Ice Storm

December 29, 2016 History

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Power lines are snapping, live wires are hitting the ground, and the ground itself is covered in a layer of frozen water. The ice storm is hitting Bridgton Academy and hitting it hard. Ice covered every walkway and set of stairs on the campus. Power is out and the school’s generator is not going to be able to pump out energy for the next two weeks. For the first time in school history, students were sent home because of weather issues.

With the students gone, the campus is all mine. My house sits at the bottom of the hill that the school is built upon. Since I also have no school, I did what every young boy does; I went outside to have fun. The sleeting ice did not bother me, and the chill in the air is never a problem to a boy who is having a pleasurable experience. Trying to walk up the pathways of the campus is difficult, because they have a glossy looking sheet covering up their usual pavement grip. Walking up I knew my red plastic sled was going to zoom across the top of the ice with barely any friction holding back. I had a feeling this day and the up coming days were going to be filled with great excitement. .

I made it to the top of the grassy hill that my friends and I usually sled on, but there was no snow on the ground. The blades of grass were frozen as if each one was a new icicle forming. I decided to try something new. I was going to use the paved walkways around the campus as racetracks. The greatest thing about Bridgton Academy on this day was that it was built atop that steep hill. Therefore, every pathway and road on the campus had a downward pitch to it that just called for my 12-year-old body and three-dollar sled from Renys.

I flew around the campus that day as if it were a frozen NASCAR racetrack, with every paved pathway having new obstacles and turns to navigate. One would be Talladega and the next would be Daytona. I would go down sideways, backwards, and upside down.


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