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August 30, 2017 Commerce

United Bank Limited is one of the Bankss playing a really of import function in the economic development of Pakistan. It ‘s supplying high quality services, pull off client experience expeditiously, have comparative advantage due to its advanced engineering and supply high net income to its stakeholder.

In order to keep and better its services in the competitory market UBL Human Resource Department plays a really of import function. You will happen in this study the complete HR map of UBL. The Vision, Mission and Strategic end of UBL what are the methods followed by UBL for analysing and measuring its Jobs. How UBL recruit and choose new employees. The methods used by UBL preparation and developing new accomplishments in their employees. The methods used for public presentation assessment of its occupation officeholders. Compensations and benefits provided by UBL to its employees and some other HR Functions.

Group suggestions/recommendations for doing UBL human resource direction maps more effectual

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Purpose of This Undertaking

The chief intent of this undertaking is to foreground and to analyze the Human Resource Department of United Bank Limited. It provides a brief overview of the organisation and all the ways, schemes and options chiefly used by Human Resource Department of UBL.

History of UBL

United Bank Limited was established in November 1959. The bank was sponsored by the saigol Group of Companies, which were the pillar of the fabric industry in Pakistan at that clip. Within a short period of clip, the bank emerged as the 3rd largest in the state after HBL and NBP. The bank was nationalized in 1974. Later on another bank the commercialism bank limited was merged into UBL.

UBL was the 3rd bank to be offered for denationalization. Initially, a Saudi based fiscal establishment ; Bashrahil Group came up with the highest command for the bank, and deposited the first tranche for its consideration. However, due to blemish in the dealing, the SBP cancelled the denationalization and took over the bank in 1995.

The Bank ‘s entire income including involvement and non-interest income amounted to RS.4935 million in 1995, its sedimentations were RS. 109 billion and investings were RS.25 billion in 1995. UBL incurred a loss of RS.724 million in 1995.

In 1996 the direction of the bank was changed and by mid 1997 the fiscal and administrative subject was restored. The intervention of the authorities was eliminated and the non-performing loans recovery was increased and the liquidness place was brought up to the needed degree. About RS.6.3 billion were recovered out of which about RS.5 billion were domestic and of this about Rs. 4.5 billion was recovered in hard currency.

A right size plan was initiated every bit good as an aggressive subdivision rationalisation scheme by which 203 loss devising subdivisions were shut down and profitable 1s were opened in other countries. Excess staff was removed which amounted to 5416 employees. The full audit system was revamped.

United Bank Limited Introduction

Mission Statement of UBL:

“ To develop and present the most advanced merchandise, pull off client experience, deliver quality service that contributes to trade name strength, set up a comparative advantage and enhance profitableness, supplying value to the stakeholders of bank ”

UBL Vision:

“ To be the prime organisations runing locally & A ; internationally that provides the complete scope of fiscal services to all sections under one roof ”

UBL Introduction:

United Bank Limited was established on November 7, 1959 and incorporated as a Public Limited Company under Companies Act 1913. The UBL Board of Directors of are:

Highness Shaikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan


Sir Mohammed Anwar Pervez OBE

Deputy Chairman

Mr. Atif R. Bokhari

President & A ; CEO

Mr. Omar Ziad Jaafar Al Askari


Mr. Zameer Mohammed Choudrey


Mr. Ahmad Waqar


Dr. Ashfaque Hasan Khan


Mr. Aqeel Ahmed Nasir

Company Secretary & A ; Chief Legal

Mr. Abdul Pauf Malik


Mr. Ameer Karachi wall

Chief Financial Officer

The Bank is presently runing 1056 Branches Domestically and 15 Branchs Overseas ( USA, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain and Republic of Yemen ) . UBL hold 51 % of its entire portions other 49 % portions are owned by Government. After the denationalization of banking sector in Pakistan UBL implemented its schemes to accomplish the comparative advantage in the Market topographic point. UBL subordinates are:

United Bank AG Zurich, Switzerland

United National Bank Limited, UK

UBL Fund Managers Limited

UBL due to its advanced corporate civilization wins their client trust. UBL is running four web sites to supply information and client services which are:,

The depositing services offered by UBL are Business Partner, Rupee Trans A/C, Basic Banking Account, UBL UniFlex, UBL UniSaver, UBL Profit COD, Term Deposits Receipts, FCY Savings, and FCY Term Deposits. The loan and card services are UBL Address, UBL Businessline, UBL Cashline, UBL Drive, UBL Credit Card, UBL Money, and some other services are UBL netbanking, UBL e-statement, Hamrah, UBL Wallet, UBL Click n Bank, UBL Click n Remit, UBL TezRaftaar, UBL Omini & A ; UBL Business Plus.

