I’m Aliaza Beth E

April 23, 2019 Management

I’m Aliaza Beth E. Alfonso of F.T-43 who had experienced a great and knowledgeable On-the-job-training. My wonderful experience started like this, it is June 19, 2017 when I started being a practicum, I don’t know what commissary world is but I’m so excited on that day for new experience, new friends and knowledge that we’ve learned. The admin head Ms. Rosalie Santiago informed us about the rules and regulations of Tentay Food Sauces Inc. such as to always follow the instructions of the superiors, the type of clothes to wear and the different facilities that can be used by the trainees, after that she gave a module that contains what will be our work as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) or Q.C (Quality Control). Mr. Adonis Aydalla and Mrs.Edna Pimentel our supervisors introduced us to their workers, oriented us about the machines and what their use before we get started.

On the 1st week He assigned me as Q.C at after coding area, monitoring the bottled products if the codes are readable and right according to the manufactured date and expiration date. I always made mistake. I was confused Ate Nena assisted me because I’m a newbie, it’s hard to check and monitor the products because the conveyor is so fast but when the time passes by I’m used to it, first week of work is not easy. And as a newbie I had lots of question comes to my mind like what is the main essential thing to run their machine and produced their product? Kuya Abner said that the main essential thing is air (compressor) without air they can’t produce. Compressor is a machine compresses the air, all the machines runs by the compressor. But still I’m curious about they make condiments (not acidified) patis, vinegar, soy sauce, and (acidified) fish ball sauce, roast sauce, ketchup.

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2nd week I worked as Q.C again at capping and wiping area, monitoring if the caps and seals are tight or if there is a sediment on the bottles. sometimes the labelling and sealing machine doesn’t work that’s why they need to do it and finish it manually, we helped them to finished their quota, In this week On July 10, 2017 our first salary gave to us we’re so happy. We worked hard for it.
3rd week of my trainee I was assigned at spoilage area I don’t know to do it but Ate Lina taught me. They have form for spoilage and I am the one who’s in charge for counting spoilage like broken bottles, weak seals, caps that has leakage etc. At first, I feel like I’m not comfortable in this kind of work, but as time passes by I’m used to it. Sir Adonis was absent so that Ma’am Alvie assign me after my work at view deck. I waited Ma’am Edna to have the key in view deck. Before leaving, Ma’am instructed me to search some signage on the internet and list it on the MS Excel. I searched almost twenty signage cautions I printed it out. It was five o’clock in the afternoon when I finished my what Ma’am Edna asked me to do. I decided to have an over-time until six o’clock in the afternoon.

GMP is my 4th week work to checking the personnel down to monitoring the footbath. First at 8:00am I need to check the personnel’s complete uniform it’s hard because even the oldest worker you need to inform in a respectful way if they didn’t wear their uniform, after that checking of worker’s hygiene, then 10:30am monitoring the pests, a week of counting the pests one by one. One time there’s something happen the rotary filling machine didn’t work well I called the maintenance to check what happened. I must maintain a clean and hygienic manufacturing area. I controlled environmental conditions in order to prevent cross contamination of product that may render the product unsafe for human consumption, we clearly defined and controlled. All critical processes are validated to ensure consistency and compliance with specifications, and any changes to the process are evaluated changes that affected the quality of the products are validated as necessary. I wrote instructions and procedures clearly and well detailed, cross contamination with unlabeled major allergens is prevented. Records are made, manually or by instruments, during manufacturing. Demonstrated all the steps required by the defined procedures and instructions were in fact taken and that the quantity and quality of the products. We also have retained area if ever we have complaints about marketed products we examined, the causes of quality defects are investigated, and appropriate measures are taken with respect to the defective products and to prevent recurrence.

5th week I assigned as quality control for pouch I checked it if there’s a leak on it I just putted it on the water and pressed it to know if there’s something wrong it will considered as reject. I’m with kuya Edrian on that and also taught me how to check the pouch faster because of the quota. In this week also we had inventory of promos like pencils and ballpens. We helped Sir. Rey to file or sort the label at designated rooms. We made a mistake we’re sorry about that but Mrs. Cynthia didn’t accept our apology. A day passed by when we came at Tentay Ms. Marian our Q.A talked to us she said Ma’am Cynthia was so mad at us. I felt so sorry about that.
6th week I did the checking at after coding area I am responsible to check if the bottle cup has already coded if it is not readable I need to remove it using scotch tape and put it again to the coding machine and then if the label has damage I need to return it to kuya Abner who’s responsible to make sure if the label is already okay. We need to assure that the product is has no defect. It was Monday when the downpour is heavy, that’s why many personnel are absent.
On the 7th week Ms. Cyinthia oriented us about potential hazard in glass fragments, I was Q.C at that time, glass fragments maybe controlled by removing the fragments I cleaned up the containers before filling or detecting the fragments by visual inspection before or after filling. I also cleaned the glass containers using water or compressed air and inverted during or after cleaning to help with glass removal. This are the things that measure suited only to processes that do not automated filling system which included filled container conveyors or capping equipment, because this equipment can result in glass breakage after glass container cleaning. We used candling inspection for fishery products (fish sauce). Candling is a visual inspection process in which the container is illuminated from behind.

