Human Resource Management Activities At Mars Confectionery Management Essay

This assignment will look into how human resource direction ( HRM ) contributes to the accomplishment of organizational ends and aims, peculiarly looking at HRM activities such as staffing, public presentation direction and alteration direction.

A treatment of several HR planning and development theoretical accounts will be presented including the theoretical account of traditional work force planning, the integrated human resources be aftering model and the systematic theoretical account of larning and preparation. Finally, an analysis of how appraisal systems are used to supervise public presentation in administrations will be undertaken, doing suggestions on the deficits of this method and possible betterments.

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Discussions in this assignment will be retaliated to current information about Mars incorporated Ltd ( Mars ) . Mars is a privately-owned, planetary fast traveling consumer goods administration specializing in confectionery, drinks and pet attention. HRM Information of Mars was mostly obtained from in interview conducted with a line director in HRM at Mars. Information in this assignment obtained from the interview has non been referenced. Other information presented about Mars which has been obtained from other beginnings such as their web site and books has been reverenced at the terminal of the assignment.

Undertaking 1: Human Resources Management

Human resource direction activities at Mars Confectionery

This subdivision will foremost discourse the HRM activity of staffing which is conducted at Mars. Staffing is the procedure of geting, deploying, and retaining a work force of sufficient measure and quality to make positive impacts on the administration ‘s effectivity ( Burkholder, Edwards and Sartain, 2004 ) . Second, the HRM activity of public presentation direction will be discussed. Performance direction can be understood as the procedure of making a work environment or scene in which people are enabled to execute to the best of their abilities ( Bacal, 1999 ) . Change direction is the 3rd chief HRM activity conducted at Mars. Change direction is a structured attack to transitioning persons, squads, and organisations from a current province to a coveted hereafter province ( Cameron and Green, 2004 ) .


Human resource direction at Mars is chiefly concerned with guaranting that the administration is suitably staffed with the right people, with the right accomplishments, at the right clip. At the employee degree, staffing has the aim of happening an employee who ‘fits ‘ into the civilization and value system and who is motivated and empowered to work for the administration. Second, at the organizational degree, staffing purposes to maximize critical cognition, accomplishments and abilities within the administration which contribute to its overall effectivity and competitory advantage ( Judge and Ferris, 1992 ) .

At Mars, these aims are achieved through several agencies. Initially, a clear prognosis on future staffing demands are established. These are determined at Mars by the organizational scheme and the predicted turnover rates based upon norms from old old ages. Contracts for different groups of employees are so devised and employment bundles are designed to pull the needed employee accomplishment degrees. Relevant line directors who are familiar with the accomplishments required for the certain function will be required to pull up function specifications turn toing the certain accomplishments and abilities needed.

In add-on to this, employees seen as no longer suiting into the administration ‘s civilization and value system are dismissed by HRM. Before dismissals occur at Mars, HRM places underperforming employees on a Performance Improvement Plan ( PIP ) to assist supervise their public presentation and supply them with mentoring.

Performance Management

A 2nd activity of human resource direction at Mars is to guarantee that employees are extremely motivated and execute good within their functions. The chief aim of heightening motive and public presentation is to maximize the attempt employees put into their functions and to concentrate attending on public presentation marks. In add-on to this, heightening public presentation within the work force besides helps to raise degrees of committedness and prosecute employees in developing new thoughts ( Torrington, Hall and Taylor, 2005 p7 ) .

Enhanced employee public presentation is achieved by human resource direction at Mars through employee preparation and development programmes which aim to increase employee ‘s capacity to follow new engineerings and methods. Training and development programmes allow employees to increase their calling development through the administration and cut down employee turnover through increased motive and committedness. In add-on to this, wages systems, such as publicity and fillips, are besides used at Mars to heighten public presentation through supplying inducements and positive support.

Change Management

Another activity of human resource direction at Mars is to do certain that organizational alteration intercessions are successful and run every bit swimmingly as possible. For illustration, Mars has late implemented alteration programmes such as TQM and six sigma. These have required significant alterations to the administrations civilization and work systems. It was HR ‘s function to assist with the planning of this execution and to do certain that the necessary preparation and support was available to the work force when execution began.

