parturiency has besides motivated Huckleberry to get away from the society. “ The Widow Douglas, she took me for her boy and she allowed she would educate meaˆ¦ and so when I could n’t stand it no longer, I lit out ”[ 5 ]. This sentence shows Huckleberry ‘s personal feeling towards Miss Watson ‘s action. Civilization is non merely mentally uncomfortable for Huckleberry but besides physically uncomfortable for him. Wearing starchy apparels and larning indispensable etiquette seem uncomfortable for Huckleberry and he is merely a simple male child who is trusting to be free from this sort of society. “ She put me in them new apparels once more, and I could n’t make nil but perspiration and perspiration, and experience all cramped up. ”[ 6 ]In the sentence, this constraint life manner is described shows impotence of Huckleberry about being forced to have on new apparels, and this is what motivated Huckleberry to be obsessed with the flight from the society in the terminal of the novel.

In the novel, it seems that Huckleberry has a profound understanding for human existences. He sees echt parts of people, pretermiting the outside visual aspects that they may utilize to hide their existent features. In the novel, Miss Watson is depicted as a lovely old lady and Jim is portrayed as a filthy and worthless slave, nevertheless, Huckleberry seems to absolutely cognize this is non true. Huckleberry sees Miss Watson and Jim in different point of position. Because of Miss Watson ‘s drastic pick to sell Jim for eight hundred dollars, Huckleberry comes to conclusion that “ Miss Watson, in short, is enemy ”[ 7 ]. Throughout the novel, Huckleberry experiences the moral development within him and realizes that Miss Watson is the enemy. Mark Twain characterized Miss Watson to demo the hypocritical side of both human and society nevertheless, he besides used Huckleberry ‘s pa, Pap, to make the character of the scoundrel.

The negative facets of society found in the novel are explicitly portrayed in the character of Pap. Pap ‘s congenital violent Acts of the Apostless and bibulous furies towards people finally conclude in a despairing effort by Huckleberry to get away from Pap and the relentless society which he ne’er want to be belonged to. James makes a point in his character analysis of Pap in the novel that “ first of all, his intervention of Huckleberry convicts him of kid abuseaˆ¦ . ”[ 8 ]Pap ‘s ways of handling his kid arouse the readers sympathy towards Huckleberry and throughout the bad experiences of which Huckleberry undergoes, readers see and understand the foolhardy society in the novel. “ But by-and-by Pap got excessively ready to hand with his hick’ry and I could n’t stand it ”[ 9 ]. Pap ‘s dependence to alcohol and opprobrious behaviour to Huckleberry finally lead to menaces on Huckleberry ‘s life, which has motivated Huckleberry to get away. “ He chased me unit of ammunition and round the topographic point, with a clasp knife, naming me the Angel of Death and stating he would kill meaˆ¦ ”[ 10 ]. The violent action described in the sentence stimulates Huckleberry ‘s position that the society is evil, violent and pitiless.

Pap ‘s features are described non merely a bibulous kid maltreater but besides a racialist, uneducated white adult male. He criticizes the educated black adult male and this creates an ironical contrast to him who is ne’er been educated. In one of Pap ‘s bibulous quotation mark, “ aˆ¦they said he ( the black adult male ) was a p’fessor in college, and could speak all sorts of linguistic communications, and knowed everythingaˆ¦ they said he could voteaˆ¦ ”[ 11 ]. From quotation mark stated by Pap, it can be hypothesized that he has an hideous attitude towards ‘the black adult male ‘ who achieved something that was barely possible at that clip. He besides shows this attitude by non take parting in voting system. The quotation mark by Pap, “ it was ‘lection twenty-four hours, and I was merely approximately to travel and ballot, myself, if I war n’t excessively imbibe to acquire at that place ; but when they told me there was a province in this state where they ‘d allow that nigger ballot, I drawed out ”[ 12 ], shows the complete racism without any uncertainty. Pap steadfastly believes that black people must be socially low rank even though they are educated and they should non hold the privilege to hold the right to vote.

Pap condemns the authorities in the novel and this is important to understand what Pap symbolizes and his importance. Mckay expresses to readers that “ pablum ‘s instead character as town rummy, petty philosopher, and racistaˆ¦ ”[ 13 ], Pap is a atrocious male parent for Huckleberry in the novel. From the quotation mark, “ Here ‘s the jurisprudence a-standing ready to take a adult male ‘s boy off from him – a adult male ‘s ain boy, which he has had all the problem and all the anxiousness and all the disbursal of raising ”[ 14 ], it can be interpreted that Pap believes that he has legal right to maintain Huckleberry. Pap besides feels that it is impartial to non hold the right to entree to Huckleberry ‘s six thousand dollars and blames the authorities for his current place. He says, “ the jurisprudence takes a adult male worth six thousand dollars and uppards, and jams him into an old trap of a cabin like this, and lets him travel unit of ammunition in apparels that ai n’t fitten for a hog.. they call that govment ”[ 15 ]. Pap does non demo any mark of contemplation on his behaviours of whipping and threatening Huckleberry, alternatively, he tries to strip of Huckleberry ‘s money. Pap ‘s features of inebriation, brazenness, and opprobrious behaviours make him non merely an enemy of readers, but besides of his boy, and aggravate the relationship between Pap and Huckleberry farther.


