I. at which cases of child abuse

March 28, 2019 Law

I. Introduction
A. Attention-getter: Every year, referrals are made to child protection agencies involving more than 6.6 million children in America. This means that out of the population of about 73 million children, 9% of them are victims of child abuse every year
B. Reason to listen: The rate at which cases of child abuse is increasing in America is alarming and this calls for urgent attention and immediate action by all stake holders
C. Thesis statement: Child abuse/neglect affects a child negatively and could lead to
depression, addiction and low self-esteem of the child.

D. Credibility statement:
1. As a child advocate, I have been interested in in the child rights law and I have also been involved in a couple of child abuse and child victimization cases.

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