These aims are achieved by HR at Mars through recruiting and developing people with the necessary leading accomplishments to assist drive the alteration procedure. In add-on to this, agents are besides recruited by HR to promote the credence of alteration by the work force and concept wages systems to reenforce new behaviors.

HR besides takes a prima function in measuring the likely impact of alteration on employees every bit good as back uping them during the alteration programme. This is achieved through fixing information to assist them get by with the procedure and developing a timeline for alteration.

HR at Mars besides has a critical function in measuring whether the alteration programme had been successful and supervising whether it has produced the needed return on investing. They achieve this aim through carry oning employee study to obtain feedback on employee perceptual experiences sing the alteration and how it was conducted.

In drumhead, the three HRM activities of staffing, public presentation direction and alteration direction at Mars are indispensable for the smooth running and development of the Mars administration.

Theoretical theoretical accounts of human resource direction

This subdivision will depict two influential theoretical accounts within HRM. First, the Harvard theoretical account by Beer et Al. ( 1984 ) is an analytical theoretical account which views employees as important stakeholders within the administration with their ain demands and concerns ( Torrington, Hall and Taylor, 2005 p34 ) . Second, the Michigan or Matching theoretical account will be addressed. The Michigan theoretical account provinces that the control of HRM is the duty of senior direction and sees employees as resources in the same manner as any other concern resource ( Price, 2007 p39 ) .

The Harvard Model

The theoretical account acknowledges that direction has the greatest power within an administration but suggests that for effectual HRM, the demands of employees must be ever be considered. For illustration, the theoretical account shows HRM policies to be influenced by two important considerations: situational factors ( work force features, direction doctrine and labour market ) and stakeholder involvements ( employee groups, community and brotherhoods ) . This shows that effectual HRM should non be a reactive map but continually assist proctor and adjust the administrations policies to run into the forever altering demands of the work force and environment in which it operates.

In add-on to this, the theoretical account besides acknowledges the demand for HRM mechanisms to accommodate the inevitable tenseness between employee outlooks and direction aims. For illustration, the execution of wagess and structured work systems allow for the administration to foster the values of committedness, competency, congruity and cost effectivity within the work force.

To accomplish long term HRM aims of single well-being, organizational effectivity and societal well being, the Harvard theoretical account suggests that it is indispensable that all must be responsible for human resource and see issues such as deputation, leading, engagement and squad edifice.

The Michigan Model

Unlike the Harvard theoretical account, the Michigan theoretical account ( Fombrun et al, 1984 p41 ) takes a top-down attack proposing that the control of HRM is the duty of senior direction and sees employees as resources in the same manner as any other concern resource ( Price, 2007 p39 ) . For illustration, the theoretical account high spots countries such as ‘selection ‘ , ‘appraisal ‘ , ‘rewards ‘ and ‘development ‘ but ignores the influence of employee demands and situational factors upon the administration. Alternatively, the theoretical account positions that employees have to be managed like equipment ; obtained every bit cheaply as possible, used meagerly, and developed and exploited every bit much as possible ( Price, 2007 p39 ) .

The Michigan theoretical account besides shows that employees must be selected and trained to ‘fit ‘ the strategic demands of the administration and demo behavioral consistence with their ways of thought and operating ( Price, 2007 p41 ) . For illustration, if there is an organizational scheme of invention, employees will be expected to demo long term creativeness and accomplishment. This is displayed by the great accent upon choice, public presentation and assessment within the theoretical account.

In contrast to the Harvard Model, the Michigan theoretical account shows HRM to be a reactive organisational map which under-emphasises the importance of societal and external factors. For illustration, the theoretical account topographic points accent on the importance of choice, public presentation, assessment, wagess and preparation, but make no mention to employee demands and involvements, and environmental factors such as employee groups, community and brotherhoods. This means that the theoretical account would be unable to factor in current concerns such as employee work-life balance.

In drumhead, the Harvard and Michigan theoretical accounts both show two contrasting positions of effectual HRM. Although they are both extremely applicable theoretical accounts in their ain right, it could be suggested that Harvard theoretical account is the most applicable to the HRM of today, taking into consideration current concerns of work-life balanced.