SWOT Analysis


3rd largest Bank of Pakistan in term of sedimentations

2nd largest Privatized Bank of Pakistan

UBL offering Customized Merchandises and services sharply better so its rivals

Improved operational efficiency as to its yesteryear

Courteous Customer service and fast bringing of online and offline services

Fantastic Image and Reputation of the bank in the eyes of its clients

Extensive Branch web

UBL Product placement is really effectual

UBL aim the section like salaried individual, concern people and self employed individual

UBL merchandise positioning impact the life manner of the people as they help in bettering criterion of life

1056 Branches all over Pakistan

Bases in the list of Profitable bank in stock exchange

Largest figure of corporate trades by any bank is Pakistan

Abroad Branchs

Attractive Wages and inducements for employees

Forces of UBL are really good trained. Majority of employees have many old ages of experience in banking sector and are an plus for the bank.


No standardisation in footings of subdivisions some of the subdivisions are really attractive and most of the subdivisions are non really good like other subdivisions.

In some parts, urban countries of Pakistan service of UBL is non good as compared to other privatized Bankss

The application clip is besides rather drawn-out.

UBL is a measure behind in utilizing new engineering as compared to other Bankss

All subdivisions need orientation for client dealing.

Most of the employees are overload with the work and publicity is besides non seasonably.

Most of employees are experienced and they are non able to cover clients good, follow new civilization and above all they are unable to utilize of new engineering like computing machines.

No separate preparation centre to develop their employees

Employees are non good dressed

Workforce is non diverse

Security system in most of the subdivisions is non up to the grade.


Bank can widen its web in other metropoliss of Pakistan like other distant metropoliss, it would increase their gross revenues.

Proper orientation of employees in all subdivisions can assist them to get by up with foreign Bankss

By conveying new engineering and modern concern procedures will convey the alteration and increase their profitableness

Call Centre services should be improved to heighten their web


Large and increasing competition.

High operating costs

Lack of immense sedimentations

HR Functions

Following are the major Human Resource Management Functions of United Bank Limited

HR Aims:

The aims are to look out for the well being of all employees of the UBL. Provide leading and way to employees of the company. Career Development planning for all employees of the company. Ensure thorough preparation of countrywide employees. To supply single employees with orientation on the company at the clip of fall ining. To supply employees with solutions to their jobs. Keeping informations records of all employees of UBL ( Human Resources information System ) . To measure and retain those employees who are assets to the company.

UBL HR Planning ‘s and Policies:

United Bank Limited follows Business-level/Competitive Strategy ( competitory scheme identifies how to construct and strength the concern ‘s long-run competitory place in the market topographic point ) because of huge figure of its rival in the market topographic point. UBL analyze it ‘s strengths with failing and chances with menaces to keep its comparative advantage. The competitory advantage of UBL is based on Differentiation. It provides different online and offline services to win its client and sporadically analyse the competitory market place to heighten its services at a high degree.

Attracting Methodology:

Human Resource policy of UBL is that they attract the current employees by offering them Promotion, Cash award, increase, fillips and stock option so maintain up and bring forth external campaigner by offering good wage bundles, Career oriented occupations, Accommodations etc.

Organization Chart:

The organisation design of UBL is Horizontal ( which has low hierarchal degree ) . There are different Groups incorporating 10 to 12 people which are assigned different undertakings to work on each group has its ain supervisor who supervise all employees in its group.

Investing in Development & A ; Performance:

UBL invest in HR Development and public presentation by advancing or giving wagess to those employees whose public presentation is better. The public presentation assessment of each employee is conducted yearly in UBL.

