IKEA’s brand Essay

September 16, 2017 Media

Due to the recent tumult in German media. IKEA’s trade name and image are being-«rimshed. and I believe IKEA needs to react to this state of affairs instantly. IKEA’s provider. Rangan Exports. haJviolated its supply contracts by utilizing child labour for the production oflndian carpet. and such media exposure could take to ample long-run jobs such as breaks in supply and sourcing. lost gross revenues and net incomes. and repute hazard.

I have applied 4 cardinal decision-making standards to the options IKEA could use to rectify this state of affairs ( Exhibit 1 ) . Above all. since IKEA has been linked to assorted environmental/social issyes in the yesteryear. it should take a proactive stance on the issue of child labour by take parting in the media. Without such action. IKEA runs the hazard of aching its image. potentially taking to a cut in its bottom line and slog growing chances ( Exhibit 2 ) .

When looking at the first two options. IKEA could cover with the issue of child labour through its ain relationships with providers by organizing a New Initiatives Steering Committee to pull off the issue of child labour. On the other manus. IKEA portions a really of import relationship with its providers and has many issues to pull off on a daily footing. like development and invention ( Exhibit 3 ) . It is really likely that other issues. like child labour. could be overlooked from clip to clip. For case. despite IKEA’s past enterprise of adding an supplement to its supply contract. Rangan committed a breach of contract by using child labour. For the 3rd and 4th options. IKEA could besides step back and let Rugmark to supervise the usage of child labour on its behalf.

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By fall ining custodies with Rugmark. IKEA would be able to re-emphasise its spirit of duty and increase consumer assurance. In add-on. Rugmark is an Indo-German organisation and such an association could assist hike their image and gross revenues in Germany. which account for 30 % of entire gross revenues. In all the options stated antecedently. IKEA needs to find if it should end its contract with Rangan or non. If IKEA keeps Rangan on board. it will extinguish supply breaks and forestall a bead in gross revenues.

However. sourcing a new provider will direct a stronger message to other providers about the effects of breach of contract and the division will avoid hereafter dearly-won media eruptions. For the last alternate. IKEA could retreat from the Indian carpet industry. because it accounts for a bantam portion ofiKEA’s turnover. However. Indian carpets are complementary merchandises to other IKEA merchandise lines and stoping them would take away from the full line of merchandises. Besides. by abjuring from the Indian rug industry and non covering with the issue of child labour. IKEA’s image as a socially responsible company could be tainted.


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