Undertaking 2: HR Planning and Development

Three HR planning and development theoretical accounts

This subdivision will depict the two HR be aftering theoretical accounts of ‘Traditional Manpower Planning ‘ and ‘Integrated Human Resources Planning Model ‘ ; and the HR development theoretical account of ‘Systematic Learning and Training ‘ .

Human Resource Planning

Human resource planning is the procedure of pull offing when people enter, move through and go forth concern administrations in conformity with the overall aims of the concern. HRM needs to measure the future demand for staff and the handiness of suited staff to run into their demands ( RDI, 2008 p2.3 ff ) .

1. Model of Traditional Manpower Planning

The theoretical account of traditional work force planning is a more traditional human resources be aftering theoretical account underscoring the importance of obtaining the right figure of the right employees in the right topographic point at the right clip ( Torrington, Hall and Taylor, 2005 p51 ) . The theoretical account suggests that demand for employees is strongly influenced by organizational schemes and aims, the environment, and the manner in which staff are managed and utilized ( Torrington, Hall and Taylor, 2005 p51 ) .


Organizational aims and schemes

Analysis of internal work force supply

Analysiss of external work force supply

Undertaking manpower demand

Undertaking manpower supply

Manpower programs


Figure 3: Model of traditional work force planning. Adapted from ( Torrington, Hall and Taylor, 2005 p51 ) .

When using the theoretical account of traditional work force planning to Mars, it could be recommended that Mars begins by analyzing the altering environment in which it operates. For illustration, the recent coup d’etat of Cadbury ‘s by Kraft has meant that Mars ‘ scheme has become more defensive devising certain that maintains its competitory advantage within the industry. Mars must get down to project manpower demand and supply to do certain it is able to enroll the right people with the right accomplishments to ease its new defensive scheme. For illustration, one option for Mars is to aim and enroll former Cadbury ‘s and Kraft directors to obtain of import rival information. Before it can carry through this enlisting scheme, the theoretical account suggests that Mars must measure the handiness of such cognition within occupation the market.

2. Integrated Human Resources Planning Model

Unlike the theoretical account of traditional work force planning, the integrated human resources be aftering theoretical account brings together all facets of HR planning and considers the effects of civilization, systems and environment on employee demand ( Torrington, Hall and Taylor, 2005 p52 ) . The theoretical account identifies ‘where we want to be ‘ based upon the administration ‘s scheme ; ‘where we are now ‘ ; and ‘what we need to make to acquire at that place ‘ .

Environmental Influences

Where are we now?

Translate vision –

Where do we desire to be?

Design and usage programs to accomplish passage



Figure 4: Integrated Human Resources Planning Framework. Adapted from ( Torrington, Hall and Taylor, 2005 p52 ) .

When using the integrated human resources be aftering theoretical account to Mars, Mars would foremost necessitate to turn to ‘where we are now ‘ ; analyzing the environment to find what clients want and what rivals are making. For illustration, from analyzing the current confectionery market, Mars will find that there is increasing competition from Cadbury ‘s due to its recent coup d’etat by Kraft. Besides, they would be able to find from the analysis of client demands that there is a demand for better client service and lower monetary values.

Based upon the theoretical account, Mars would so hold to turn to ‘where we want to be ‘ ; interpreting environmental influences into strategic aims which can be used to find human resource ends. For illustration, for Mars to vie against Cadbury ‘s they must set up human resources ends to do certain that their hire talented directors who can convey new accomplishments and capablenesss to Mars. In add-on to this, Mars should turn to ‘what do we necessitate to acquire at that place ‘ ; turn toing the resources and time-scales needed to carry through the strategic aims. Mars would necessitate to make up one’s mind on what type of accomplishments and personalities they need to enroll, how many new employees they need to enroll and how they are traveling to publicize the places.

Human Resources Development

HR development is a strategic attack used to put in human capital. It draws on other HR processes including resourcing and public presentation appraisal to place existent and possible endowment ( RDI, 2008 p2.22 ) . The systematic theoretical account of larning and preparation was developed to assist administrations travel off non-evaluated preparation, replacing it with a more orderly sequence of development.

