Ikea’s Global Sourcing Challenge Essay

July 25, 2017 General Studies

1 ) IKEA is a successful planetary furniture company. which was founded as a mail order concern earlier. The vision of IKEA was to make a better life for the many people. besides offering qualitative merchandises with low-cost monetary values. IKEA was seeking to be environmental friendly and societal responsible. However. the flourish of IKEA besides brought some jobs. and IKEA was presently seeking a better manner to cover with the child labour issues of its providers.

2 ) IKEA was confronting a rough issue due to the in secret utilizing of kid labours by IKEA’s provider. therefore. IKEA had to happen a manner to cover with the job and give a appropriate reply to public and its consumers.

3 ) Marianne Barner: concern country director for rugs at IKEA. She had to work out the issues about child labour of IKEA’s providers. Ingvar Kamprad: the laminitis of IKEA
Rangan Exports: one of IKEA’s providers that was utilizing child labours.

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4 ) IKEA had sent a legal squad to Geneva to seek input and advice from International Labor Organization on how to cover with the job. Besides. they hired a 3rd party agent to supervise child labour patterns at its providers. Furthermore. they had all their providers sign a legal papers claiming that if a provider hired kids under legal on the job age that the contract would be terminated.

5 ) I think IKEA should non merely cut off its relation with the provider. Besides. IKEA should take part in the plan. The plan would be a opportunity for IKEA to explicate themselves and their concerns toward their providers. Through a batch of old ages. IEAK had already earned good images and respects from clients. public. concern countries and authorities. Therefore. to demo IKEA’s duty and unclutter the purpose would assist with developing a positive image. and strengthen IKEA’s concern power.


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