I Am Number Four

April 28, 2018 General Studies

Anyways this book was quite rather amazing, its creative writing made the book very enjoyable. How does Number four have personal struggles? Basically reading the book, you find out that he has great responsibilities to handle. John, which is what he is called by others in the book, is a legacy from when he was born, which causes him to develop these supernatural powers that allow him to do thing imaginable. He’s on the run from the species called the microorganism that destroyed his planet because they’re looking and trying to kill him.

So John is on the run from these people trying to murder him because he is the next to die for the last three has died and he is the next. While on the run, John has to change identities and move far away from the place he was staying at before, so then he always has to meet new people, make new friends, and struggle with so much change. What was the theme of am Number Four? I could honestly say that its role models are important. If you look at the aspects of this story you realize that John is with and taken care of by his guardian and protector throughout the Tory, without him he probably wouldn’t be able to survive at all.

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Henry is the one helping him understand his powers, and where he’s from and why are they doing what they’re doing. If you have someone to look up too, you should probably make sure they know a lot, because if you know someone that’s smart and knowledgeable to look up too, you may learn a little something about life. That’s what Henry is to John, he was especially a really good and knowledgeable role model, because of the fact is that if it wasn’t for Henry, John would’ve survived. How was the format of writing for I am Number Four? Loud say that the author used creative writing.

The book was amazingly creative and really interesting, the author must’ve had a real imaginative mind just thinking about the plot to this story. The structure of the story was great and was well done thought about, many things that was actually relevant to the plot. I enjoyed how he actually gave John a life, and he was engaged with relationships and friendships throughout the story. The concept was also very interesting on how he based it on a boy who was supposed to seem like a regular person but instead is a supernatural human being who is basically laying and disguised as a regular person.

Reading this book was quite entertaining, because books like these show that you characters fiction or non-fiction have modern day problems. It also shows that everybody deals with struggles in life but you have to try and persevere to get past them. Role models in life are important; they can entirely change your life and make you see different and better views of the necessary things of life. Last, the creative writing used by the author made the story have a good plot, great structure, and a really interesting story.


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