Human Resource Management and Recruitment Strategies

Title- Recruitment Strategies and Practices (Benchmarking). 2. Objective- To understand the best practices in terms of recruitment across automobile industries, and to understand and evaluate the current position of recruitment at Volkswagen and discover the areas and means of improvement. 3. Introduction- In this fast developing world, every organisation wants to have the most efficient and qualified employees on whom they can rely to get the best outcome.

Volkswagen finds it necessary to arrange an adequate supply of qualified personnel to take up difficult task necessary for realisation of its goal. For any organization, Manpower is the most crucial and worthy asset. VOLKSWAGEN understands this subject well and that’s the spirit behind it. Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for the jobs in the organisation. If recruitment is done well, the business benefits from happier and more productive people, reduced staff turnover, good working relationships and ultimately a more profitable farm.

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Organisations have developed and follow recruitment strategies to hire the best talent for their organisation and to utilize their resources optimally. A successful recruitment strategy should be well planned and practical to attract more and good talent to apply in the organisation. A benchmarking of this important process for Volkswagen will help it in achieving the hiring and retaining the right talent and overall organisation progress at a low cost. 4. Sources Of Data- •Primary Data: From the HR of Volkswagen and its competitors, Questionnaire. Secondary Data: Internet Sites, Firstnaukri. com, Naukri. com, Journals, etc. 5. Hypothesis- The benchmarking of recruitment strategies and practices will help management to know how to recruit and retain in a better and planned way. 6. Research Methodology- •Questionnaire. •Meetings with the Hr of Volkswagen to understand the currently used methods and tools. •Telephonic conversation with the Hr of Volkswagen’s competitors. •Meetings with the competitors. •Internet sites. •Data analysis.



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