Idea and creativity

September 28, 2018 Theology

Albert Einstein once said, “The secret of creativity is knowing how to hide your sources”. Creativity is always the base and most importantly the start of something big and interesting when we try to create or build projects. Not every one is fortunate of possessing creativity, because it involves several disciplines: psychology, philosophy, cognitive thinking, education, theology, sociology, etc. Creativity is a phenomenon is which something new, valuable, and useful is created such as an idea, painting, musical composition, joke, invention, solution, and literary work.

It is also said to be associated with intelligence and cognition because it consists in a lot of thinking, crafting, drawing, and more thinking to achieve it. Intelligence is key as well as cognitive thinking; there has been a debate whether intelligence and creativity are part of the same process (conjoint hypothesis) or are two separate things (disjoint hypothesis). Open-minded and brainstorming are really helpful, they are one of the most important factors to strengthen creativity, because you will be thinking and thinking of many ways of creating it and throwing ideas.

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Other skills definitely will help you be more creative, such as originality, tenacity, passion for what you are doing, resilience, and always have some plans and ideas of what you want sort of like a draft or concept already in your mind. Becoming creative is hard for some and unfortunately it cannot be taught but nurtured, for some it might comes by itself, within your thoughts and ideas, mainly by thinking, and imagining, also reading many books will definitely help because we can imagine and see the world in another perspective and wonder many thing within the story of the book we are reading and we cannot see in person.

Another huge factor is the experience you have had, obviously the more experience, the more creative you may be. Creative people always tend to have a notebook and a pencil; to sketch or write any new ideas they might come up with through out their day, they also tend to be positive and keep consistency in every work, they try multiples if not millions of times until the perfect concept for them is done, they also tend to ask many questions, try to be an example to others and try to explain or in some way teach them, what they think, do, and what or who gets them inspired when they are in that process of creating.

They always try to be enthusiast and persistent because working with a positive attitude always gets reflected in their project. Challenges are definitely a habit in every creative person. Thinking positive is a plus and never being afraid of failure will help them, because who ever tries and fails is always afraid of trying and failing again. Maintaining creativity always on seems and probably is always a hard task because coming up with new and innovative ideas in a regular basis is not an easy job specially when you have many more things to do.

But in order to maintain creativity and remain at the edge, first of all you have to be very gifted, the best creators we know today are most likely brilliant, and or intelligent, have a massive sense of imagination, be inspired every time. Always stay focused when creating a project, resting is an important part as well, tired brain can lead to no good ideas. And well the most important for me is practice, practicing makes the master.

In order for us to become creative is quite a challenge, like I said before reading is a fundamental part in becoming creative I can possibly say is where we all start, remembering the stories our parents read to us when we were little maybe or that fairy tale that was read to us; also imagination plays a big role because first we imagine how we want the concept to be, then draft it. We all can develop creativity because it is something that comes naturally; every person is creative in his or her own ways.

Though some might need a little help with it. The relationship between creativity and problem solving are correlated, meaning that when you have a problem you need to have a solution to it, and when you are thinking about the solution you are thinking in many different ways and there is when creativity comes in handy, creativity helps us a lot when trying to solve a problem, by solving it in many ways.

For example improvisation is one creative way to solve a problem, another famous is thinking outside the box, and making strategies too. In summation creativity is what keeps the world from “rolling” and keeps it away from being a boring and “uncolored” world, possibly without the awesome technology we have in today modern world. Its like we need more creative people around us.


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