My postgraduate degree in the department of Burn and Reconstructive Surgery

February 2, 2019 Medical

I will pursue my postgraduate degree in the department of Burn and Reconstructive Surgery in West China Medical School of Sichuan University. The estimated length of the course of the study is about 3 years, including one-year of basic knowledge studies and two-years department rotation. My study and research interest lies in “Tissue Engineering” in the field of Burn and Reconstructive Surgery.
Throughout these three-years postgraduate studies, I will put my efforts on studying the principle courses and teaching in the Department of Burn and Reconstructive Surgery. I will attend PBL (Problem-Based Learning) discussions, seminars, and medical conferences to enrich my knowledge. I will also actively participate in most of the clinical works and hospital rounds during this first year (2018-2019). On the second year (2019-2020), I will start my department rotations at West China Hospital and begin my research. By this time, I will conduct preliminary research (review some literature); design the study and develop the methods; make research proposal; arrange laboratory experiments to get information and data; publish my research papers. On the third year (2020-2021), I will continue my department rotations at West China Hospital and prepare my graduate dissertation and defense. I will be expected to be graduate at the end of the third year.
After graduation, I will make my efforts to attend Doctoral program in Burn and Reconstructive Surgery to broaden my knowledge and improve my clinical skills. As a physician, I believe that I will be able to bring my dedication, enthusiasm as well as professionalism coupled with clinical skills and knowledge to my practice. At the time I become Ph.D. doctor, I will work for society through MSF (Doctor Without Borders) by providing good medical care to my patients and pass down my knowledge to the future doctor for betterment of medical science.
This scholarship will contribute significantly to achieving my career goal, not only through supporting my education, but also will enable me to help more people to have a better quality of life. In line with this, this scholarship opportunity will allow me to receive an excellent education in such reputable university. It would certainly be a great honor for me if I could be granted by this Chinese Government Scholarship for my future study. I would like to extend my gratitude for considering my application


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