Identity Theft

April 8, 2018 General Studies

Identity Theft People in the society need to protect their identity. Identity theft is a serious crime that many people seem to get away with. The reason why identity theft is so serious is because many people do not realize that someone has stolen their identity until they end up in debt. One of the most popular reasons why your identity is stolen is because many people at times loose their identity. Another reason why people have their information stolen is if they put their items up and assume that others do not know where their social security cards were and other personal information.

I would recommend that every in the society purchase a safe that they can store all of their personal information in. Therefore, we can eliminate some of the problems of people just getting away with stealing others information and leaving them in debt. When according to the government the only way they can get rid of certain items on your credit reports. Is if you find out why is stealing your identity and willing to pursue with the criminal charges. Identity theft can ruin your life because one day you can have good credit with a great life.

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Than all of a sudden your life is almost over because some one has ruined your credit. I know it may seem as if your identity is not that important at times. Truth is told your identity is your life this is what allows everyone to be themselves. In conclusion although many people in the society need to protect their identity. Identity theft is a serious crime that people seem to get away with, for two main reasons. The first reason would be that identity theft is not a crime that is easy to catch. But most importantly, identity theft starts within your families.

This is why it would be a very good idea to have all of your personal information put in a very secret place. “So what would you do if your identity had been stolen? ” Now this is a problem that has ruined your entire life and you may not have the same credit report that you had prior to this situation occurring. We all need to always double check our surroundings because in a short matter of time someone else could have your identity in their hands. The society does the worry about the next person’s thoughts or feelings.

It is all about what they can get out the event at that present time. They are not thinking about the fact of another person having to be responsible for their actions. We believe that things can not happen to us as individual until one day it is not reality and we are positioning ourselves in another persons shoes. It would mean that we now have to feel the pain of a destroyed life all because, of another human bean that we can not change. Identity theft is part of life but it up to the society to change the way we deal with it and start caring for one another.


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