Hum/105 Week 3 Comparison

Comparing Two Gods The two Gods being compared in this paper will be the Greek God Zeus and the Egyptian God Anubis. Anubis is the God of the dead, or of embalming. Zeus is the God of the skies, or of lightning. Both gods have very different stories, and come from very different cultures. Both Anubis and Zeus have made a big impact on their cultures. Anubis was as the god of the underworld, but some texts say that he only helped his father Osiris as the ruler of the underworld.

Anubis is more commonly known as the god of embalming, where he prepares the bodies to preserve the soul for a safe trip to meet Osiris in the underwold. Osiris was betrayed by his brother and killed. Anubis used the old ritual of mummification that was believed to keep the body from decaying and bring the soul back to the body. After that process, Osiris was returned back to life and named the god of the underworld. He moved Anubis to the god of embalming and mummification. Because of this Anubis was pictured as a human with a jackal like head.

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The Greek god Zeus was the god of the sky or lighting. Zeus was the product of two gods, his father Cronus and mother Rhea. Zeus was hidden from his father so he would not be eaten. When Zeus got older he then returned to his father as a helper, unknown to Cronus that it was his own son. Zeus with the help of his mother plotted to free his eaten brothers, and then using their help overthrow his father to claim his throne. Both of these gods are very different but at the same time have a lot of the same qualities. They both play very important roles in the culture that they are from.

Because of Anubis story of embalming and mummification he made a huge impact on the culture and started the whole mummification process, believing that mummification would prepare the dead person for the afterlife. Zeus however impacted the culture with his wisdom that he possessed and the urge to do what is right. They were also both protectors, Zeus being the protector of mortals and many different gods on mount Olympus. Where Anubis is also known as the protector of the dead for their trip to the underworld, and resides on top of a mountain above some dead kings.



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