Human Resource Planning

June 1, 2018 Management

Human resource planning is the foundation of human resource management and it can be defined as the process that the human resource department continues using when hiring new employees. The main objective of HR planning ensures that they have the right number of people in the right place at the right time. HR planning is really helpful for some large companies in meeting their goals in the future with suitable employees. There are five different objectives in Human resource planning.

The first objective of Human resource planning is preventing overstaffing and understaffing. Having more employees in an organization may cause inefficiency in procedures because if there are more employees than needed the payroll will also be extreme. If the organization has fewer employees than needed this results in loss of revenue because the organization is not capable of satisfying the current demands. The second objective of Human resource planning is to ensure that they have the right number of people in the right place at the right time.

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Organizations that are recruiting have keep some work to get ahead the multiple kinds of skills, working habits and personal character of the employee they need to hire. The third objective of Human resource planning is to ensure that the changes in the environment are responsible by the organization. To consider the various changes in the organization like economy may increase, may remain stable, may decrease; regulations of government may continue to be stable Human resource planning might need the help of decision makers to study these various situations that are related to various fields in the environment.

The fourth objective of Human resource planning is to provide the route and logic to all the activities in the HR system. Human resource planning plans all the human resource planning systems such as hiring, training and expansion of an employee, to and measures the performance of the employees in the organization. Human resource management has to understand how changes in one area may effect in the other areas of the organization. The fifth objective of Human resource planning is to join the outlooks of staff managers.

It is a know fact that HR staff manages and initiates the HR planning in any organization but all the information HR staffs needed for planning comes from all the managers in the organization. So communication between HR staff and managers is very important for successful human resource planning. Generally there are two different levels of human resource planning. They are Aggregate planning and succession planning. Aggregate planning helps companies to expect the needs of employees in groups.

The first in aggregate planning is focusing on the employee demands. Succession planning can be defined as focusing on the single management of the organization and ensures that all the positions are filled with the right person that best suitable for the critical positions. The dean of a school uses the following techniques of HR planning to decide how many faculty and staff he need to employ in the coming academic year and which specific employees to retain, reassign, or release.

The first process is that the dean has to ensure that there is no interruption to the day to day activities caused by accidental activities by going through the succession planning. Secondly the dean has to observe the employees and their skills for continuity of their position in coming years. Even though it is known fact that the human resource planning is followed by the strategic planning, the information collected by human resource management from the managers continuous it valuation of internal organization by using strategic planning method.

The third process that the dean has to follow is to understand the labor shifts in the market for the requirements of the position and skills of the employee. By observing all the requirements and skills of the employee with the market will help the organization to stay always top from its competitors. Fourth process is that the dean has to focus on developing the employees with the required skills in the organization to achieve the planned aims and have to ensure that there will be a successful carrier in the future for the organization.

Fifth process is planning the budget and allocating them to the employees as planned in the organization. The next process is to ensure they are not overspending the money. Over and under staffing costs are controlled by human resource planning department and ensure that the organization remain competitive. Finally the dean has to go through the external factors which affect the organization, external factors that affect the organization are like labor market, social environment and competitors etc.


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