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March 17, 2019 English Language

I have worked in a retail establishment where I communicate with customers since 2016. We are often quite busy and one person could get overwhelmed so it is important I keep calm and I manage my time efficiently.
I enjoy supporting the reading community. I volunteered in a public library to gain experience with skilled librarians. From this I learnt how to be a valuable and reliable member of their team. Whilst at the library I aided individuals, often children, to become more active readers. I like to help classmates with their work and have gained confidence and social skills that are extremely important for independent living. Doing this volunteering I feel I was a positive contributor to the community. I am part of an online community where I help potential authors edit their literature.
Learning two languages has given me the motive to want to discover more. French and Spanish at GCSE level were not enough; taking a level French and English language developed my understanding of these languages. I can study in timed conditions as I had to master prioritising subjects. I cope well under pressure. In fact, I thrive in a high pressure environment. I am capable of analysing languages and interpreting how languages link together.
I use my knowledge of the English language to interpret data in French. I am an excellent communicator of English and have a developed coherent written expression.
I decided to do an EPQ to widen my knowledge of the publishing world. This activity has given me the ability to write long essays, improve my independent research skills and critically analyse data, which in turn has helped me to organise the found information.
I have gained the capacity to plan everything well in advance as I have an advanced self-awareness. And I often begin revising what I need to learn far before the deadline because I am motivated by learning new information
I am part of the English Creative Writing Club at school which has deepened my enthusiasm for creative writing. I organise the available time I have during the week to the best usage as I have many commitments outside of school and I manage to balance these well.
I take part in the reading club at lunchtimes where we discuss themes of a particular book we collectively read. This strengthens my analytical skills and practises skills outside the classroom.
The English debate club involves me and my peers discussing relevant subjects within modern society to do with English. This has given me a wider social involvement, requires a sophisticated level of team work and a critical understanding of concepts and issues related to everyday contexts.
I enjoy watching educational videos or podcasts that updates me on relevant topics and social issue. I know how to use the available resources to their full potential.
I have been an empathetic vegetarian since 2014 and next year I intend to go fully vegan. This decision has been based on my high understanding of morality and equality. This persistence means I have broad understanding of the world and I am able to make my own informed choices and I follow my own interests.
I see myself following a career in copyediting or proofreading. Studying English language and Literature reinforces my talents for analysing content, I especially enjoy the opportunity examine unseen passages and how their meanings are shaped. I relish writing detailed arguments that explore writers’ methods. I love to explore language use and why the terminology has been used. This step will enable me to pursue my aspirations.


I'm Amanda

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