8th week I reviewed monitoring and corrective action records to ensure they are complete and any critical limit that occurred was appropriately addressed. We performed histamine analysis as a corrective action. There’s something happened the products produced pulled out because of sediment formed, that’s why we had no production for almost 1 week. During lunch Ma’am Edna asks me to buy something to eat at the convenience store near the Tentay Inc. it’s only walking distance away from it. I
9th week the critical week. We ensure that all monitoring processes are well performed. Mostly on hydrated batter mixture. In this week we need to produce acidified product that has hydrated batter mixture, we assured that the mixture not be held for more than 12 hours, time of exposure and temperatures are correct, we used thermometer and continuously monitoring with visual check of the recorded data at least once per day. Monitoring is performed by the device itself. The visual check of the data generated by the device, to ensure that the critical limits have consistently been met.This day was the most tiring day so far, because I was tasked to check the entire manufacturing process to see where is the mistake is. I consumed one whole day for documentation. I check the files if there’s something wrong. Fortunately, I was able to find an error that’s why I fixed it. I did all what I did before, but suddenly Ma’am Edna asked me to photocopy all the result of tests . It was very tiring because at first it was my mind who is tired trying to find where the error is, and now I’m physically tired because of all in all I photocopied 491 papers and after that I arrange them according to the set and I filed them. After I have done the photocopying thing I went back to my first work I can consider this day as the most tiring but the happiest as well. I was sweaty and exhausted but still I’m happy to help our boss in their problem. It feels great!
10th week on this week the production is not working well, there are many issues in the management. The schedule of production having a problem on this week we have only 3 not consecutive days of work. There comes a point that one of the superior scolded us for not knowing the reason why. After work I just stayed at view deck and take a rest, too boring for an ordinary day for me. While waiting, I decided to clean the filling cabinet just to make sure that all the files are in ordered and in alphabetical order too. It was lunch time when I decided to go down stairs to buy food for my lunch. After lunch, Ma’am Edna came. She told me that I can go home early. It was too great! I can now go home to take an early sleep.

Having a proper On-the-Job Training helps in the preparation of our future profession for our future jobs. What we will learn in our On-the-Job Training, even the little things, can be applied when we are already working. We will be trained not only academically but socially as well. The way we work and communicate with others will not be a problem for us anymore. It also gives us the chance to prove ourselves in our chosen field and experience and learn the skills necessary to the industry we’re interested in. Working with experienced staff, one will be able to observe how the job is done properly. Aside from work experience, On-the-Job Training allows us to get acquainted with the real professionals and to meet people having different positions in the company, either high or low. We will be able to know how to adjust to other people’s personalities and attitudes.

In the company that we had our OJT, we learned a lot. It may not be merely about food technology which is our major, but it’s really about laboratory and production work. I really observed that in the real world of work you should be flexible and knowledgeable in all ways.

I experience wiping, visual inspection, carrying and checking finished product, and filing, photocopying for laboratory works. I think these things are the basic and primary things you should know because these things are most likely the daily routines in the production and laboratory and these are very essential. I was very glad because personally I get some sort of values in the time of our OJT. I value the essence of organizing things for easy and convenient purposes. These things may sound very easy and simple to do but I consider it valuable because of the trust that the company gave us through holding those important files and entrusting them to us. I was able to be time management wise person because of the works in the office. I did it successfully and it was overwhelming at the same time. I was able to use my knowledge while I’m still in college assigned as a Q.C it feels light to do production and laboratory works because I already had a background about it.

I have developed as a trainee to follow strictly on instructions to ensure that the process is properly sequence. Ask question, if required, to clarify your understanding about things and this prevent you for incurring errors. I can say that I gained to work effectively and competently in the organization. I improve my self confidence in socializing to people. I have the initiative in doing something. I’ve learned to be flexible, because culture is always changing, thus impacting the business model and corporate culture as well. In my almost 250 hours of OJT I can say that the course I enrolled is exactly where I want and I will probably stay in this profession for as long job opportunities are present. I learned to sacrifice a lot of things; I hardly have time for anything else. Even on weekends, I’m in the office. Start with what you know, and remove the unknown. Simply put, begin at the beginning and then work on how to solve the problems one at a time.

I’m so thankful for this wonderful experience. OJT is more than what it means. It’s the set of training, learning and the most important ingredients of all, the experience. Just like what a famous quote says, “Experience is the best teacher”. And nothing compares to the knowledge that it can give to us. It may be hard at first, but once we learn to appreciate and love what we’re doing, it became easier and easier every day.

I want to give an overwhelming thanks to all people who helped me in accomplishing my On-the-Job Training and with all gratefulness; this piece of work is dedicated to the following persons.
A special thanks to Mrs. Velia J. Cruz (CEO) who gave the permission to have these On- The-Job training as a major requirements.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms.Edna Pimentel and Mr. Adonis Adalla as my practicum supervisors in production. I’ve learned a lot from her on how to perform the standard ways, how to be a responsible OJT student trainee, and for the assurance of the document needed for the internship.
To our OJT coordinator Prof. Marie Joy Manaog, for untiring assistance and sharing her wisdom
To our Dean Mrs. Virginia Berganio for her support and pushing us to pursue our dreams
To my co-trainees and schoolmates, for their cooperation
To our school Universidad De Manila, for accepting me as their student
To my family, my ever-supporting parents, Rachelle E. Alfonso and Ashley F. Alfonso, my sibling Ansherina Alfonso, thank you for your financial support, trust, love and care for me.
To my companions during my practicum training, Mary Faye L Sebuc and Ehdrian L. De Leon, I enjoyed your company. Thank you for being with me through thick and thin. To my professors, the memory of your lessons makes me smile every time I’m applying them in my tasks. The lessons I learned from you helped me a lot in performing my job efficiently and for giving excellent experiences on throughout the duration of training.
To all the workers thank you for all the things that you’ve taught us and for all the happy memories we had with you. And most I want to give thanks for the Tentay Food Sauce Inc. that gives me the opportunity to be an OJT student. And lastly
To my Almighty God, thank you for the guidance, strength, power of mind, protection and skills and for giving me a healthy life. For unconditional love and for all the blessing He is showering upon me each day of my life. With love and gratitude, I thank Him for guiding me during my training and for making this On-the-Job Training a possible one.


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