UBL Structure:

Organizational Valuess:

aˆ?Trust and Integrity

aˆ?Respect for people

aˆ?Responsible corporate citizens

aˆ?Passion for concern excellence

aˆ?Commitment to entire client ‘s satisfaction

UBL Culture:

United Bank Limited civilization is the personality of the organisation. Culture is comprised of the premises, values, norms and touchable marks ( artefacts ) of organisation members and their behaviours. The organisational civilization of UBL is that it ever provides net income to its stakeholder and ne’er misrepresents its fiscal studies and will ne’er make any unethical act which harms its client and rival. The employees of UBL will ever be assisting and friendly with its clients. The norms of UBL are it ever follows the Laws of state and keep its good will.

UBL Working Environment:

The working/organization environment of UBL is really sophisticated. Environment is really friendly due to group coordination. Employees can easy pass on horizontally and vertically which help to accomplish its ends and aims. Employees have to follow formal codification of moralss of United Bank Limited

HR Measuring Method:

United Bank Limited uses Scorecard Approach to mensurate the effectivity and efficiency of HR section. UBL follow the seven stairss to mensurate its HR section. First UBL specify its concern scheme ( discussed supra ) . Second its lineation the company ‘s value concatenation activates ( activities which create value for clients and related supporting activities ) . Then it outlines what organisational results ( ends and marks ) the bank has to accomplish. Then it evaluates the work force required to accomplish the ends. After that UBL invent its HR policies and patterns ( what new preparation is required? ) . Then it designs the HR scorecard and sporadically evaluates the measuring system.

Job Analysis:

Job Analysis is the process through which you determine the responsibilities of the place and the features of the people to engage for them. Job analysis produces information used for composing occupation descriptions and occupation Specifications.

Techniques for Job Analysis:

UBL merely use Qualitative Techniques of analysing occupations. The techniques UBL utilizations are Interview and Open-ended Questionnaires. They use interviews in which employees are inquire what the occupation entails and questionnaires in which employees are asked different inquiry about what are the activates they perform in occupation.

Job Evaluation:

Job Evaluation is a systematic comparing done in order to find the worth of one occupation comparative to another

Job rating technique used by UBL is Ranking Method in which each occupation comparative to all other occupations harmonizing to its trouble degree like for illustration occupation of supervisor is tougher than the director working under its supervising.


In order to find the future staff demands United Bank Limited uses Ratio Analysis technique ( a Prediction technique for finding future staff demands by utilizing ratios between, for illustration gross revenues volume and figure of employees needed ) in which tendency between two tendencies is determined like volume of sedimentations, gross, new subdivisions etc and figure of employees needed to execute undertakings.

Internal Recruitment Beginnings:

In calculating the supply of inside campaigners UBL usage Qualifications stock lists ( manual or computerized records naming employees education calling and development involvements, linguistic communications, particular accomplishments and so on to be used in choosing inside campaigners for publicity ) so in order to replace a supervisor of a section a individual below educated so the current supervisor will be selected as a new supervisor.

External Recruitment Beginnings:

External beginning for engaging employees use by UBL is Succession Planning ( the ongoing procedure of consistently placing, measuring and developing organisational leading to heighten public presentation ) in which UBL do analysis on the of import or cardinal occupations in the organisation, make a list of competent employees who can carry through the demand of that occupation and so choose the best employee who can execute that occupation expeditiously and affectedly. The internal beginnings used by the United Bank Limited for engaging campaigner are Advertisement, Head huntsman and Word of Mouth. In advertizement they use different mediums like Television, Newspaper, subscribing the occupations on Job sites e.g.,

UBL has hired its ain Retained Executive Recruiters/Head huntsman ( Executive recruiters are particular employment bureaus retained by employers to seek out top-management endowment for their clients ) to happen competent and qualified people for UBL, Soon they will be taking this responsibilty of aiming Head Hunters.

But due to some fortunes there is flexibleness in engaging the employees externally and internally for illustration non handiness of needed campaigners, deficiency of clip, deficiency of resources etc.

