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By September 2, 2018 Human Resources

Human Resources Essay, Research Paper

Human Resource Functions

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Job Analysis

Job Description & A ; Specification

Recruitment, Selection & A ; Staffing

Job Matching & A ; Career Development

Training & A ; Development

Individual & A ; Strategic Development

Performance Management

Measuring Impact, Rewarding & A ; Organisational Developement

Employees Relationss

Employee Assistance, Trade Unions & A ; Industrial Relations

HRM Outputs

Quality Work Life


Human Resource Satisfaction

Human Resource Development

Readiness For Change

American Society for Training & A ; Development

PPT Slide

Equal Employment Laws

Affirmative Action Programs

Sexual Harassment

Occupational Safety and Health

Labor-Management Relationss

Other Common Job Analysis Methods


Individual Interview

Group Interview

Structure Questionaire

Technical Conference

Diary Method

Employment Law Issues

Component Of A Job




A S K?

Pull offing For Performance and Results

Vision and Goal Setting

Define Measurements

Develop Skills

Motivate Performance

Evaluation and Feedback

Reward Performance

Develop Careers

Training & A ; amp

; Development Methods


Coaching, Apprenticeship, Specific Skills


Mentoring, General Training, Situational

Compensation and Reward Systems

Pay for Responsibilities, non Status.

Pay for Output, non Process.

Pay for Impact, non Results.

Pay for Knowledge.

Pay for Continuous Improvements.

Pay for Change.

Career Questions

What do you desire to make?

What do you desire to be?

What makes you happy?

Where can you lend most and do a difference?

What are your strengths, and developmental countries

A Career

Is a set of properties and experiences of the Individual who joins, moves through, and eventually leaves an administration.

It besides refers to the outlooks held by direction leaders inside the administration which usher determinations about whom to travel, when, how and at what velocity

The Human Resource map has become progressively of import in run intoing an organisation? s concern scheme, ends and aims. The map has become a concern spouse within the organisation. Human Resources Systems and Staffing aid to competitively distinguish your organisation from the competition. The people and the on the job environment make a difference in accomplishing success and optimising the organisation.

3. This class examines the factors which influence single, group, and steadfast behaviour in the context of the work topographic point. Subjects covered include perceptual experience, group behaviour, determination devising, motive, leading, and organisational design and alteration. Prerequisite: sophomore standing.


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