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April 15, 2019 Communication

I am currently employed as a customer service representative under M & C Shipping Ltd, a subsidiary of Goddard Enterprises Ltd. In this task I will be undertaking a self-assessment of my current capabilities and will be proposing a personal development plan which can help me develop the knowledge and skills required to manage an agile organisation.

Self-assessment can be defined as an evaluation of one’s own performance, taking into consideration their accomplishments, goals and areas that need improvement, highlighting any obstacles that may hinder these accomplishments. Insert citation link

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Over the past few years working in my current position, I have developed a passion for working in the shipping industry and have considered developing myself in order to become the next manager of the department in the next five (5) to six (6) years. As a result, I have viewed the qualification and skills needed to become a manager in an agile orgaisation and have outlined my current capabilities and the necessary knowledge and skills I need to develop in order to achieve this goal. I have performed a self-assessment of my current capabilities which are aligned to my duties as a customer service representative which can be seen below.

I have completed three customs courses needed to become an employee with the organisation namely Customs Laws and Procedures, Asycuda and Customs Classifications. I have also completed the first year of my bachelor’s degree and currently on my second year. I understand the duties and responsibilities of my job requirements and perform at a high level consistently applying my knowledge and skills to my duties. When it comes to team work I am a very willing team player, actively participating and contributing as a member of my team and sometimes initiate collaboration with other teams. However I do not acknowledge customers in a timely manner, but cooperates with others to meet customers’ needs and responding to them in a professional manner. In conveying and receiving information and ideas my communication and interpretation skills are used in an appropriate medium, always checking for understanding and listen to others effectively. When it comes to problem solving and my decision making ability, I make quality decisions in a timely manner using all available resources and seeks advice when unsure. As it relates to my learning and continuous improvement I take advantage of learning opportunities, introducing new knowledge and skills learned to improve the department and always seeking new learning opportunities without prompting. However to become a manger of an agile organisation there are a number of other skills and requirements that I need to develop.

Below illustrates a personal development plan I need to follow in order to achieve this goal.

Give meaning and purpose of a PDP and insert table.

A personal development plan (PDP) can be defined as a tool that helps an individual manage what they would like to achieve/accomplish in the future within a time frame. Taking into consideration, what they have already excelled or achieved, putting together action plans towards what needs to be worked on in order to achieve those goals Lu (2015) .


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