Normally United Bank Limited do n’t take Referrals but due to some ground they do sometime take referrals for illustration referral signifier a high bid individual, individual on referral is qualified and competent etc.


Selection procedure of UBL based on Qualification, Previous occupation experience, Age and wellness of campaigner.

The Application Form:

For choice procedure the first measure which campaigner to be fulfilled is application signifier, this show about the campaigner ‘s instruction, old public presentation, anterior work history, experience, avocations and wellness status? As such, it is highly critical for his/her continued engagement in the scrutiny procedure. Before that campaigner has to reexamine exhaustively what the Job advertizement specifies the demands to measure up for the place. Candidate must run into all the standards to be considered for the place ; guarantee that, otherwise campaigner will be blowing his attempt in finishing the application.

Written Trials:

Written tests are normally obtained from one of several trial building houses available to them. These trials are designed to find degree of proficient and/or analytical abilities associated with the peculiar place for which campaigner had applied. Unstructured questionnaire and IQ trial ( intelligence trial ) Trial consequences are sent by mail, normally within 6 on the job yearss. If receive a passing mark campaigner will be invited to go on in the scrutiny procedure

Performance Examinations:

Test ability to carry through specific job-related undertakings by supplying the chance to really execute them. These trials are scheduled through the Human Resources Department office, with presentment in authorship of the day of the month, clip, location and continuance of the trial. Instruction manuals will be given on the undertakings to be completed and so asked to finish them. Persons with considerable relevant experience will carry on the ratings. Safety, quality of work, adaptability, public presentation under emphasis, etc. are evaluated. Specialized Testing

Selection Interview

Once the List of campaigner who is capable plenty, is established it is sent to the Department ( s ) that is engaging to make full a current vacancy. The Department Head is responsible for puting up Selection Interviews. He/she may interview anyone on the list ; The Department Head will be looking for the campaigner with the best makings for their peculiar place.

The campaigner who is selected, look into his/her background and a provisional period before achieving lasting employment position. Additionally, in conformity with Federal Law, the campaigner is required to supply cogent evidence of individuality and cogent evidence they may lawfully work.

Training & A ; Development:

Training refers to the methods used to give new or present employees the accomplishments they need to execute their occupations. Development include employee, direction, organisational and calling development which develop employees accomplishments, direction which enhance executive ‘s abilities, organisational cultural development and calling development of employees.

Training methods used by United Bank Limited are Soft Skill Functional Training, On-The Job Training and Class Room lectures.

In soft skill functional preparation UBL give preparation to better personality traits, societal grace, friendliness, personal wonts and eloquence of linguistic communication. In On-the occupation preparation UBL uses different method like Coaching or understudy method in which supervisor act as a manager and learn the trainee to the perform the undertaking on the occupation and Job rotary motion method is used by UBL for those employee who need multi accomplishments to execute the occupation.

Performance Appraisal:

In public presentation assessment of employees UBL use Graphic Rating Scale Method ( a graduated table that lists a figure of traits and a scope of public presentation for each. Employee is so rated by placing the mark that best describes his or her degree of public presentation for each trait ) in which UBL step the features and old public presentation of employees and so rank them later.

In the public presentation procedure UBL foremost discuss the occupation and responsibilities assigned to the each subsidiary in the Groups. After that they compare their existent public presentation with the criterions which are set by the UBL. Then the public presentation studies of subsidiaries are discussed with them and do programs if any development is required or non.

Compensations and Benefits:

United Bank Limited provide compensations to its employees in form of Cost of any medical Treatment, Cancelled Holidays fees, Repair of vehicle, any hurt while making occupation undertakings and some other. Employees can claim their compensation if any above instance occurs.

Benefits which are provided by UBL are Paid clip off, Retirement, Disability Insurance, Education and preparation plans. In Paid clip off benefits the employee is paid for the clip he do n’t worked couple to holiday, holiday wage and ill wage. Retirement benefits are in form of pension, tip, provident fund and old-age pension fund. In disablement insurance bank provides fiscal support when an employee becomes injured or sick and is unable to make his/her occupation and in instruction & A ; developing plans bank provide different instruction & A ; developing to their employees to buff their accomplishment.

