Iceland is volcanically and geologically active

Iceland is a European island state in the North Atlantic Ocean on the Middle atlantic Ridge. It has a population of about 320,000 and a entire country of 103,000 km2 ( 39,769 sqA myocardial infarction ) . The capital and largest metropolis is Reykjavik, with the environing countries in the southwesterly part of the state being home to some two-thirds of the national population. Iceland is volcanically and geologically active. The interior chiefly consists of a tableland characterized by sand Fieldss, mountains and glaciers, while many glacial rivers flow to the sea through the Lowlandss. Iceland is warmed by the Gulf Stream and has a temperate clime despite high latitude merely outside the Arctic Circle.

Geologically, Iceland is a portion of the Middle atlantic Ridge, the ridge along which the Oceanic crust spreads and signifiers new pelagic crust. In add-on, this portion of the mid-ocean ridge is located atop a mantle plume doing Iceland to be sub aerial. Iceland marks the boundary between both the Eurasiatic Plate and the North American Plate since it has been created by rifting, and accumulation through volcanism, along the Middle atlantic Ridge-where the two home bases meet.

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Traveling towards the biodiversity of Iceland, there are around 1,300 known species of insects in Iceland, which is a instead low figure, compared with other states. The lone native land mammal when worlds arrived was the Arctic Fox. On rare occasions, chiropterans that have been carried to the island with the air currents can be seen, but they are non able to engender at that place. Polar bears have besides showed up through the history, yet they are merely visitants, and no Icelandic populations exists. There are no native or free life reptilians or amphibious vehicles on the island.


POLITICAL Scenario: Iceland has been an independent constitutional democracy since 1944. Politically, the state has been comparatively stable and has the universe ‘s oldest working legislative assembly, the Althingi, established in 930 A.D. Iceland ‘s authorities is led by a President, who assembles a cabinet based on input from the assorted parties and this cabinet stays in power until the following general election.

Significant political discontent arose after Iceland ‘s banking system collapsed in October 2008 under the weight of one million millions of dollars and Euros in foreign loans. Daily protests highlighted by slaming of pots and pans in the streets demanded the surrender of Prime Minister Geir Haarde, himself a former cardinal banker. Despite unemployment rates of 8 % , the resilient island-dwellers have been beat uping their historically corporate feelings and abandoning what has been termed “ the Greed Society, ” a period where the spread between the rich and the hapless grew well since 2003.

These collectivized propensities were apparent when a new left-of-center premier curate and a left-of-center alliance authorities was elected in April 2009, including a bulk of parliamentary members who advocate instantly using for rank in the European Union. Though non a member of the European Union, Iceland is party to a figure of international political and economic organisations. Among its ranks are the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, European Economic Area, European Free Trade Association, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Interpol, World Trade Organization, United Nations, and the Arctic Council.

ECONOMICAL Scenario: Iceland ‘s economic system was the i¬?rst casualty of the planetary i¬?nancial meltdown begun in 2008. Iceland has a social-market economic system, uniting a capitalist construction and free-market ideals with a robust societal public assistance system, including lodging subsidies. Harmonizing to the International Monetary Fund, GDP was $ 12.353 billion in 2007, up from $ 12.01 billion in 2006 but it fell to $ 12.664 billion in 2008. The IMF undertakings a farther diminution of 9.8 % in 2009, to $ 11.424 billion, minimum growing of 0.2 % in 2010, 4 % in 2011, and an norm of 4.9 % yearly through 2014. The domestic economic system is mostly service based. The sweeping, retail, fix, existent estate, and i¬?nancial sections account for about 30 % of all workers. Other services account for 38 % . About 7 % work in the agribusiness and i¬?shing industries while approximately 9 % work in fabrication. Social and wellness services histories for about one of out every seven occupations. In 2007, the labour force totaled 181,500, and was 54.5 % male, 45.5 % female. Unemployment in 2007 was a low 2.3 % , but by February 2009 had reached 8.2 % . The Directorate of Labor estimations unemployment will top out at 9.6 % in May 2009. Agribusiness histories for 5 % of GDP, industry 26.5 % , and services 68.5 % .

Outgos on authorities operations were 37 % of GDP in 2008. Public debt was 29 % of GDP in 2007 and 23 % of GDP for 2008. However, with the recent nationalisation of major Bankss and increased disbursement on societal plans, gross authorities debt could lift to an amazing 109 per centum of GDP for 2009. Despite the bulk of employees working in service industry, Iceland is a booming manufacturer of goods for export. Along with i¬?sh and package services, the exports include aluminium pharmaceuticals and medical merchandises, crude oil and petro merchandises, and nutrient processing equipment, etc. Iceland ‘s major undertaking at the minute is to do it through the current i¬?nancial crisis and keep its valuable importation and exporting relationships.

SOCIAL Scenario: Icelanders enjoy freedom of faith under the fundamental law though the National Church of Iceland, a Lutheran organic structure, is the province church. Icelanders were divided into spiritual groups as follows:

80.7 % members of the National Church of Iceland.

6.2 % members of unregistered spiritual organisations or with no specified spiritual association.

4.9 % members of the Free Lutheran Churches of Reykjavik and HafnarfjorA°ur.

2.8 % non members of any spiritual group.

2.5 % members of the Roman Catholic Church

2.9 % includes around 20-25 other Christian

Icelandic civilization has its roots in Norse traditions. Icelandic literature is popular, in peculiar the sagas and taro which were written during the High and Late Middle Ages. Iceland ‘s best known classical plants of literature are the Icelanders ‘ sagas, prose heroic poems set in Iceland ‘s age of colony. The most celebrated of these include Njals saga, about an heroic poem blood feud. The typical rendering of the Icelandic landscape by its painters can be linked to patriotism and the motion to place regulation and independency, which was really active in this period. Icelandic music is related to Nordic music, and includes vivacious Electronic music, common people and dad traditions, including mediaeval music group Voces Thules, alternate stone band The Sugar regular hexahedrons, vocalists Bjork and Emiliana Torrini ; and Sigur Ros.

