By December 4, 2017 General Studies

Some information about the exam: 0 40 questions o All multiple choice 0 5% of questions originate from videos, 10% from assigned articles, 90% from lecture slides and book Example questions: 1 . This Job analysis tool uses the following scales to rate the importance of tasks: extent of use, amount of time, importance to the Job, and possibility of occurrence. A. Fleischman B. Position Analysis Questionnaire C. 0*Net D. Job Element Inventory Answer: B. Position Analysis Questionnaire 2.

Your company is currently faced with a labor shortage. You need to correct the situation, but want to choose an option that is fast, yet can be “undone” when the shortage goes away (reparability). Of the following options, which one does NOT meet both of these conditions? A. Overtime B. New external hires C. Temporary workers D. Outsourcing Answer: B. External Hires HARM Overview Three methods to assess whether HARM matters The “resource-based view’ of the firm o What are some kinds of “resources”? O What is a competitive advantage?

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What factors contribute to making resources valuable and that, in turn, give companies a competitive advantage? From the lecture slides and the article “Putting people first” (by Prefer and Veggie): In a study of 968 firms regarding their HARM practices conducted by Hustled (1995), a nonstandard deviation improvement in HRS practices resulted in what outcomes with regard to turnover, sales, and stock price? Know specific amounts/percentages. From the lecture slides and the article “Putting people first” by (Prefer and Vega): Understand the “one-eight rule” 2

HRS Challenges The two (out of three) general HRS challenges that we discussed (from Chapter 1 of the Lepta and Cowan text) Strategy as an organizational demand o The two types of strategies o Their implications for managing employees Company characteristics as an organizational demand: Compare concerns between companies in different stages of development (young versus old companies) Organizational culture as an organizational demand: o Definition of Organizational Culture o Factors that shape culture Possible responses to injustice The definition of psychological contracts

From both the lecture slides and the article “HRS department get new star power at some firms”: How the role of HARM is changing with regard to HRS executives From both the lecture slides and the article “HRS role in building a sustainable enterprise”: Ethics and social responsibility as an environmental influence: o What are the implications of infusing ethics and social responsibility into a company o What is the “Triple Bottom Line”? Job Analysis The components that comprise Job descriptions The components that comprise Job specifications

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other characteristics o Definitions o What characteristics are trainable and which ones are not (or, less trainable) o Be able to apply this information to an example about who to hire (from the example regarding football player recruits) Tools for Job analysis o Types of tools (for example, Job Element Inventory) o Which Soaks does each tool assess (if applicable) o Rating scales each tool uses (if applicable) o Pros and cons of each tool Job Design The four broad approaches to Job design o Goals of each Description of each, or how the design is conducted Within the motivational approach, the Job Characteristics Model COM) o The five core job characteristics o The three critical psychological states o The goal of the motivational approach o Trade-offs of the motivational approach o The name of the survey used to compute a “satisfaction” score using the JACM From the article “In New Office Designs, Room to Roam and Think,” what Job design is MOST applicable to these companies’ switch from cubicles to an open office design? 3 4 Planning Steps in the planning process

Definition of labor demand and labor supply A quantitative method of supply forecasting that allows us to determine the percentage of employees who remain in the company across years Specific options for how to correct a surplus o Which options are faster o Which options result in human suffering Specific options for how to correct a shortage o Which options are revocable (can be “undone” when the shortage is corrected) According to the article, Outsourcing at Crux of Boeing Strike, the issue that has emerged as perhaps the most crucial concern for employees Recruitment Four factors that make organizations more or less attractive to candidates With regard to vacancy characteristics, three potential decision-making strategies that candidates might use to decide which Job to accept The three policies that affect vacancy desirability.


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