I chose my mom, Misty Berry, t…

By December 6, 2018 Management

I chose my mom, Misty Berry, to job shadow because of the type of job she has. I am interested in going into the law to be a lawyer or a judge. Her office is in downtown Uniontown down the road from the Courthouse. She works at the Fayette County Adult Probation Office. I got there by car. My mom drove to work in her car and I rode with her since I am not able to drive yet. We were there from 8 o’clock to 4:30 P.M. I wore a pantsuit because I went to court and we were required to have a suit jacket on. For lunch we ate at Hot Diggity Dogs ; Hoagies too. I ordered chicken strips and fries with barbecue sauce. During the day, the clerks made files and added information like pleas to the files. They also used the Fayette County Adult Probation System. During this time I helped find the file with the right name, added the pleas, and watched my mom use their system to find information about different cases. Afterwards, I went to the courthouse for court hearings with one of her co-workers. I also took notes about what I observed after going to court. The probation officers usually do random drug tests and could include anywhere from 5 to 12 drug panels or more, and may include an alcohol test. They do this by taking a urine sample and then send it to a lab. If it comes back positive they will probably be required to have more random drug tests. If it comes back negative then they do not get in any trouble at all. The most commonly abused and therefore most tested for substances include marijuana, cocaine, PCP, opiates, amphetamines, barbiturates, and benzodiazepines. I talked to their boss James D. Caccimelio, he is the chief probation officer. Everyone calls him Cass but I think it is more formal to address him as Mr. Caccimelio. They collected electronic monitoring fees for the ankle bracelets from the people who are on probation. At the front desk they answer the phone and direct people to the right person they need to talk to. It was a video conference because the people were already in prison and it is quicker to do it over a video. They were offered a plea bargain and either accepted or denied it. If they denied it then they will have to attend a court hearing, in which they could receive more or less years in prison concurrent with the years they already served. I felt very welcomed in this environment. I have been to my mom’s office before and everyone there loves me. They were friendly towards each other for the most part. They do not even make it seem like work because they talk a lot. There was also some drama about other co-workers. I would not consider this as a future job because they have to type and they have to be responsible for a lot of information. Some important characteristics of being a good boss or employee are being on time, staying organized, and being able to work with and interact with other people. Yes, I have a greater appreciation of what the person I shadowed does. Some important traits were being on time, time management, staying organized, and being good at typing and filing. I learned that you should do good in school to get a better job. You do not want to be on probation or go to jail. I also learned that the law branch is very hard to get into after talking to the Honorable Judge Steve Leskinen. For most people that go to law school, they have a high amount to pay back for their student loans. The amount of job openings in this area are low for law.


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