Idea Of The American Dream English Literature Essay

August 22, 2017 English Literature

“ The Death of a Salesman ” is a drama that to the full explores the thought of American Dream. Besides Arthur Miller, many other authors such as Mark Twain, Willa Cather, Scott Fitzgerald have touched on the topic of idealised outlooks, future ends and unsuccessful achievement of them. So what precisely does the American Dream represent? First, it is an thought where freedom includes a promise of chance in success harmonizing to one ‘s ability or accomplishment, and 2nd it is so widely accepted that it has become a cherished national value. Arthur Miller plays with this construct of dreams, prosperity and success and creates characters that are obscure and really relatable. He besides defines the American dream, and depending on each character the reply is really different. Through Willy, Ben and Biff Arthur Miller shows charismatically unrealistic, hardworking and suppressed efforts at making success and acknowledgment in life.

Willy Loman is basically “ everyman ” who could be selling constructing supplies or paper goods. The writer leaves it for imaginativeness and avoids adverting what this salesman sells to non take focal point of the character ‘s life endangering desire of success. Willy ‘s dream is non an stray one, and his manner of accomplishing it is based merely on personal appeal. And although this is fatal for Willy, his whole life is pointed at going popular. He believes that no difficult work is necessary and non everything will necessitate to be earned. He besides wants to do certain to go through it on to his kids and do them popular and good liked in school. “ BIFF: Yes, sir! See, the ground he hates me, Pop – one twenty-four hours he was late for category so I got up at the chalkboard and imitated him. I crossed my eyes and talked with a lisp. WILLY: ( express joying ) You did? The childs like it? BIFF: They about died express joying! ” ( p. 1610 ) . Even after his boy makes merriment of the instructor ‘s lisp, Willy ‘s lone inquiry is if the pupils like the gag. Because Willy ‘s thought is so weak it non merely does non convey him money and regard, but ends with his self-destruction. Decreased gross revenues terminal in lost occupation, kids ‘s failures in letdowns and his large dreams of popularity culminate in his poorly attended funeral. Everything is lost, and Willy has failed.

There is a large contrast between Willy and his brother Ben. Although the dream is the same, the manner to acquire there is really different for the difficult working Ben. He starts with nil and becomes really comfortable. He does non entirely trust on any opportunities or personality traits, he eares everything he has. It is attractively described in his statement to his brother: “ Why, male childs, when I walked into the jungle, I was 17. When I walked out I was twenty one. And by God, I was rich! ” ( p. 1575 ) . Arthur Miller uses Ben ‘s character to demo that to accomplish the really high stuff additions, one must go really determined and ferocious and be unstoppable on his manner.

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Both of Willy ‘s and Ben ‘s characters represent the utmost sides of the American dream. These characters are overmastering in a certain manner and have a large presence. However the ideal manner to go successful must be directed toward felicity and non the material objects. This is precisely what Arthur Miller has hidden in slightly unobtrusive character Biff. He is portrayed in the narrative through his male parent ‘s eyes and is neglecting at following in Willy ‘s stairss. His self-discovery Begins with acquisition of his male parent ‘s disloyalty to their female parent. That is the clip that Biff ‘s waking up Begins and he easy understands his ain dream. “ There is nil more inspiring or – beautiful than the sight of a female horse and a new colt. And it ‘s cool at that place now, see? Texas is cool now, and its spring. And whenever spring comes to where I am, I all of a sudden get the feeling, my God, I ‘m non acquiring ‘ anyplace! What the snake pit am I making, playing around with Equus caballuss, twenty eight dollars a hebdomad! I am 30 four old ages old. I oughta be makin ‘ my hereafter. That ‘s when I come running place. ” ( p.1562 ) . Biff eventually understood that his male parent ‘s life was worthless and he surely was non willing to do the same error.

Although the narrative ends with Willy ‘s decease, there is a good feeling and felicity about the existent dream found for Biff. He raises high, and his dream is non achieved yet, but already he is the closest to it than anyone else in the narrative. He is lost and suppressed by his male parent ‘s dream and can hold had a similar life to Willy, but he chooses to hold a different hereafter. Biff is the Godhead of his ain dream and stands strong with it even though it is non based on personal appeal or really difficult work to gain every penny and go rich. Biff ‘s American dream is happening success through felicity, and for him it is the life in the state side and working on the land.

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