If I Have 10 Million Dollars Essay

July 19, 2017 History

What would you make if. for illustration. you won a million dollars in the lottery? Never mind your opportunities of winning are merely somewhat better than the opportunities of being abducted by foreigners. Even so. winning the lottery is a favourite reverie for a batch of us.

If I had a million dollars. I’m thinking I would decidedly hunger for more. Possibly I would seek to detect a manner to duplicate the million. sooner non utilizing anything against the jurisprudence. It seems that no affair how much money you have. it’s ne’er plenty. Lots of custodies are making out. even now. but there’d be many more making out if I had a million dollars!

However. I’d admit that holding a million dollars would be a batch of merriment. I wonder how much of a million would be left after revenue enhancement? Yes. I’d most likely give at least a ten percent of it to the church and some to the charity. I’d even give some to assist the folks who can’t help themselves. but. unless I all of a sudden became some sort of fiscal mastermind. all that money would vanish rapidly.

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Of class. if I had a million dollars. I would pass a batch of it on myself. hopefully non excessively selfishly. but first of all. half of what was left would be safely stored at a bank in Swiss for future usage. After the money was stored. what I spent with the remainder of it would be history. Possibly I’d acquire a few houses in the tropical islands. a twosome of new computing machines. laptops. and walk-in cupboards in each. advanced payment for the Cadmiums I wished to have.

I’d besides to put in a six-year trip around the universe with a twelvemonth for each continent and three more months in Antarctica. and tonss of material things would fulfill me. but who knows what I’ll have come up with by so. After I’d gotten what I wanted for the clip being. I would give some of the staying money to my household and relations for them to divide among themselves. and possibly some of it on educational benefits for me. If I were older. though. I would surely necessitate to pass it on my household. on autos and food markets. and all the needed disbursals of an grownup. It hurts my caput to believe about all the legion possibilities – and. the jobs. of holding a million dollars.

Yet so. once more. with eccentric things like this. merely God knows. Would I non be obsessional with my money and live a normal life. or would I think I deserved everything because I had a million dollars? I could travel on and on about what I’d do with the money. but truthfully. I would believe about the money and what worth it had for me. After all. I’d be the one to have the million dollars. and what I do with it would be my pick and no 1 else’s. If you ask me. I’d like to maintain things simple and non believe excessively much about the possibilities. I’d like to believe that I’d merely be a million dollars richer! All right. so send in the million. and we’ll see how I do.


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