1. Systematic Model of Learning and Training


Business Scheme

Peoples Development


Identify development


Design development


Transport out development

Evaluate development

Figure 5. A systematic theoretical account of larning and preparation. Adapted from demand ( Torrington, Hall and Taylor, 2005 p391 ) .

Harmonizing to the theoretical account, the altering environment and concern scheme aid to determine the type of accomplishments and abilities required in the work force. These developmental demands can be identified by both the person and administration through a job centred attack ( where a new scheme may foreground a deficit of a peculiar accomplishment within the work force ) and developing an person ‘s competence profile to run into the occupation demands. For illustration, the altering concern scheme at Mars to better internal computing machine systems has revealed a possible spread IT proficient accomplishments.

When a spread in accomplishment has been identified, the theoretical account suggests that the development required demands to be planned and developed. The planning and design of the acquisition will be influenced by HR development scheme, which may find who is involved in the preparation and type of methods used. For illustration, HR at Mars has planned and developed a acquisition programme with trained IT trainers to see the concern and develop employee IT skills whilst at work, but non deviate excessively much of their clip off from other more of import undertakings.

In drumhead, when an administration such as Mars adapts to altering environments through with new strategic aims, it frequently requires new accomplishments to be brought in or developed within the company. These alterations in work force demands can either be planned and remedied through enlisting, or development can take topographic point to heighten and construct upon bing employee accomplishments and abilities. Planing and development theoretical accounts that are most effectual in assisting an administration to run into is aims are these which take a more holistic attack and are able to accommodate to altering organizational demands.

Effectiveness in accomplishing organizational aims

An organizational aim at Mars is to derive and keep competitory advantage through a extremely skilled and motivated work force. Although the theoretical account of traditional work force planning is effectual in leting Red planets to be after for and fulfil hereafter work force demands, the theoretical account does non take into consideration the demand for Mars to be after for issues such as employee behavior, personality and ‘fit ‘ within the administration ‘s civilization.

In contrast to this, the integrated human resources be aftering theoretical account is really effectual in leting Mars to accomplish this scheme. Unlike the theoretical account of traditional work force planning, the integrated human resource planning theoretical account is able to incorporate the demand of the administration to obtain extremely skilled employees with the demand for them to hold the right ‘fit ‘ within the organizational civilization. In add-on to this, the theoretical account is able to accommodate to the uninterrupted alterations to Mars ‘ scheme which is cardinal to the work force planning model.

The systematic theoretical account of larning and preparation is besides effectual in leting Mars to accomplish its organizational aim to derive and keep competitory advantage through a extremely skilled and motivated work force. The theoretical account provides an incorporate model to let Red planets to be after larning programmes and to develop work force accomplishment around organizational schemes and environmental alterations. Despite this, the theoretical account has the restriction of being excessively systematic and potentially unable to associate to the fast gait of uninterrupted alteration evident at Mars ( Sloman, 2001 ) .

In drumhead, it could be recommended that Mars adopts a combination of the integrated human resources be aftering theoretical account and the systematic theoretical account of larning and preparation. Through utilizing a combination of these two theoretical accounts, Mars would be able to adequately be after for and engage appropriate staff and so develop accomplishments to run into their scheme demands.

Undertaking 3: Performance

How HR public presentation is monitored at Mars

This subdivision will discourse how appraisal systems are used at Mars to supervise public presentation. Performance appraisal systems are a formalistic procedure to reexamine public presentation at work over a given period of clip ( Grote, 1996 ) .

Mars uses a method whereby function aims or marks are established by the employee and line director throughout the twelvemonth and are subsequently reviewed at the following assessment. Appraisals are made to mensurate the extent to which these aims have been met throughout the twelvemonth. Mars believes that public presentation outlooks need to be understood and involve part from employees to let for a greater grade of input and committedness.

The aims set by employees at Mars are closely monitored by the line director to do certain that they suitably stretch the person and offer personal development every bit good as run intoing the demands of the function. The aims set by the employee and line director are prioritised harmonizing to importance and how desperately they need to be addressed. Prioritizing aims in this manor allows the employees to pull off their clip more efficaciously through turn toing the most of import aims foremost.

