Human Resource of Ritz Carlton Essay

September 25, 2017 Human Resources


In today’s economic system where cognition and accomplishments demand are lifting. it is besides the duty of an organization’s human resource squad to analyse and guarantee they recruit the most appropriate campaigner for the occupation. Administrations have been seeking. pulling and retaining the best endowments available in order to get the better of the competitory challenges that they are confronting today.

Apart from accomplishing the strategic ends and aims of an organisation. human resource direction ( HRM ) besides plays a portion in the end product of a company public presentation as it lays down strategic determinations. policies. every bit good as systems. that may impact the most of import plus in the organisation. its employees ( Armstrong. 2008. p. 5 ) .

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In this assignment. it will cite to Ritz Carlton that is one of the most successful organisations that have acknowledged their human resource ( employees ) as the most of import plus to accomplish ends and aims. The focal point on human resources into enrolling. choosing and development has aided them to accomplish several world-wide acknowledgment awards such as the gilded criterion of cordial reception ( The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. 2011 ) .

Recruitment and Choice

Hellriegel and Slocum ( 2007. p. 161 ) provinces that Ritz Carlton knows the type of employees they are looking for in every occupation place. and is careful to merely use those who display the accomplishments and behaviour required to carry through the occupation. Ritz Carlton has ever been successful in choosing and enrolling the most suited endowments to their administrations that will suit into their civilizations. values and serve criterion that is important in keeping or even rise the criterion of Ritz Carlton.

With places that require employees to be on the front line to interact and function invitees. it is of extreme importance that an employee is able to supply the degree of service required to run into or transcend the satisfaction degree of the invitees as neglecting to make so may ensue in negative feedback. taking to hapless company public presentation. In the success of Ritz Carlton. its employees had played a important function by intermixing into the organization’s civilization. abiding by the organization’s value and doctrine. to make a alone and pleasant experience for its invitees.

Training & A ; Development

A well planned and structured preparation non merely provides information and way to carry through specific undertakings related to organisational demands and aims. it besides leads to behavioural alteration and betterment in occupation public presentation ( Vaughn. 2005. p. 2 )

In Ritz Carlton. be it current employees or new hires. employees are provided with an array of chances to larn and develop accomplishments to ease and heighten employee public presentation. In the instance of an employee in direction function. preparation could take him to better decision-making accomplishments for both himself. and for the organisation. For employees in the non-management places. preparation could include developing the necessary accomplishments. cognition. the right mentality. every bit good as the abilities to decide jobs. Today. with the legion awards won for its legendary services. Ritz Carlton had proven that its employees had been consistent in showing the accomplishments. cognition. and behavior obtained via preparation.

With their heavy focal point on human resources preparation and development. employees are more equipt and knowing in undertaking jobs. alterations or any obstructions while executing their undertakings which will take to increased productiveness which may be important for organisations that may necessitate changeless betterment.

Employee Retention

For an organisation to be trusting really much on its employees Ritz Carlton have non merely provided a alone work environment. it has besides recognized the demands to prioritise the wellness and wellbeing of its employees as a mean to retain its gifted employees. By being able to retain the gifted persons in the organisations. Ritz Carlton will be able to put their capital more expeditiously as they do non necessitate to blow clip and money on new hires and re-trainings. High-turnover rate of any administration will be riotous and non-productive for the work environment that will might decelerate down or impact the growing of the administration.

Therefore. retaining the best endowment within the administration is besides important for any administrations. Ritz Carlton is a good illustration as they create a really good working environment as they respect others and in return. have the regard from others with their celebrated slogans “We are ladies and gentlemen functioning ladies and gentleman” . ( The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. 2011 ) .

Employee Compensation

Career development programs. chances to advance within the organisation. complimentary employee repasts and retirement programs are merely some of the benefits offered by Ritz Carlton to actuate its employees. Apart from that. Ritz Carlton had besides recognized the demand to react to the demands of its employees by acquiring employee feedback. By holding motivated employees. Ritz Carlton had besides gained a competitory border by holding more loyal and committed employees who would travel the excess stat mi to acquire their occupation done.


Human Resource ( employees ) is the greatest plus to an organisation as they contribute straight to the growing of an organisations. With capable and gifted employees in the work force. an organisation can profit greatly as its employees could do critical and responsible determinations that determines the advancement of an organisation. However. an effectual and efficient human resource scheme needs to be implemented for both employees and organisation to to the full profit from it. In the illustration of Ritz Carlton where its employees are its greatest plus. its human resource section has taken farther measurings by analysing and placing the demands of an person who can execute the occupation.

With the right attitude and beliefs. its employees are given a broad array of chances to larn and develop accomplishments via preparation which would take to increased productiveness and efficiency. In an effort to retain its top endowments. Ritz Carlton had besides been successful in supplying attractive benefits. every bit good as a typical work environment. so as to maintain its employees motivated. loyal and committed. To reason. Ritz Carlton had been unusually successful in its scheme of utilizing its employees as its greatest plus to accomplish its ends and aims.


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