Human skin’s real dark, see-“. Colloquial language

Human emotions are also illustrated through June’s use of figurative language as she describes the persona’s childhood memories. This is shown in, “We got drunk on the salt air and laughter”, through the use of metaphor as she got “drunk” on the “salt air”. Also the human emotions of pain is shown through as June reveals the sadness of Indigenous Australians. The setting of stolen generation is shown, “It wasn’t a good time for the women, losing their children”, and the bitterness of the White Australia policy is revealed through, “Goulburn , ’67, all my brothers and sisters had been put into missions by then”. “And me, I was with my mother, probably cos my skin’s real dark, see-“. Colloquial language is used to demonstrate the close relationship between May and her mother. “Cos” also indicates that they have been living in Australia for a while.

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