Human Area Network Technology Information Technology Essay

Communication is increasingly more of import in all the activities carried out runing from our daily life to advanced executions like commanding infinite birds. The communicating engineerings like Bluetooth and radio LAN could non wholly work out the jobs like Packet loss, communicating hold, and security. This opens a range for a new effectual communicating engineering to turn to these issues and to do communicating more dependable for all its applications.

What is “ Red Tacton ” ?

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It is a engineering that enables communicating by touching. It uses the human organic structure as a transmittal media to convey informations. “ It is called TACTON because this influences communicating, that starts by touching ( Touch ) taking to assorted actions ( ACTON ) . RED is used to convey the significance of heat in communicating. ” [ 5 ]

In today ‘s universe, communicating is done everyplace with the cellular phone web. In our daily life, the cyberspace has become the most outstanding manner. Peoples can download any informations merely sitting from the place computing machines. These two engineerings enable a immense communicating between the remotely placed waiters to home computing machines or frailty versa. Now-a-days, the electronic devices like pocket pictures, notepads, and PDAs are going smaller and smaller which allows the people to easy transport around during their mundane activities. However, user-friendly omnipresent services involve more than merely a web between remotely located terminuss. The Figure 1 illustrates the communicating between the electronic devices on the human organic structure that plays a critical function which leads to the more research in the Human country networking engineering.

Wired communicating between the electronic devices in Human country web is awkward. Wireless communications such as Bluetooth and radio LAN have some jobs such as the throughput is reduced by package hits in some countries. For illustration, when auditoriums filled with people they cause some security issues like the signals can be intercepted.

Figure 1 Human Area Network Technology [ 3 ]

The “ intrabody ” communicating is traveling to be a outstanding solution for the conventional engineerings where the human organic structure is traveling to be a transmittal medium. If we use the human organic structure as a transmittal medium, this will work out the assorted jobs in the communicating which will be an ideal manner of implementing the human country webs. By this attack we can work out the jobs like throughput decrease, low security, high cost, etc.

“ The IBM was the first company who proposed the construct of intrabody communicating which uses really less electric field of the human organic structure to reassign the information. “ [ 5 ] Several research groups around the universe have evaluated and reported about this communicating mechanism. There are two disadvantages in this system they are:

40 Kbit/s is the highest communicating velocity. [ 5 ]

The operating velocity is really low which limited to a few 10s of centimetres. [ 5 ]


NTT Microsystems integrating research labs have done a batch of research in the electro-optic detector with combination of the ocular crystal with optical maser visible radiation. NTT came up with a particular characteristic i.e. individual point contact measuring which is independent to the land. [ 2 ] NTT utilized this characteristic to an intrabody communicating receiving system for its human country networking engineering, which is called Red Tacton.

Figure.2. Principle of Red Tacton [ 4 ]

The rule of Red Tacton is illustrated in Figure.2. There are three chief of import things represented in the above diagram: Ea, Eb, and Ec. The Electric Field which is passed into the organic structure by the transmitter signal electrode is identified as Ea. We need a land near to the transmitter signal electrode which is represented as Eb. [ 1 ] Since the organic structure can follow a return way to the land and people are standing on the floor on the land the Electric Field Ec flights from the organic structure to the land through pess.


The below Fig.3 shows how the Red Tacton transceiver connected to a PDA and a block diagram of Red Tacton transceiver developed by NTT. [ 2 ] There are four chief parts in the Red Tacton transceiver they are Transmitter, Receiver, Transmitting/Receiving Electrode, and Insulation Files.

The sender consists of two chief parts: the sender circuit and informations sense circuit. The sender circuit is used to direct the electric Fieldss into the human organic structure where as the informations sense circuit is used to feel the transmission and having manners with the aid of the transmittal and response of both end products and control signals which enables the bipartisan communicating.

A receiving system, on the other manus, first sends the half duplex manner of communicating strategy was implemented which sends the informations merely after verifying that no information is coming in order to avoid the hit between the terminuss.

