Ideas and Issues – what creates a sense of belonging? Essay

October 17, 2017 General Studies

The vocal ‘Took the Children Away’ by Archie Roach conveys the ideas and feelings of many Aboriginal kids that were taken and became the Stolen Generation. Throughout the song Roach negotiations repeatedly about the sense of loss and injury suffered through the huge adversities of being taken from familiar milieus and placed into a foreign scene. Although the vocal does non supply inexorable inside informations of the unbelievable embarrassment of slave labor. Roach strongly focuses on the heartless pickings of the kids into a surrounding. where they could non inquire themselves the basic belonging inquiries such as. who am I? . What am I deserving? And what is my intent? Harmonizing to this vocal the Stolen Generation were left to chew over their individuality particularly with the words. “As we grew up we felt entirely cause we were moving white yet experiencing black” . I feel Roach peculiarly wanted us to experience understanding for the Stolen Generation in this vocal because he focuses on himself every bit good as the Stolen Generation. doing the vocal become personal as he inside informations his ain hurting.

Besides. during the 2nd poetry Roach sings “You took the kids off. the kids off interrupting their female parent hearts” . This emphasizes that non merely kids were affected. but households and particularly female parents excessively. For me this conveys his message of the inhumane intervention of the Stolen Generation even more powerful. because he doesn’t focal point on one peculiar group of the Stolen Generation. but on all facets of the household and how it is affected. “The kids came back. back to their female parent. back to their father…back to their people. ” The vocal ‘Took the Children Away’ is a powerful vocal. because it gives an accurate every bit good as a personal position to the hearer. about the adversities and the sense of disaffection felt by the Stolen Generation as they could non belong to any race. Aboriginal or European.

The drama. “Stolen” by Jane Harrison. besides focuses on the injury and psychological maltreatment suffered by the Stolen Generation. However alternatively of listening to a vocal like ‘Took the Children Away’ . Stolen immerses the audience with assorted sounds. odors and sights to portray the unbelievable clash and disaffection felt by many persons of he Stolen Generation because of the manner that they were personally humiliated. physically. mentally and emotionally. During the drama Harrison reveals the damaging intervention that was inflicted on the Aboriginal kids. in inexorable item. to non merely stress their loss of individuality but their ineptitude as persons. For illustration. the character Jimmy. after hearing that his female parent has died. feels so worthless that he hangs himself in the gaol cell of the local constabulary station.

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For me this made believe twice earlier reprobating an Aboriginal because of what I see on T. V. because the many images that are portrayed on the telecasting depict Aboriginals as dole bludgers and also-rans. However. after reading this drama and seeing the horrific and detrimental intervention suffered by those five persons it made me gain that the stereotypes that placed on them on telecasting are incorrect. The drama immersed me in the hurting and agony that each one of the ‘Stolen’ kids must hold felt. being stripped from their parents and dumped in an unfamiliar environment to fend for themselves without the counsel and security of their household. For any single the idea of being stripped from their loved 1s and from the caring persons in their community would be a incubus. Yet it has already happened to the assorted persons belonging to the Stolen Generation.

During the drama Stolen. one peculiar character. Anne. is taken to a nice white place where the parents take good attention of her and she doesn’t receive any sexual or mental maltreatment as other Stolen victims have had in the drama. However. in this apparently ‘perfect’ circumstance. Anne is still left chew overing what her individuality is because of her different skin coloring material. This makes her life more traumatic as she comes to clasps with the world that she is an Aboriginal. the race that was despised.

Besides. during the drama other characters experience this sort of intervention. demoing non merely that one individual can be abused in this manner. In the drama we experience hideous and about distressing illustrations of the degrading of the Aboriginals. This brought into position the position considered by many people that this ‘Stolen Generation’ had no sense of belonging or individuality because as a race of people they were non being valued as a homo. being merely for an object for which Europeans can utilize for slaves.

The episode ‘The Afghan Experience’ from Tales from a Suitcase is a documental about two refugees seeking to do a life for themselves in Australia. As Australians we may believe that Shafiq Monis and Khadem Nori are a load to our state and society. conveying with them merely offense and going ‘dole bludgers’ . However. the episode challenges this stereotype by demoing images of Khadem and Shafiq lasting on a meagre wage. despite the psychological maltreatment suffered in Australia and being invariably viewed as felons. Before I saw this docudrama I thought some refugees abused their rights. particularly the colza in Sydney by a group of Pakistanis earlier this twelvemonth.

However. this docudrama shows Khadem and Shafiq working hard for their adoptive state and even though Khadem was non as emotionally and mentally damaged as Shafiq. the docudrama illustrated his will to travel on and accomplish great things for his new adoptive state. Unlike many of the other characters studied in the other texts. Shafiq and Khadem have come from a state where they could reply the three inquiries of belonging and have non been every bit damaged as the tragic instances of the five kids in Stolen. However. despite being abused and humiliated to the point of desperation. these two work forces have pressed on and showed me in peculiar that refugees can be an plus alternatively of a load to our society.

To reason. these three texts illustrate the utmost hurting and injury suffered by people in the Stolen Generation. every bit good as refugees marginalised by society who have tried to acquire a sense of belonging. All characteristics in the drama and texts work strongly together to reenforce the psychological agony that the kids of the stolen coevals went through as a consequence of the physical remotion from their household. every bit good as the disaffection that Shafiq and Khadem endured in their society. The vocal ‘Took the Children Away’ is a dramatic vocal that portrays the instability and uncertainness that the kids of the Stolen Generation face continually during their lives every bit good as the continual torture that still haunts them during their grownup lives as a consequence of being marginalised in their ain state.

The drama Stolen uses many of the audience’s senses with the usage of a cold. dark and regimented scenes throughout the drama to stress the awful conditions that the kids lived in. every bit good as reenforcing the awful sense of loss of contact with their ain race and civilization. Besides. the assorted scenes in the documental ‘The Afghan Experience’ showed me the disaffection felt by most refugees in Australia as they try to do a new life after flying from persecution in their ain land. Overall. these texts accurately prove that these people were discriminated against and. without household. or other support. they do non experience valued or able to lend meaningfully – which is an indispensable facet in being able to belong.


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