Imagine like a robot. In Marge Piercy’s

March 14, 2019 General Studies

Imagine a world where you start work at 8am and end at 5pm. You are doing the same thing every single day. With time, you will start to forget that you are human as you conform to a specific routine or program just like a robot. In Marge Piercy’s “The Secretary Chant”, she makes use of methaphors, symbols, personification, and imagery to show how women are being dehumanized at their work place. She conveys that women are seen as machines and property of their bosses. Her poem is one that shows how women are oppressed and given lower work positions because they are considered to be weak home makers by men.
From the start of the poem, Piercy sets the tone straight. Instead of using similes, she makes use of methapors. She opens with “My hips are a desk”(line 1). Instead of saying ‘My hips are like a desk’, she uses the word ‘are’ to emphasize how serious it is. The woman had become one with her job. From the very first line, Piercy shows how women in such careers are objects. She does not just stop at the hips. All the body parts that make up a woman are being made objects as women lose their humanity and are made objects. “From my ears hang/ chain of paper clips./ Rubber bands form my hair.” (line 2-4) portrays how women have to look good for men. The secretaries have to adorn themselves in jewelry even if they do not like it, as it impresses their bosses and clients who were not likely men. She also shows that the minds of women were dehumanized and were controlled by someone else just as switchboards are controlled. Womens’ minds were considered to do things like making coffee and copies while mens’ minds were meant for really creative work. “My head is a badly organized file./ My head is a switchboard/ where crossed lines crackle” (line 9-11). Piercy makes use of the metaphors like
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