ICT in Logistics Management Essay

August 27, 2017 Management

Surviving in the competitory nature of the contemporary concern environment calls for organisations to be originative and robust plenty in procuring competitory advantages. For this to be achieved. all facets within an organisation ought to upgraded to counter these challenges while at the same clip cut downing running costs and bringing clip. Logistics direction is non an exclusion to this. Fortunately. technological promotion offers broad scope chances for houses to better the operation of logistical operations.

This is because it has become critical for any house in logistics direction to reexamine the working of its logistical procedures as cardinal scheme to make a competitory border. Developments in the concern universe every bit good as the quickly germinating client penchants has made proviso of services and goods a ambitious undertaking. since clients prefer to have better quality merchandises at an even shorter clip. While it is still a recent development. Information Communication Technology ( ICT ) has a batch to offer the logistics industry.

The most compelling truth is that ICT is non industry specific but instead is applicable to all types and all sizes of industries. Statistical information shows that a figure of houses have already adopted the engineering and are already harvesting the benefits ( Bourlakis & A ; Bourlakis. 2006 ) . Application of the cyberspace. computing machines and information communicating systems into assorted facets of logistics direction such as procurance. repositing. transit and stock list direction has been shown to be extremely good.

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As concern operations change with the altering consumer markets. concerns are prosecuting chances by incorporating. organizing. collaborating and collaborating with regard to the supply concatenation direction. It is indispensable that concerns work together to profit from corporate advantages ensuing from working as a concatenation instead than a individual entity. This calls for effectual information sharing and this is merely capable with the application of ICT. However. the most ambitious undertaking for houses so is to place the best ICT theoretical account that fits their logistical procedures.


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