Figure.3. Red Tacton Transceiver [ 3 ]

The receiving system besides consists chiefly of two parts. They are the sensor circuit and Electro optic detector which helps in change overing the incoming electro-optic sensor signal into an electrical signal. An experiment is conducted where the really little sum of electrical signals were passed into the human organic structure by utilizing the transceiver. This lead for the intrabody communicating. The experiment is done with the aid of the two PDA ‘s which will be illustrated with the aid of Figure 4.

Figure.4. Experimental Setup for Intrabody Communication [ 3 ]

In the above figure there are two PDA ‘s which are placed on the two different sides of a human organic structure and two transmitting/receiving electrodes are placed on the two custodies of a human. Now the purpose is to direct the information from one PDA to the other PDA ‘s utilizing the human organic structure as a communicating medium. From the above experiment, at 10 Mbits/sec it has shown that there perfectly no important jobs and the communicating between them are really much reliable. A really of import and a important observation has been done i.e. the communicating is done throughout the whole organic structure, vesture, and places.


The other most outstanding country we are traveling to discourse is about the human safety. The Figure 3 we can see that we have insulating movie which helps to protect the human organic structure. The insulating movie wholly covers the transmission and having electrodes of the Red Tacton transceiver, so the transmittal medium is wholly safe. The Red Tacton meets all the criterions provided by the “ Radio Frequency Exposure Protection Standard ” which makes sure that this technique is wholly safe to use. The minute electric field which is sent into the human organic structure with the aid of the sender receiving system is really low electromotive force and a human organic structure can easy manage those infinitesimal electromotive forces.


There are three typical characteristics of the Red Tacton are as follows:

Figure.5. Features of Red Tacton [ 4 ]


The human motions like touching, gripping, walking, sitting, etc will assist in communicating of the human organic structure with the electronic devices. This plays a major function because any motions of the organic structure can reassign the informations.

Broadband and Interactive

It is ever helpful to hold a bipartisan communicating by which the informations can be transferred in a really easy manner. The Red Tacton supports the two -way communicating. For reassigning of the information from one terminal to the other terminal we are utilizing the wirless systems and they are sometimes causes a dependability issues on the other manus as the human organic structure is a medium of the transmittal, and it is dependable and more over the transmittal rate is high.

Any Media

A organic structure which is present in this universe can be used as a medium for the Red Tacton, so it will be cost effectual and much easier manner to implement. The medium can be a Metal, Water, Wood, Glass, Walls, etc.


Communication between device and a individual

[ 3 ]

From the Figure ( a ) we can see that the communicating is done between the device and a individual. The individual is listening to the music without the cord between the earpieces and the device his organic structure is used as a communicating medium to reassign the informations.

Communication between device on different people

[ 3 ]

The Figure ( B ) explains you the communicating between the two different people i.e. the two people have the electronic device on the organic structure, and, through that, they are interchanging their concern cards. From this we can state that we can interchange any kind of the informations by merely agitating custodies.

Communication between the device on a individual and device on a embedded system

[ 3 ]

The Figure ( degree Celsius ) explains the communicating from a device on a individual to a device on a embedded system in environment. This sort of application is really of import in nature. This application can be utile as shown in the above for the hallmark of a individual. In the above figure the individual is authenticated to go through through if he is an authorised individual merely the individual needs to transport out the PDA which carries his ID or merely merely walk through.

Communication between device on a embedded system to device on a individual

[ 3 ]

The Figure ( vitamin D ) tells the communicating between the device embedded in the environment and a individual. In this figure the individual is in the museum will be listening the description about the object by merely standing in forepart of the object.

Communication between devices mediated by music director

[ 3 ]

The Figure ( vitamin E ) illustrates the communicating between the devices with the aid of a metal. In the above figure, a metal is placed on a tabular array. Here, alternatively of the human organic structure, a metal is used as a medium of transportation. On the table different laptops are placed, and they are connected to the cyberspace by merely puting on that tabular array and the webs can be LAN.


In today ‘s universe the communicating plays a really outstanding function, and there are lot security issues and the transmittal rate dramas outstanding functions in communicating. There are many types of communications like wired, radio, etc. A new engineering has come into image i.e. Red Tacton for Human Area Networking where the human organic structure is used as a medium of transmittal. The Red Tacton engineering is viing with the Bluetooth, Ultra Wide Band, and other engineerings. The Red Tacton is really cost effectual and can be easy carried into any portion of the universe.



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