TECHNOLOGICAL Scenario: The Icelandic invention system has gained considerable land in recent old ages. Most international comparative surveies on invention public presentation congratulations Iceland ‘s invention and economic public presentation in the last five to seven old ages. Patenting degrees, as measured by triadic patents remain below norm, as do graduation rates in scientific discipline and technology and portions of foreign PhD pupils in Iceland. While houses appear to fund a important portion of public sector R & A ; D, they report limited co-operation with universities. The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor ( 2005 ) , reports that Iceland is executing really good in footings of entrepreneurial activity and spirit, and degrees of venture capital appear high as a portion of GDP.

R & A ; D, which is an of import component of Iceland, its overall public presentation has improved well over the past decennary. Although absolute support degrees are low compared to other OECD states, Iceland has the highest degree of government-funded R & A ; D in the OECD when measured as a portion of GDP.

ENVIRONMENTAL Scenario: Because of Iceland ‘s saving usage of hydrocarbon fuels, its air is cleaner than that of most industrialised states. However, its H2O supply is polluted by inordinate usage of fertilisers. Population additions in the metropoliss besides contribute to H2O pollution. Iceland has 170 copper kilometer of renewable H2O resources with 6 % used for industrial intents. The state ‘s metropoliss produce about 0.1 million dozenss of solid waste. Industrial C dioxide emanations totaled 2.1 million metric dozenss per twelvemonth in 1996. Protected lands, which account for 9.5 % of Iceland ‘s entire land country, include four national Parkss, with a entire country of 619,300 hour angle ( 1,530,315 estates ) and 27 nature militias, covering 256,861 hour angle ( 634,714 estates ) . Chief environmental duty is vested in the Ministry of Social Affairs. As of 2001, one mammal species and one works species were endangered. Endangered species include the leathery turtle polo-neck and four species of giants. The great auk has become nonextant.

LEGAL Scenario: Iceland has a civil jurisprudence legal system and therefore Icelandic jurisprudence is characterized by written jurisprudence. Major beginnings of jurisprudence in Iceland include the Constitution, statutory statute law, and regulative legislative acts. Other legal resources are precedent and customary jurisprudence.

The Constitutional Act represents the highest national legal authorization. Iceland received its first Fundamental law in 1874 and the current Fundamental law of 1944. Except with regard to constitutional issues, statute law enjoys primacy as a beginning of law.A With the increasing complexness of economic and societal life, the sum and importance of statute law has even increased. A Frequently, statutory Acts of the Apostless give the disposal the authorization to publish ordinances. As beginnings of jurisprudence, statutory Acts of the Apostless prevail over regulations.A Public executive ordinances and directives are published in the Legal Gazette, subdivision B.A In Iceland, a usage can get the force of jurisprudence, i.e. , go a beginning of jurisprudence. A For case, customary jurisprudence has been an of import beginning of jurisprudence in Constitutional affairs.

PORTER ‘S Diamond:

Factor conditions are the factors of production and substructure necessary to vie in a peculiar industry. They include the labour accomplishments and natural resources that in early phases of development can supply an advantage. Porter ( 1998 ) distinguishes between basic and advanced factors. The first factors are related to natural resources and gifts, abundant inexpensive labour, and geographic location, among others. The 2nd 1s are created by the state such as a base of skilled workers, high tech substructure, research and development in establishments and universities, among others. In general, it is expected that the 2nd 1s will supply a more sustainable beginning of competitory advantage than the first.

Demand conditions are the force per unit areas based on purchasers ‘ demands about quality, monetary value, and services in a peculiar industry. This will fix the industry to vie internationally in future phases. For case, Nipponese auto purchasers exert force per unit area on Nipponese auto shapers with respect to high quality criterions coercing them to better the quality of their merchandises, procedures, and patterns, which in bend prepares the full industry to vie internationally.

Related and back uping industries are the webs of providers and distributers that cooperate with the industry to back up it in international competition. This is particularly the instance where these back uping webs already compete internationally themselves. It is hard to vie if the industry does non hold entree to webs that both cut down costs through efficient supply concatenation direction and bring forth natural stuffs and constituents of high quality. Vertical integrating is an alternate but this is seldom executable across an full industry.

Firm scheme, construction and competition gaining control the hardiness of domestic competition. Whether an industry is extremely competitory domestically will act upon the addition in productiveness needed to vie internationally. In some Latin American states, for illustration, where a tolerance for monopoly patterns and a closed economic system exist, it is common to happen the presence of really few rivals which undermines the possibility of high quality criterions and efficient production.

The Role of Chance is the likeliness that external events such as war and natural catastrophes can impact or profit a state or industry, but these events are wholly out of the control of the authoritiess or directors within the industries. For case, the heightened boundary line security, ensuing from the September 11 terrorist onslaughts on the US undermined import traffic volumes from Mexico, which has had a big impact on Mexican exporters.

The Role of Government, all the policies and ordinances made by policymakers at all degrees of authorities can profit or adversely impact the competence of a state and an industry. A paternalistic authorities that protects autochthonal houses from foreign houses is non encouraging additions in productiveness or quality. Therefore, when the free market does take topographic point, these houses are non prepared for that challenge. On the other manus, a authorities that is working to cut down bureaucratic ruddy tape and ease the procedure of opening a new concern will promote the entrepreneurial spirit. Similarly, authorities encouragement of joint ventures with foreign houses will ease the transportation of engineering.



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