When Huckleberry Finn runs off from the oppressive society and travels down to Mississippi River, he encounters diverse characters that confirm Huckleberry ‘s position on the evil society. Relationship between Grangerfords and the Shepherdsons was used to depict violent and hypocritical facets of the society. Mailloux explains that “ Buck sees no job with his entreaty to this doubtful rhetorical authorization – a tradition of ego – perpetuating slaying arising in an unknown statement ”[ 16 ]. The quotation mark above shows that the slaying other household members without any serious grounds absolutely fine in the society. The quotation mark by vaulting horse to Huckleberry “ A adult male has a wrangle with another adult male, and kills him ; so that other adult male ‘s brother kills him ; so the other brothers, on both sides, goes for one another ; so the cousins bit in – and – by everybody ‘s killed away and at that place ai n’t no more feud ” , once more arouses Huckleberry ‘s understanding for people who suffer from the feud relationship. Huckleberry can non grok people slaying each other without any ground and he feels understanding for this state of affairs. He views the society is barbarian. However, this state of affairs is another negative facet of the society which farther motivates Huckleberry ‘s inexorable finding to get away from this malicious society.

In Richard P. Adam ‘s “ The Unity and Coherence of Huckleberry Finn ”[ 17 ], Adam reminds the readers how the hypocritical nobility contributes to Huckleberry to aware of the intent of the civilisation. Huckleberry ‘s trip to church with Buck is the most dry incident in the novel. It can be assumed that the society is holier-than-thou as the work forces carry guns in the church. “ Following Sunday we all went to churchaˆ¦ the work forces took their guns along, so did Buck, and kept them between their articulatio genuss or stood them handy against the wall. The Shepherdson done the same. It was reasonably cantankerous prophesying – all about brotherly love, and such-like tediousness ; but everybody said it was a good discourse, and they all talked it over traveling place, and had such a powerful batch to state about religion, and good plants, and free grace, and preforeordestination and I do n’t cognize what all, that it did look to me to be one of the roughest Lord’s daies I had run across yet ”[ 18 ]. However, their behaviour in the church was non a feud relationship. They were listening to the prophesying about ‘brotherly love ‘ with guns put aside. This shows that Grangerfords and the Shepherdsons are following the conventions of which they do n’t cognize approximately.

From the quotation mark by Buck, “ Oh, yes, pa knows, I reckon, and some of the other old folks, but they do n’t cognize, now, what the row was approximately in the first topographic point ” , it is evident that both households do non cognize the grounds of holding feud relationship. Huckleberry sympathizes Buck because he felt sorry for Buck when he sees Buck is placed in an unfavourable relationship without cognizing any cognition about it and holding to accept the familial facts from the past powerlessly. Huckleberry ‘s experience with witnessing the feud relationship teaches him the intent of the civilisation, and how civilisation is besides needed to be free from this oppressive society.

Fictional character relationship

Mark Twain uses another character to guarantee the conformance in sing the society and it was Tom Sawyer. Since Huckleberry Finn represents an rebellion against the society, Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer signifier clear contrast that makes Huckleberry ‘s rebellion more obvious. Hoffman subsequently notes Tom ‘s function stating, “ By contrast, Tom Sawyer maps as the perfect representative of his societyaˆ¦ although arch, he accepts without struggle the natural and rational values of his society ”[ 19 ]. Huckleberry is portrayed as a practical and realistic character, and Tom Sawyer is described as a romantic character. In the instance of Jim ‘s get awaying from the society, Tom planned Jim ‘s flight throughout the phantasy books he enjoyed. “ Because it ai n’t in the books so aˆ¦ do n’t you think that the people that made the books know what ‘s the right thing to make ”[ 20 ].

The happening when two male childs are fixing for Tom ‘s pack is the prototype of Tom ‘s conformance to society. Huckleberry was taught by his pa to merely “ borrow ” things. When Tom and Huckleberry take the tapers from Miss Watson, Tom shows the basic etiquette, “ Tom laid five cents on the tabular array for wage ”[ 21 ], nevertheless, Huckleberry merely “ borrowed ” the tapers. This is the dramatic contrast in two characters ‘ personality and their positions to the universe. The intent of demoing this contrast is to reflect how influential the society was to Huckleberry ‘s word picture. In the novel, Tom Sawyer besides shows the inhuman treatments of which characters such as Pap and Grangerfords demonstrated. In the treatment of the inhuman treatments of the society of which Huckleberry is confined in, James states that “ all the other inhuman treatments are commited for some ground – for award, money, or power aˆ¦ but Tom ‘s inhuman treatment has a pureness all its ain aˆ¦ ”[ 22 ]. Huckleberry seems to hold general understanding for all world while Tom disregards the place which other people are put for his ain pleasance. Huckleberry says “ good, it made me ill to see it ; and I was sorry for them hapless pathetic rogues, it seemed like I could n’t of all time experience hardness against them any more in the worldaˆ¦ human existences can be atrocious cruel to one another ”[ 23 ]and this quotation mark shows his general compassion towards people.

