“Identities” by W.D. Valgardson

August 2, 2017 General Studies

In “identities” by W. D. Valgardson, the protagonist is a static and flat character, the adjective lost best describes him, both literally and figuratively. The protagonist lives in a quiet town, where the town is full of blossoming flowers, full of pleasant aroma in the streets. The adjective lost best describes him because, he belongs to no where, he leave his home to find a new place, and he was not able to adapt quickly to his new world. The Protagonist thought that his home was boring. The reason is his home was so quiet.

He wanted to experience a life in the new world. However, soon he realizes that the new world does not suit his personality, and that he belongs to no where. This is why I believe that the word Lost best descrives him. Leaving one’s home just because of the fact that it is boring, is not what people should do. Home is the place where you are welcomed, loved, and relaxed. It is the only place in the world, where you can do anything you want. However he decides to leave his home to fit into a different world. This proves that he belongs to nowhere.

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The protagonist was not able to adapt to the new world. From his point of view, the new world seemed too peculiar. He wasn’t prepared to the new world. As a result, he gets killed by the police at the end, due to the lack of experience in the new world. The irony of this book is unbelievable. The protagonist assumes that he is able to experience new life in different world; however, he does not enjoy it, in fact, he gets killed. The irony reveals that although he is dissatisfied with his own world, he should actually be thankful to the world he lives in.


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