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By April 15, 2019 Psychology

I am applying for a degree in Law at University because, in today’s world, in order to survive, it is important to be self equipped with knowledge, experience, drive and ambition. As an individual, it is a goal of mine to further prepare myself, further my knowledge and further my ambition through a law course at university. The modules involved in the course, such as human rights law and employment law, can provide me with real life knowledge as well as knowledge to help me to embark on a career in law in the future. As someone who reads the news daily I have come to realise that law is the backbone of society, this really interests me because as humans we are shaped by the law and the law is forever changing.

I first gained a real interest in law after attending a careers fair through school and talking to a solicitor about her job and what it involved. Hearing all about what was involved in her work and the types of cases that she had dealt with in the past really fascinated me and since then I have always had an interest in law and I have come to realise the impact that the law has upon us as humans everyday. The area of law that I engage the most with is criminal law and I enjoy reading up on past criminal cases and listening to true crime podcasts such as serial, they walk among us and in the dark. This is something that I enjoy doing in my spare time because always leaves me wanting to know and understand more. I also enjoy employment law, human rights law, family law, EU law, and commercial and company law. I have an interest in these areas of law because they can be applied to everyday life and without taking up a career in law, these areas can still prove useful in any career path taken.

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My A- level subjects compliment the subject of law very well: business, psychology and law. Studying business links to corporate and company law and having the base knowledge of how businesses work will improve my understanding of this. Psychology links into the reasoning behind the crimes committed and having a base knowledge of psychology will also improve my understanding of this. From studying law at A-level I already have the base knowledge of how the law works and how to apply it to apply it to different scenarios, however, I am keen to learn more and gain a real understanding of what law is and how it works through work based learning at university.

As an individual I am very independent and studying A-levels has developed my independence and has given me the confidence that I need to study a law degree at university. I have developed these skills through independent study, meeting assignment deadlines, time limits and presentations. Aiming higher allowed me to build my confidence in academic writing and oral presentations. Building my confidence in academic writing and oral presentations will be a useful skill for me to have when it comes to class discussions, debates and case discussions. I have also developed my social and communication skills through doing volunteer work with a local charity. Volunteering has also allowed me to gain some practical experience, such as working in a fast paced environment, and has also improved my employability as well as giving me more independence and responsibility. I have an exceptionally good record of attendance and punctuality throughout the years, which I feel is necessary for university. I feel like I have the skills that are needed to be a successful law student and embark onto a career in law. I am organised, I meet all deadlines and always hand work in on time making sure it is of a high standard, I am punctual and I am a very hardworking individual. I feel like I am ready to commit myself to university and studying a law degree so I can prepare myself for the future and eventually embark onto a career in law.


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