Aunt Sally asks Tom the ground why he set Jim free, and Tom says “ Why, I wanted the escapade of itaˆ¦ ”[ 24 ], and from this quotation mark, the readers feel the evilness of which he learnt it from the society. The Tom ‘s evilness taught by the society is seen in the incidence of “ Tom Sawyers Gang ” . When Tom discusses the pack with his equals, Tom encourages his pack members to curse to god to non state the secrets of the pack group. Peoples who can non maintain the promise will “ hold his pharynx cut ” , “ his name blotted off of the list with blood ” and “ have a expletive put on it and be forgot, everlastingly ”[ 25 ]. The quotation mark by Tom Sawyer, “ We stop phases and passenger cars on the route, with masks on, and kill the people and take their tickers and money ” , shows how society has affected Tom that he is willing to kill people merely merely for stating secrets and robs off the guiltless travellers by killing them for escapade. Huckleberry Finn recognizes this society which is full of negative facets, and is seeking to get away from it.

Jim was the most influential character in Huckleberry Finn ‘s realisation of his positions of the society. Jim was ab initio described as an ordinary friendly slave, nevertheless, Jim becomes representations of humanity and true friend of Huckleberry. Jim ‘s natural generousness and compassion towards Huckleberry enabled the readers to recognize the humanity in him. In James ‘ literature analysis, he says “ on the journey down the river, Huck leans that Jim has existent feelings, recognizes his humanity, and vows to non play any more fast ones on him ”[ 26 ]. In the society which Huckleberry Finn lived in, slaves seemed extraordinary nevertheless Huckleberry sees Jim every bit human as he is, like normal people with household. “ He was believing about his married woman and his kids, off up yonder, and he was low and homesick ; because he had n’t of all time been off from place before in his life ; and I do believe he cared every bit much for his people as white folks do their ‘s ”[ 27 ]

Without the merriment times, Huckleberry Finn ‘s common relationship with Jim was non possible. “ And got to believing over our trip down the river ; and I see Jim before, all the clip in the twenty-four hours, and in the night-time, sometimes moonlight ; sometimes storms, and we afloat along, speaking and vocalizing, and express joying ”[ 28 ]Their enjoyment played a immense function in constructing their relationship. Furnas says, “ In Jim, Huck finds his true fatheraˆ¦ the male child and the Black slave signifier a household, a crude communityaˆ¦ ”[ 29 ], this quotation mark shows the relationship between Jim and Huckleberry. Huckleberry relies on Jim really much. When two people reunited after dividing each other, Jim was really happy, “ it was Jim ‘s voice – nil of all time sounded so good before. and Jim, he grabbed me and hugged me, he was so glad to see me ”[ 30 ].

Jim successfully establishes the ideal paternal figure for Huckleberry, and this is what he becomes during the journey. Jim is really of import character as he helps Huckleberry ‘s maturating moral sense. Brownell says that “ it is when he is entirely with Jim in the secure small universe of the raft floating down the Mississippi that Huck hears a voice of love that makes sense in a universe of hatredaˆ¦ ”[ 31 ]

Jim, being such a saintly character, makes him a perfect male parent figure for Huck, and throughout their journey, that is precisely what he becomes. Jim is besides the primary ground for Huck ‘s continuously maturating moral sense. Throughout the class of the novel, Huck ‘s attitude towards Jim and society ‘s establishment of bondage becomes more and more clear to him ; he realizes for the first clip in his life that his ain scruples and beliefs are stronger than those of society ‘s. In Frances V. Brownell ‘s “ The Role of Jim in Huckleberry Finn ” published in Novels for Students 1, in 1997, Brownell makes the point that “ it is when he is entirely with Jim in the secure small universe of the raft floating down the Mississippi that Huck hears a voice of love that makes sense in a universe of hate… ”[ 32 ]. Jim ‘s love is the lone love that Huck has the opportunity to see in the novel. Huck realizes this and gives up every opportunity he has to turn Jim in, “ … and at last I struck the clip I saved him by stating the work forces we had small-pox aboard, and he was so thankful, and said I was the best friend old Jim of all time had in the universe, and the merely 1 he ‘s got now… ”[ 33 ].


In the novel, The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain describes the significance of word picture to portray the Huckleberry ‘s tidal bore to get away from the oppressive society through his experiences interacting with diverse characters. Word picture of Jim helped the readers to understand the Huckleberry ‘s features, relationship and his desire to be free from the evil society of which he does non desire to be belonged to. Huckleberry ‘s religious development was accomplished throughout his personal experiences such as going with Jim and witnessing feud relationship between the Grangersfords and the Shepherdsons. Huckleberry ‘s joyful journey with Jim enabled him to larn the equality between Jim and himself. He learns that Jim is a normal individual like he is and relies on Jim. Huckleberry ‘s observation on feud relationship enabled Huckleberry to see the malicious facet of society and this has motivated him to sympathise with people who are under the feud relationship. The society was excessively oppressive for immature supporter to get the better of and his flight from it inspired readers to elicit their understanding for hapless immature male child.



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