Hybrid Technology

January 19, 2017 General Studies

Electric cars have been in existence since the establishment of an automobile. Yet, the internal combustion engine quickly became dominant as the best power system around for cars. Even though the electric powertrain was finer in many respects, as a resource of energy, the battery was no match for the high-energy content, ease of handling, cheap and abundant supplies of petroleum motor fuel. Today, after the electric car was nearly forgotten, it might actually surpass all other means of transportation. As accessible petroleum deposits decline, automobile populations soar, cities are becoming polluted with combustion by-products, the internal combustion engine is ever more falling prey due to its own victory. Since personal transportation continues to be an important link in the economy of today’s societies, individual automobile ownership seems to be the system of choice. So, it becomes necessary for automobiles to become more environmentally friendly and more fuel-efficient.

Even though the electric car has been around for decades, it was never taken seriously until now. Due to being urged by state and federal legislation to design automobiles that emit low to no pollutants at all, automobile designers are designing vehicles that operate on and by other means of energy other than the traditional vehicles that are typically driven today. One such of these types is a Hybrid Vehicle. .

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A Hybrid vehicle uses two sources of power to power itself (Andrea 972). Two types of hybrid vehicles available on the market today are the Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight. The Prius features The Toyota Hybrid System, which consists of a gasoline engine and an electric motor. The Honda Insight’s hybrid make-up is the same as the Prius”. The two sources may run solely by themselves, or together, when conditions are appropriate. Hybrids are highly commended by the Environmental Protection Agency for hardly emitting exhaust if any.


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