Human by law, do not have rights

February 11, 2019 February 25th, 2019 Law

Human Resources Management can be defined as “all activities associated with the management of work and people in organisations”. Especially those related to policies and practices –how work is organised in terms of recruiting, selecting, motivating, training, etc. – (Boxall, et.all 2011). None of these attributes seems to apply to Ryanair´s management performance as employees complain to “poor working conditions” due partly to the small percentage of the crew working directly for the company –contracts mainly made by third-part agencies-. Staff members, who flight close to the maximum hours p.a. permitted by law, do not have rights in terms of annual leave paid either receive sick pay. They also claim adjusted working hours pay including hours on duty instead just the time spent on the air. Furthermore, training, accommodation, uniforms or meals even when working 12 hours shifts need to be paid by the crew (Glassdoor, 2018). In contrast to Armstrong (1994) who argues that an “organized feedback from colleagues, customers and headquarters” are also necessary to “direct and discipline” the execution of a successful performance, Ryanair staff members claim better communication as no support from company is given at any level.
Watson (2002) justifies that organising and managing work is not only about human activities but also concerns the “emerging structures and patterns” as well the “opportunities to engage in problem-solving and change management” with respect to work processes (Boxall, 2011). But changing management does not always mean shorting problems out to get better; the problem on Ryanair situation lies in that “many employees have moved from operating a few standard shift patterns to dealing with something far more unwieldy” (Faragher, 2017).


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