Develop myself professionally in the corporate world

April 10, 2019 Psychology

I am applying to this role to help develop myself professionally in the corporate world and also work in a different environment accepting all new challenges. I am always prepared to learn from new experiences which will equip with additional skills. I have academic background knowledge in psychology which seeks to help understand human behavior; I also have a customer service work experience where I interact with customers on daily basis. Assisting them with all their needs and also ensuring that they are satisfied and pleased with the services rendered. Which in the long run help build a world class client relationship. This, in addition helps improve the image of the company.
I have had the opportunity to interact with people from around the world and learnt to take into consideration their cultural differences and how services are provided differently without delays. My job experiences have further helped develop my communication and interpersonal skills. Not only that, but I have learnt to be observant and pay close attention to details to deliver excellent and quality services to customers and companies I work with. I have also had the privilege to liaise with a couple of companies to promote good business relations.
I studied all the Microsoft office applications and I have worked with these applications extensively.
One of my strengths is my ability to be flexible and learn how to adapt to different demands of work. When faced with high pressured situations, I prioritize and handled each task by its importance. By doing so, I am able to meet all work demands which help yields results.
What motivates me is to be the best in everything I do, by going the extra mile through hard work and diligence to achieve my set goals.
I believe I will be successful in this role by incorporating my education in psychology and useful work skills such as computer skills, organizational skills, administrative skills and my knowledge in customer service


I'm Amanda

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