Human Behavior and Environment Essay

By September 12, 2017 General Studies

1. Every individual we come into contact with on a day-to-day footing is able to learn us a small something about life. You merely hold to be unfastened to larning. This peculiar counsellor who was introduced to Steve for whatever cosmic ground. but left the brush more knowing about the human status than when ab initio introduced. At first glimpse and without cognizing any background on Steve the counsellor could hold merely chalked Steve up as a particular needs pupil who in no manner was traveling to win being off from place.

The councilor nevertheless took clip out and got to cognize his pupil and found all the victory that he had been faced with and had overcome throughout the old ages. The counsellor was able to find that this pupil was in no manner traveling to give up and autumn between the clefts due to a series of unfortunate events. Every kid I come in contact with on a day-to-day footing has their ain narrative. many of which are bosom twisting or formidable. but yet many persevere and will go productive members of society because person along the manner has showed that they care. 2.

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Steve was able to profit merely every bit much as the counsellor through this interaction. He was able to persist and finish his instruction. All that Steve needed was for person else to besides see the terminal of the tunnel every bit good as he saw it. Having person on the same page and able to stand with you through your ends is good to all those involved non merely the individual person with the end. I think the biggest push anyone could of all time acquire is holding person who does non cognize you say “you can’t do that” ; it provides all the more motive to turn out them incorrect.

Harmonizing to the National Organization of Human Services ( NOHS ) . a codification of moralss is an expressed statement of the values. rules. and the regulations of a profession. modulating the behavior of its members” ( Barker. 2001. p. 84 ) There are two statements found in the NOHS though that best summarize this codification and do it applicable to the field in which I am presently surrounded by. STATEMENT 45 Human service pedagogues demonstrate full committedness to their appointed duties. and are enthusiastic about and promoting of students’ acquisition.

STATEMENT 46 Human service pedagogues model the personal properties. values and accomplishments of the human service professional. including but non limited to. the willingness to seek and react to feedback from pupils. In reading Steve’s journey on the Hero’s Path there is an identifiable minute that relates to my current place that I have been witness to and assisted with. As a counsel secretary for a public school I have seen adult male types of pupils walk through our door.

Our most recent pupils who have come in hunt of a opportunity to intermix in with a traditional pupil organic structure are two pupils who found themselves being best friends despite each other’s complex issues. One is an fleshy 16 twelvemonth old and suffers from Prader-Willi Syndrome and sneaks nutrient from our cafeteria any opportunity he gets. The other a 17 twelvemonth old was born with deformity of the oral cavity and custodies. Both are portion of our particular instruction plan. Because of their outward visual aspects. both are shunned by the other pupil. which has had really small consequence on them.

To help them in this attempt of intermixing in our Administrative Resource Teacher. who is popular and liked by the pupil organic structure because of her apprehension and helpful nature has basically deputized these two during our busiest tiffin period. In order to maintain the kid with Prader-Willi from stealing uneaten nutrient and his friend from stealing anything for him. they eat their tiffin and when they are done. are placed on offense ticker patrol around the margin of the school. with our ART. The kid with Prader-Willi gets exercising and it removes him from alluring dainties left behind by pupils such as milk and french friess.

Both besides get the satisfaction of cognizing that despite their abnormalcies they are regular pupils. During pep assemblies when the aroused pupil organic structure is a small overpowering. these pupils besides know that my office is a safe oasis for them. They know that they must make work alphabetising or forming but they each have a undertaking. I’ve heard many of our decision makers repeat this saying clip and clip once more “you need to cognize our pupils. in order to teacher them” . the same applies in any interaction with them.

Students don’t merely learn in the four walls of a schoolroom. they learn in every sort of environment. If you make that environment one in which they are comfy pupils will return clip after clip to seek your counsel and theoretical account properties they found and have seen demonstrated. Mentions Halstead. Richard A. ( 2000. January ) . From calamity to prevail: counsellor as comrade on the hero’s journey. Counseling & A ; Values. 44 ( 2 ) . 100. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. nationalhumanservices. org/ethical-standards-for-hs-professionals.


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