Stress Handling:

The techniques used by United Bank Limited to manage emphasis among its employees are by supplying better atmosphere in the office which is orderly & A ; clean, Air-conditioned, peaceable and relaxed so employees can work with their full potency.

Lunch interruption are besides provided to employee to cut down emphasis among them. This besides creates a relaxed atmosphere because employees can chit chat in that interruption.

United Bank Limited sometime besides arrange jaunt circuit for their employees to decrease their work load and fresh their head for the ambitious undertaking in front them and sometime direct employees on holiday with their households.

Critical Evaluation of HR Functions:

As we review the HR Functions of United Bank Limited we asses that UBL have strengthened its roots in the market topographic point and viing with its rivals successfully. It has at a huge degree supplying on-line service and one of the taking Bankss in e-banking in Pakistan. The Horizontal organisation design of UBL is besides the ground of its success because as comparison to perpendicular organisation design horizontal is better due to fast and easy flow of communicating among the employees. UBL is playing a really important function in supplying employment, Loan etc which increaser the per capita and populating criterion of civilians. UBL civilization and environment is besides better as we compare to its rival because there are some ethical norms, values which are the psyche of UBL and the environment is really self-relieving, loosen uping in which employees work their best. While step the efficiency and effectivity of HR section maps Score Card Approach is best and most often used in corporate environment. This attack easy gives UBL accurate consequences.

Interview is the most normally used for occupation analysis. UBL usage interview and questionnaire to inquire for employees what the occupation entail and so compose the occupation description and occupation specification. For occupation rating UBL usage ranking method in one occupation is compared from another. This is non the best 1 as comparison to some of its rivals

The enlisting methodological analysis used by UBL is Ratio Analysis in which ratio between two tendency is determined which is one of the best method to calculate future employee need.UBL use making stock lists, advertizement and caput huntsmans to happen new talented employees. But UBL sometimes due to some ground show flexibleness to engage new employees in which low competent employees are hired and referrals is besides the ground of engaging unqualified and non competent people.

UBL merely take Intelligence trial ( IQ ) to analyse new employees for choice due to which people who are non intelligent but have other accomplishments are non hired.

For Training and development UBL usage different method which are Soft Skill Functional Training, on-the occupation Training and category room lectures. These methods are the chief ground for UBL success and Good services.

For public presentation rating of employees UBL use Graphic evaluation graduated table method which promote and give wagess to employees due to their good traits and public presentation during the session. UBL behavior public presentation assessment at the terminal of twelvemonth so the session is of one twelvemonth.

The compensation and benefits program of UBL are besides really good as to its rivals. They provide Paid-time off, Retirement, Disability Insurance, Education and developing plans to their employees. Employees stress managing during the work is besides best UBL handle emphasis of its employees like many of its rival are non be able to manage.

This is all the information that we get from UBL HR director. The sing card of HR director is besides attached.


As we group members analyze the HR map of United Bank Limited are non one of the best HR map of corporate universe. Many of its rivals have better HR map as comparison to UBL Bank. We suggest and recommend that first of all

There should be a development of Assessment Center so that employees should be train at high degree.

Referral should be ignored

We suggest that UBL should used Diversification corporate scheme in which new and innovating services should lines

UBL should utilize Participant Diary/Logs and Position analysis Questionnaire method with their current methods so for composing Job description

UBL should utilize a combination of Ratio Analysis and Trend Analysis ( survey of a house ‘s past employment needs over a period of old ages to foretell future demands ) for enlisting.

We recommend UBL should utilize College Enrolling from esteemed universities like IU.

Panel Interview should be conducted so single interview

We suggest that UBL should utilize Paired Comparison Method for public presentation assessment


Miss. Ambreen Zia Malik

HR Manager Recruitment

Head Office: 9th Floor, State Life Building No. 1,

I. I Chundrigar Road,

Karachi, Pakistan.

Ph: 021-990332514

Electronic mail: ambreen.zia @

Miss. Sana Fatima Kizibash

HR Relationship Manager

Head Office: 9th Floor, State Life Building No. 1,

I. I Chundrigar Road,

Karachi, Pakistan.

Ph: 021-990332514

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