Hunting: Experiencing Nature

December 26, 2016 Business

The cool, crisp air of winter fills my lungs as I sit listening to the sounds of birds.

chirping and leaves crackling as woodland creatures scurry across the ground beneath me. .

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As I sit in my tree stand, no less than ten feet from the ground, I see a deer step out from.

the protection of the forest and into the beautiful, green, field in front of me. I decide not.

to disturb the peace and serenity of the forest by attempting to shoot the graceful stag,.

instead I let it go about its business until it passes out of sight.

This act of passing up a kill would amaze some hunting skeptic who believe that.

hunting is only about slaughtering helpless animals, but it’s not a rare act of random.

kindness, it’s the practiced art of enjoying nature. Although many people view deer.

hunting as the savage and barbaric practice of killing innocent creatures, it is actually more.

about enjoying the beauty of nature and the sylvan animals than destroying them. Hunting.

not only allows you to revel in the beauty of the forest and the beauty of the creatures, but.

it also allows you to just enjoy the presence of nature and the feeling of peace that.

surrounds you.

Sitting in a tree stand at five in the morning may seem like a bitter way to start a.

beautiful winter day, but to be able to sit in the middle of the forest when the sun rises.

over the halcyon scene before you is enough to take your breath away. The trees, having.

lost all of their leaves, reveal that although they may look similar in the seasons when their.

leaves are upon them, they actually are distinct and beautiful in the patterns in which they.

branch and grow.

As if viewing the atmosphere wasn’t enough, one deep breath of the cool, crisp,.

winter air will bring you to your knees, or it would if you weren’t strapped to a tree. That.

is the kind of fresh air that is impossible to experience if you live in the city. It’s the kind.

of air that you can only breath in the middle of the forest where it’s fresh and not tainted.


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