In add-on to this, Mars besides uses the SMART system for depicting single marks and aims. Before a mark can be set by the employee, the line director must do certain that the mark is Specific, Measurable, Appropriate, Relevant and Timed. Guaranting that the mark meets these standards means that the aims are meaningful and faithfully assessed.

Regular brief meetings are set between employee and director, as aims are met, to discourse advancement and make up one’s mind on whether new aims need to be added or whether some aims need to be removed. Problem countries are highlighted and discussed, and ongoing coaching is given by directors to assist steer employees by giving constructive feedback.

360 degree assessments are used at Mars to let for a more just and rigorous method of public presentation appraisal. Performance is monitored and assessed by a assortment of people in contact with the person, including, line directors, equals, clients, providers. Obtaining assessments from a assortment of beginnings allows for a fuller image to be built up of the public presentation and capablenesss of the person in many different countries of their work.

The result of appraisal systems at Mars is straight linked to the salary and publicities. For illustration, if employees are rated during their assessment as ‘exceeds outlooks ‘ , they will have a 4 % wage raise the undermentioned twelvemonth. Employees rated as ‘below outlooks ‘ can be placed on a ‘Performance Improvement Programme ‘ which means that their public presentation is closely monitored throughout the twelvemonth and they are provided with mentoring to better job countries.

Although it appears that Mars has a really rigorous attack to public presentation assessments, it is of import to understand how Mars uses this information after it has been obtained and whether line directors have received the right preparation to do certain they are roll uping information reasonably.

Effectiveness of the assessment system at Mars and possible betterments.

The assessment system at Mars is really effectual in obtaining dependable and utile information sing employee public presentation. One manner in which Mars maintains the effectivity of its assessment system is through doing certain that line directors are decently trained to carry on assessments. Directors are required to go to a annual preparation session supported by human resources where they informed about the most effectual ways of monitoring procedure and back uping their employees through development. Training is besides provided on how to enter assessment information expeditiously and how to carry on 360 degree assessments.

Despite the rigorous attack to public presentation assessments at Mars, assessment have been criticised for being excessively subjective ( Torrington, Hall and Taylor, 2005 ) . Sometimes assessments can be undependable through bias when the valuator ‘s opinion is distorted because they do n’t wish the appraisee. Besides assessments can be undependable when the valuators have deficient cognition of the appraisee. This is peculiarly the instance when valuators carry out assessments due to their place in the company hierarchy instead than their cognition of the appraisee.

In add-on to this, assessments can do a batch of anxiousness and emphasis for all involved. Research about measuring public presentation has found that the assessment itself was frequently accompanied by long periods of illness absence due to emphasize ( Grint, 1993 ) . This is a possible job at Mars because assessments are straight linked to employee wage and publicity which may make a batch of emphasis for single employee.

Effectiveness of assessments at Mars can be improved farther devising certain that all involved in the 360 grade assessment understand what the system is for and the importance of truth. Research suggests that inquiries will be answered more accurately when participants understand the true intent of the assessment ( Grint, 1993 ) . In add-on to this, plentifulness of feedback should be given to those involved in assessments as research besides suggests that feedback allows for the system to be better accepted and reduces anxiousness ( Grint, 1993 ) .

In drumhead, Mars has a really rigorous attack to public presentation assessments. They believe that it is of import to obtain a full image of the person, from many different beginnings and let the person to play an active function in determining their ain aim and mark scene. Despite this, betterments can be made to do certain that emphasis is kept to a lower limit and proper preparation is provided to do certain that assessments are non biased in anyhow.

Assignment Decision

To be successful in a fast altering planetary economic system, administrations must put more clip and resources into the acquisition and development of high quality employees. HRM has a critical function to play in this scheme through public presentation direction, enlisting and alteration direction. In the illustration of Mars, HRM is continually easing an environment where employees can better their accomplishments and competences through professional development programmes and public presentation assessment. Although Mars has good developed HRM policies, to stay competitory, they must go on to put clip and resources into HRM to go on to obtain the right employees, with the right accomplishments at the right clip.



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