I believe that my experiences can serve

By June 26, 2018 General Studies

Having helped out often in the offices of my two uncles who were dentists, I most certainly have ample observational and experiential accounts of dental work. While I am aware that this does not translate to actual academic and professional knowledge, I do believe that my experiences in the dental offices have at least broadened my perspectives on the profession of dentistry. Furthermore, my uncles have also often brought me along with them on dental conventions where I got to meet other dentists who had varying perspectives about the profession.

Through them, I have come to understand both the positive and negative aspects of a profession in dentistry, which further strengthened my resolve to take it. It is these perspectives that I intend to bring with me to the university and its intellectually diverse community. I believe that my experiences can serve as an observational account to my peers regarding what it’s like to be an actual practicing dentist. I will be able to articulate the views, ideals, and criticisms of the many dentists that I have met to enhance my fellow students’ understanding of what being a dentist is all about.

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I would diffuse my positive outlook in the profession to my peers in order to encourage them at any academic task. My objectivity with regards to the negative aspects of the profession would be very useful in discussing issues in dentistry with my colleagues.

I believe that having been well acquainted with many procedures in the profession through both observation and actual participation will help me in many of my subjects should I get to be accepted, but beyond the personal advantage that my experiences would grant me what is more important is that I be able to use those experiences in order to help my peers when they need it. This is something that I intend to do whenever I am allowed to do so.

With respect to enhancing the dental profession itself, much of my experiences in the dental office have made me wonder on several f the procedures that are currently being implemented as standards. Through listening to the discussions of my uncles and the other dentists in conventions, I’ve realized that there is a lot of room for improvement in the profession. As I develop as a student, I would do so with the vision of making my own contributions to dental research. I will investigate key problem areas that I will come to understand and explore means to address such issues.


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